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As a creative business mentor and coach, I offer different ways to work with me to creatives, freelancers and small business owners. Whether you just need a quick boost or want me as your professional buddy for the next six months, here’s what’s on the menu:

Nina Eggens
Creative Business Coach

I am a marketing expert, serial entrepreneur, and creative business mentor with over 20 years of experience in the creative industries in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom. I work with clients around the world, in different time zones.

90-min Power Session

If you want my professional help to define your ideal client, your marketing message, or you are drowning in ideas and feel overwhelmed, this is perfect. In our 1:1 Power Session we will dive deep, you will leave feeling calm and motivated, and walk away with an actionable game plan.

Power Sessions are USD $222, and include a 90-min Zoom call + 5 days of email/voice message support.

6-months 1-to-1 Coaching

Accountability, structure and direction, a huge transformation in confidence, massive clarity around your values, personal development and business, and knowing how to attract more clients. Signing up for six months with me as your business mentor, will set you up with a long-term game plan, and offers you a safe space to try things out, create, learn and succeed with the help of a professional buddy who cares about your results. Three calls a month, and interim email access. Investment: USD $5000. Payment plans available, as well as shortening it to three months. More details: 1:1 coaching

What clients say:

“Working with Nina has been an absolute pleasure! She helped me organize my ideas into concrete steps to take, so that I will soon be creating an online challenge, a Membership group, and recorded video tutorials. She is such a creative thinker and shared her ideas freely with me which I very much appreciated. Starting from a point of frustration and a long wish list of where I want to be, to our last session where I could see all the progress I made, was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! So, thank you Nina!”

Kat Kirby, artist and creative coach, Arizona, US

“In the summer of 2022 I was feeling the need to re-energize my two-decade-old, one-person business. I decided on a 90-min. Zoom-based power session focused on exploring my values (beginning with a helpful pre-meeting assignment). Working with Nina, even so briefly, was a really valuable part of helping me pivot my business. I found her personable, empathetic, no-nonsense and able to talk with experience about the challenges and joys of being a solo-preneur. Thanks Nina!

Jakob Berkowitz, science author, Ontario, Canada

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