Coaching for creatives and why this is a good fit

Why one business coach is not like the other You definitely fit in the box ‘creative’, people call you a creative , and you have just launched your small creative business. That doesn’t mean you are an artist or a designer per se; most solo entrepreneurs and small business owners are creative beings by default.Continue reading “Coaching for creatives and why this is a good fit”

The benefits of hiring a business coach

Will a business coach get you more clients? I’ll give you a short answer: no. Does that come as a surprise? Hiring a business coach will not get you more clients. A coach is not a miracle solution for your business, nor will they fulfill your desire for a fully booked offer. No business coach can guarantee you clients. If you were under the illusion that investing in a coach would solve your lack of income, then it’s probably time for you to think again.

Black Friday business coaching discount

Black Friday…I am not a fan per se, purely because I hate over-consumerism, and it just adds to the FOMO and holiday anxiety. Are you with me on this? The sight of people going crazy over more mass-produced stuff, just because the shops make you think you’re getting a good deal…it makes my stomach churn. Still, I do like a discount like anyone else, if it is something that helps me improve my life or my business. I have therefore decided to offer a Black Friday business coaching discount, for one of my most popular services: the Power Session.

How to find joy in marketing your creative business

I come at it from a different, creative angle. Over the years I have built up heaps of knowledge throughout my career as marketing and audience development manager and consultant in the creative industries. I helped hundreds of creatives put their passion into words, and get better at marketing. In this post I explain a bit more about my non-standard way of business coaching.

How to coach yourself back into the game

Today was a wonderful day. In fact, this week was a great week. However, in all honesty, I didn’t start out like that at all on Monday, as it was the first week of the children going back to school, and I felt I had to somehow jump straight back into my normal working routine. It was much harder than I thought. I had a head full of thoughts, ideas, reminders, and – also – a nasty little voice inside my head telling me that I was failing, not organised, and that I should maybe just pack it all in. I felt chaotic and stressed, and I put a lot of pressure on myself! Then on top of that, I was at the end of my cycle, and rather low on energy. Time for some self coaching.

Marketing course for creative business owners

You may have jumped into the deep end recently and started your own creative business. Or perhaps you’ve been running it for a while now. Whatever stage you’re at, one thing is certain:you’ve not quite got the hang of the whole marketing your business thing. And it is bugging you! You know you need to give it some more attention, and you really need a strategy, but where on earth do you start? And what works well for your small creative business? In October you can join my 8-week joyful marketing course.

How to publish your first book

Are you dreaming of your name on the cover of a book? Do you have tons of ideas, and do you really believe you could help more people with your own book? Then perhaps it is time to get started. Today I am talking to book writing coach Georgia Varjas, who helps clients to become published authors. Because, let’s face it, we may have all the great topic ideas, but writing a book takes confidence, courage and creativity, and most of all, a hot deadline to get stuff finished if we ever want to get somewhere. Let’s hear it from Georgia!

5 tips to get through a slow month in business

Each July I get this feeling: why is it so quiet? Normally I get at least two strategy calls booked in each week from potential new clients, and a number of sign-ups each month for my 1-to-1 programmes, or Power sessions. I know from my clients that these lulls can cause a lot of stress and self-doubt. How can you coach yourself through this?

How I had to fall apart before understanding my life’s purpose

Look back on your life right now; how many things now make total sense, but were pretty unpleasant or worse when you found yourself in the middle of it? Do you now see they really had to happen in order for you to become who you are? At the time you probably thought the world was falling apart, and you were terribly unhappy. And then everything changed again. It’s called life, it is normal, and most of us feel this way once or multiple times in our lives. This is my story.