7-week Marketing Course

“From Overwhelmed to On the Ball”

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Together, we will create a clear marketing plan. You will feel on top of your marketing and social media, and know exactly how to attract more clients.

What if I told you marketing can be fun, easy and creative? 

This course teaches you exactly how to promote yourself in a joyful, creative and authentic way, and attract more clients.

Are you fed up with hit-and-miss posts on social media, and do you wish you knew how to attract more clients and increase your income? Would you love having an expert buddy by your side for 7 weeks, so you’ll be coached and know how to immediately implement what you learn on the course?

Join me on my 7-week group programme, where you will feel empowered about promoting yourself, define your own unique story, grow in confidence as an entrepreneur, and bring the fun back into marketing. I will be your coach for 7 weeks, and you will guaranteed feel more ready to go out into the world and make that change.

What others say about the course:

“As creative small business owners ourselves, Nina’s 7-week marketing course was a perfect fit for us. Running a small business can be a chore at times and having to balance marketing on top of it all is overwhelming. In only 7 weeks, we were able to gain confidence and learn the available options for marketing our business. We left the course with a marketing plan to set us up for success.”

Natalie Gilson, Tortuga design studio, Canada

7-week marketing course

The perfect marketing course for creative entrepreneurs in the first few years of business

Starts October 2021.
Doors open for registration in September. Dates TBC

Weekly live Zoom trainings of one hour.
(times and days TBC – it will be at a time to suit different time zones)
Calls are recorded and uploaded to a private Facebook group for replay.

My promise to you

As a creative, I avoid traditional sales speak and crazy jargon and keep things super simple, so you know exactly what to do next.

We’ll have fun on the way,
I promise!

“I got to know Nina as a real go-getter, pro-active in everything she does, full of creative ideas and energy and a real positive personality. Great writing skills and an eye for design. A joy to work with.”

Fiona Jack, visual artist, Scotland

social media courses for small business

This course is for you if you are:

Struggling to consistently book ideal clients or make the money you want from it.

Looking to have more clarity on who your ideal client is, and how to attract them

Feeling overwhelmed by online marketing, social media and creating content all the time

Aware that you need more strategy and guidance of where you are going.

Someone who wants to stay true to themselves and hates the idea of pushy marketing.

Feeling lost in the world of SEO and how to make your website found online.

Not in a position to spend thousands on a coach, but you want the knowledge of someone who has been where you are.

Ready to put in the work to help you to take your creative business to the next level.

Super keen to get better at online marketing and grow your business!

My name is Nina, and I know how you feel

social media courses for small business

You run a small business, and you do it with great passion.

You love what you do, make or sell, and wouldn’t change it for the world. Being your own boss is amazing! Promoting yourself online however… it is giving you a headache.

You feel like you are constantly running behind with posting on social media, your website is a mess, and you feel like you somehow need a plan and a strategy. You need guidance!

But the idea of marketing and sales…it just feels so… pushy.

You also don’t want to bother people constantly. 

(You kind of hope they will find you somehow and love what you sell and then click ‘buy’)

social media courses for small business
social media courses for small business

How do you promote yourself in the best way and get people to pay what you are worth?

A small group of loyal customers, buys from you, but you feel you could attract a lot more clients, especially those who are willing to pay higher prices. If you only knew how!

Where do these so-called ‘ideal clients’ hang out anyway?

You post randomly on Instagram without a strategy, barely keep your Facebook page alive (tumbleweed describes it well) and the thought of going ‘Live’ makes you break out in a cold sweat

Perhaps you write a blog post twice a year, because – well, you’ve heard that it’s good for SEO. Not that you know anything about SEO.

social media courses for small business

Do you want to stop feeling lost in online marketing and social media and actually get some real results?

social media courses for small business

You may have searched Google in the past to find some help. Some kind of marketing course, to brush up on the skills you lack. Did you feel disillusioned? So many courses, and most of them feel completely alien to you, or way too sales-y. And they are so full of jargon.

How do you know if any of these courses are suitable for the type of business you run? 

You wish there was someone who could teach you how to do marketing in a relaxed and easy way, without all those tech terms and overwhelming strategies.

You know, someone who understands what it is to start a small creative business from scratch and who guides you through the world of online marketing.

Nice marketing. Not the pushy kind. And made really easy. Does that even exist? Hey, you’re in the right place!


Before working with Nina I was feeling completely daunted by the whole social media and marketing my business thing. After following Nina’s course I actually feel excited about the prospect of marketing my business, I have a much clearer idea of the message I want to get across, and I am brimming with fresh ideas. Already I have received several positive comments from people in my network who have noticed the difference in my social media interactions.

I had so many ‘Eureka’ moments during the 6 weeks, too many to mention them all, but I think my favourite was that marketing your business shouldn’t feel like a grind.

Alex Baker, photographer, Valencia, Spain

The title ‘ From overwhelmed to on the ball’ and the fact that the course was for creative businesses were the main reasons for signing up for the program. So many working pieces of marketing can be overwhelming to manage and difficult to form a clear direction. The 7-week program has motivated me to improve our marketing efforts greatly. I’m inspired by the possibilities of what our new website can achieve for us.

We have not marketed our business much to date and I look forward to what the future holds with the new knowledge and clarity I have gained from the course.

Brandyn Hansen, graphic designer, Vancouver, Canada

social media courses for small business

You make it all simple and much less daunting

A. Pegman, Director of a design company, Mexico and Spain

social media courses for small business

Why would you choose to work with me?

I am Nina Eggens, and I’d LOVE to help you.

First of all, I can promise you this: we will have a good time, and I know a thing or two about marketing. 

I am easy-going, and solution-focused. Most of all, I am a positive person, an empath, super practical and always full of creative ideas. I love helping people.

I am not a corporate business coach, trying to teach you commercial sales gobbledygook in a sauce of complex jargon.

I make marketing easy and fun. And you will totally get it. Promise.

social media courses for artists

I understand creatives and small businesses, run by passionate entrepreneurs. Because I am one.

I once opened a vintage furniture shop in a rural location in Scotland, with an 8-month-old baby on my hip. 

On my own. No staff. Yes, crazy, I know! I knew NOTHING about running a shop. But I do now.

I felt lost, lonely, and overwhelmed at times, just like you, but did it anyway. I had a dream and I made it work.

I wore ALL the hats: from sourcing and buying, to styling to photographing and marketing, and from sales to deliveries.

I was tired and had arms like Popeye from lifting cupboards and babies, but was so proud of my wonderful little shop and the community of creatives I had built around me. I even won an award for my contribution to the local area!

social media courses for small business

From cupboards to copy

After relocating to Spain three years ago, I had to reinvent myself again. How was I going to earn money here, in a foreign country, with no job lined up and rubbish Spanish skills?

I set up yet another business from zero (this time only carrying a laptop!), and worked hard to get to where I am today, being able to live in the sun, with a steady income.

I now own a successful online marketing and copywriting business that allows me to work remotely with international clients, and I still have time to go to the beach.

I am so lucky, you say? No, if I can do this, you can do this too. Nothing to do with luck. Everything with focus, mindset and the right people to help you along.

Finding clients, fine-tuning my message, pricing, promoting, it is all part and parcel of my business too.
I went through it myself, just like you.

marketing course for artists

Need more credentials? I…

Have a Masters in History of Art and Architecture from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, combined with post-graduate training in journalism, copywriting and marketing.

Have over 20 years of Marketing experience in the creative industries and cultural sector, in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Worked as a consultant for theatres, museums, arts centres and galleries to help them with their marketing strategies.

Coached numerous designers and creative entrepreneurs in writing grant applications and business plans, fine-tuning their message.

Launched my first Social Media for the Terrified course back in 2010!

Have written more copy than you could shake a stick at, from press releases to blog posts and from flyers to gallery handouts. I am still a prolific blogger and I am a wizard with words.

From Overwhelmed to On the ball

7-week marketing group training course
Starts Tuesday 20 April 2021

Why sign up for this programme?

The transformation: After this live group training programme you will feel motivated, empowered and much more in control of your marketing and social media. You will end up with a clear road map for your business, and a fabulous strategy for your marketing and social media that will help you attract more clients. Random posts will be history!

What will you get?

First things first: this is a beta course. What does ‘beta’ mean? Basically, that you get a fantastic discounted price because it’s the first time I’ve run this format and in return, I’ll ask you for feedback on your experience and results. Next time I run the course, it will go up to the standard price.

The programme includes:

  • Weekly Live 1-hour training on Zoom. They are recorded and sent out by email, so you can watch them later if you miss them. Days and times TBC.
  • Printable PDF workbook every week to focus on a specific task.
  • Accountability pod on Facebook with fellow participants and myself in there for questions.

How does it work?

In six modules I will take you from being overwhelmed and put off by online marketing to feeling empowered and more confident in promoting yourself. Together, we will create a marketing plan for your business. Week 7 is celebration week and Q&A time. Your road map is ready!

As a small group of creative entrepreneurs we will come together weekly for a Live Zoom call, where I teach you about a different topic each week. I then send you all away with a worksheet, so you can do your homework in the week that follows.

In a dedicated, private Facebook group you can connect during the week with the other course members about the content, ask questions and hold each other accountable. I will of course be present in that group, so you have access to me as your coach.


I registered for this course because of the title – I was so overwhelmed! I needed a plan and a sounding board, and that’s what I found in your group. I was invested in trying this course because you personally connected with me and didn’t pressure me to join the course, but offered it as an option. I feel much more confident after completing this course. My mindset is so much stronger. I was just starting my business, and now I feel like the ball is actually rolling forward and I have a clear path with what I need to do to share my products and reach more people.  This course helped me set goals and really strategize what needs to happen.I would not have known where to start without this course. Between your materials and my notes from our calls, I know exactly what to do.

Kathryn Kosmider, Language Teacher & Development Specialist, Madrid, Spain

I hadn’t done anything similar to this before. I wasn’t looking for a course but I saw it on Facebook and it seemed like a good idea. The right place, the right moment! For me it was mainly an encouragement to focus on social media. I had no experience with this so I thought it would be a good idea to follow the course.
The course has changed me in the sense that it is more clear to me than ever that I really need to describe well my message, audience etc. Once you have this basis set, it mainly comes down to applying the tips you have indicated about the various social media channels. The worksheets and assignments were all very nicely formatted and very clear.

Genevieve Schook, Owner of a Destination Management Company, Valencia, Spain

Why a group training programme works…


There will be times that you know what you need to do, but life gets in the way and so you stick to old habits. With our private Facebook group (where you’ll have access to me), we’ll keep you accountable so that you get where you want to be faster.

Peer Support

You’ll have a fantastic group of creative entrepreneurs around you that are at the
same stage, going through the same transition. Knowing that you are not alone will keep you motivated and feeling supported throughout.


Whether you’ve had your business for a while, or you are just starting out, as a group we will work on those self-doubts and imposter syndromes lurking in your head! Mindset is a huge factor in succeeding in business.


With over 20 years of art marketing and copywriting experience, plus knowing what it’s like to start a small business from scratch, I have plenty to teach and share. I can’t wait to share my expertise with you!

Live sessions

Every week, I’ll be going live to deliver each training module and be available to answer your questions. This is your chance to get the information you need to tailor what you learn to your own business.


Every module comes with a printable workbook to help you start implementing what you’ve learnt. I teach you the ropes, but the results will only come for you by putting in the work to make it happen.

Over the seven weeks you will learn:

  • How to fine-tune your Business idea
  • How to find your Ideal client and claim your niche
  • How to work out your message
  • Why branding and consistency works
  • How to write better content
  • How to do SEO the easy way
  • How to get the most from blogging
  • How to use Social Media and get results
  • How to become more visible online
  • How to craft a Marketing Plan
social media courses

With my background and experience I know I can help your business too.

I know what it is to start from scratch, I know what it is to turn a dream into reality, and I certainly know what it is to work hard on a small budget.

But I also know how to define your idea and find your ideal client, and to get a crystal clear overview of what needs to be done to succeed.

Let me help you to grow your business!

The course modules: what will you learn?

Module 1
Your Offer

  • What do you offer?
  • Who do you help?
  • What do you solve?
  • What is your niche?

In week 1 we are laying the foundations. We are going to fine-tune your business offer, your niche and your ideal client. You will get a clearer idea of what your main offer is, but also what other offers you could add that will give you (passive) income.

Module 2:
Your Message

  • What is your story?
  • What is your USP?
  • How can you tap into the emotions of your client and connect?

In week 2 we will discover what it is that makes you unique. I will teach you how to write your own authentic story, which will give you clarity and help you deliver your message to your ideal client with confidence.

Module 3:
Marketing Audit

  • What do you do already and what is missing? 
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How can you improve things?

This week we will are going to clean up your existing marketing activity and I will teach you what to check and look out for when doing the self-guided audit, with the help of my checklist. 

Module 4:
Social like a Ninja!

  • What platforms to choose?
  • When is the best time to post?
  • What types of posts get the most engagement?
  • Which are the most suitable for your business?

I will show you how to choose the best platform for your biz and create content that people love. I will share different ideas that have worked for me and help you feel in control of your scheduling to get results.

Module 5:
Let’s get visible

  • How do you get more visible and attract leads?
  • The importance of SEO
  • How to use blogging to your advantage
  • How to optimise your website

In Module 5, I will teach you the basics of SEO (without scary tech!), but also what other things you can do to make your brand and business more visible online and in real life. You’ll get some unique ideas, I promise!

Module 6:
Your Road Map

  • How to write your Marketing Plan
  • How to set goals and reach them!
  • How to choose your tactics
  • Planning your next steps

In week 6, of the course we will put all the puzzle pieces together and start writing your Marketing Strategy. I will show you how to do this, plus give you the steps you can take once you’ve finished the course, to continue your success! You will now have a clear road map to grow your business!

“Before starting this course I thought it was going to be ‘just another marketing/business course’ like so many others which I had tried but never really stuck. But Nina is an absolute pro and knows the creative mind inside out (being one herself!).”


Alex Baker, photographer, Valencia

*If preferred, please email me to arrange bank transfer and tax invoices. info@thecreativebusiness.coach


What if I can’t make the Live training?
All Zoom calls are recorded and uploaded within the following day to the dedicated course website, which you will get access to.

How do I access everything?
After registration, you will be added to the course participant list, and you will receive all login details for the training calls, Facebook course group and course website before the start of the course on the 20th of April.

What if I want to cancel?
If for any reason you want to cancel before the start of the course, we will give you a refund. Unfortunately we are unable to refund the investment once the course has started.

How long do I get access to the programme for?
You will have access to the course materials for a total of six months.

What do I have to prepare for the course?
You don’t have to prepare anything. The only thing you need to do is join the Pod (Facebook group), where you will be able to meet the other participants in the group, and where you can connect, and support each other during the programme. The Pod will be open 7 days before the course starts. Details will be sent out.

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