How do you choose the right business coach?

How do you choose a business coach wisely

Investing in yourself is never a bad idea. Training, workshops, a retreat, or investing in a coach. And I just did exactly that. I hired a business coach. Wait, what, a coach, hiring…a coach? What is that all about? Shouldn’t I know what I’m doing?! Oh, I definitely know what I’m doing, and I know how to help my clients get results, but… I also have my own business goals and dreams. And I know what working with a coach can do for me.

But how do you know which business coach to hire? And what should you look out for?

I just committed to working with a business coach starting in September, and I am equally scared and super excited! It is a lot of money I am investing in myself, but I am 100% committed. How did I choose her? I happened to attend a training by this coach in somebody’s membership, I loved her style, and I have been stalking her online for the past six months. I have consumed all of her content, listened to all of her podcasts, had my free strategy call with her, and I decided I had to hire her. She’s the one and I am happy to hand over the money.

I took my time, but just had a strong gut feeling that I had to work with this particular coach. I feel she ‘got me’, and we clicked. You need to feel a click with your coach.

Why do you need a coach anyway?

So why do I think I need a coach, when I am a business coach myself? Because I want to learn. Learning never stops. Most CEO’s of large companies have a coach. Most business coaches have a coach. And most of it has to do with mindset, fine-tuning your offers, and knowing which steps to take next. And of course, as a result, how to increase your income. You are worth hiring a coach too!

I know what results I get for my clients, but I also want to improve myself, in how I show up, what type of programmes to launch next, and especially, how I can scale my business. And I know that by working with a coach, I will reach my goals much quicker, I will grow in confidence, and I will be able to have a much bigger impact. I want to help so many of you, and I can’t wait to grow and develop as a business coach and serve my audience.

How do you choose a business coach?

How do you know whether a coach is the right one for you? Of course I can tell you all to hire me! But I won’t. I may be the perfect business coach for some, but not for others. And that is OK. It is very personal. You got to feel excited by someone, like their energy, and feel confident that you will be able to learn from them.

I recommend you shop around for the right small business coach.

Do what I did; follow a coach online for a while. Follow them social media, listen to their podcasts, watch their videos, read their blog, or sign up for a low ticket masterclass to find out how they teach and if you like their style. If you love their content, and especially their vibe, you are likely a good match.

If you have been nodding your head to most of what they are saying, then they are clearly hitting a nerve, and they will be able to help you with what you are struggling with.

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Book a free call to try them out

Most business coaches offer a free first call of 30 minutes or an hour, so make use of this, and try them out! You can try out a number of them in one week, and decide which one feels most suitable to your needs. Have some questions ready you can ask them, to find out what working with them would look like, or what results they have had with previous clients. Keep a notebook at hand, to scribble down information.

A word of warning; don’t EVER feel like you have to say yes to an expensive programme, while on a free call. It is your investment and you choose if it’s a yes, not them.

I know some coaches have the habit of trying to do a hard sell on a free call, and push you into signing up by following a standard sales call protocol. I don’t like this style at all, and I would never push anything on anyone. Still, if you book a call, a coach will likely inform you about their paid offers if they feel they could help you further, and you are reaching out for help, after all. That doesn’t mean you have to buy from them immediately, but the offers may be just what you need!

Trust your gut.

If it doesn’t feel good, it is way out of your budget, or you have doubts about working with this person, be firm, and say you need time to think. Coaching programmes are a big investment, and it would not be a good start of a working relationship if you feel all ‘icky’ after a call. At the same time, do consider their offers if they feel like good value and worth investing in, because most likely, they will get you the results you want.

While on your free call, find out how long their programmes are, if you get a one hour video call every week, and how often you can email or message them in between calls. How much support will you get from your coach? It will vary with every person, but generally expect to have 3 or 4 business coaching calls each month, plus worksheets or action plans.

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What does a business coach charge?

The investment for a 6-month coaching programme varies per coach. Some or hugely expensive, and others are more affordable. Expect to be paying a minimum of around €3k for a 6-month 1-to-1 programme, and at least €1.5k for a 90-day programme. Most are much more than that (I know I am going to have to fork out a lot more than that from September!). This may sound high if you have never worked with a coach before, but remember, you will get full personalised attention and commitment from your coach, tailored to your business needs.

Also, expect a huge professional growth spurt as a business owner, which will likely help you to attract more clients and earn your investment back within months.

You will have your coach on your team for the full length of the programme, and it is for this private buddy with a wealth of knowledge, guiding you for 3 to 6 months, that you will be paying. If hiring a 1-to-1 coach is out of your league, most coaches offer more affordable ways to work with them, such as group courses, Power Hours, memberships or free Facebook groups. Most coaches also offer a lot of free knowledge through their blog posts or podcasts. I offer these things as well, as I want to help people in different ways, and be accessible for all.

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How do I know if I get my money’s worth?

Frankly, there is no guarantee. Just like you don’t know if that luxury holiday you booked and paid for in advance is going to live up to your expectations. The biggest difference with investing in a coach to booking a holiday (I know, it’s a bit of a weird comparison!), is that you have a huge influence on the outcome. You are in full control. It will be you who will have to put in the work. The business coach will hold your hand, but will not do the work for you.

Like a football coach will not score the goal, it will be you kicking that ball. Your coach will be by your side as your mentor and advisor, catching you if you fall, giving you top tips, and making sure that you stay focused. But you are the star player.

So be sure that you are keen to work on yourself and your business. Be committed to the programme, and ready for change. If you are not committed to working on your mindset, skills and knowledge during the coaching programme you signed up for – then you simply will not get the results. But if you feel ready, and you want to grow your business and work through those mind blocks, build your skills and confidence and show up as the person you want to be, then the investment will be something you will never, ever regret. You will get the results, if the motivation is there. And together with the right business coach, you will be a dream team, reaching for the stars.

I can’t wait to start working with my own coach this September for six months on my personal goals and dreams. In the meantime, my business will be running as usual, and if you have been drawn to working with me for a while, and you like my energy, please don’t hesitate to book that free call.

We will talk, get to know each other, and I will leave it entirely up to you if you want to sign up to one of my programmes. No push.

Book a call by email or drop me a message on Whatsapp.

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