How to Marie Kondo your business and brain

Can you see the bottom of your junk drawer? “Get rid of all the stuff in your house that you won’t be bringing to your dream home.” I read that somewhere this week, and I loved this phrase. Clearing the clutter. Focusing on what matters and is meaningful to more forward with joy and success.…

Coaching for creatives and why this is a good fit

Why one business coach is not like the other You definitely fit in the box ‘creative’, people call you a creative , and you have just launched your small creative business. That doesn’t mean you are an artist or a designer per se; most solo entrepreneurs and small business owners are creative beings by default.…

Creating a sustainable business, how?

“I want to leave my boring job, I want to earn six figures, I want to have enough clients to pay the bills, I want to have a successful business.” Clients come to me all the time with these wishes, like I’m Aladin. But I love their passion, and their grit. They feel such fire…


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Nina Eggens creative business coach
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Hello! I’m Nina, singer, mother, wife, adventurer, curious creative soul, writer, and business coach. Welcome to my blog! I help creative small businesses become more confident in their mindset, and more visible through authentic, joyful marketing.

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