Client results

“From frustration to feeling accomplished”

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Working with Nina has been an absolute pleasure! She helped me organize my ideas into concrete steps to take, so that I will soon be creating an online challenge, a Membership group, and recorded video tutorials. She is such a creative thinker and shared her ideas freely with me which I very much appreciated. Starting from a point of frustration and a long wish list of where I want to be, to our last session where I could see all the progress I made, was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! So, thank you Nina!

Kat Kirby, artist and creative coach, Arizona, US

“Super clarifying and less stress”

The 90-minute power session took stress off of me that I’ve been feeling for the past few years. From my experience, not all business coaches are created equal, and I’m happy I discovered a coach that fully gets how to give creatives clarity when it comes to their business passion. She gives prep worksheets for you to do before the session, and those worksheets alone had me deeply thinking. So, the session was super clarifying. I highly recommend!

d’Ara Gray, actress and creativity coach, South Carolina, US

“It’s made a world of difference”

anastasia chrystosom

Nina was unbelievable helpful. She really helped me during our power session to hone in and clarify my message and it’s made a world of a difference in how I communicate with my customers. She really gets down in it with you and prompts you in ways you didn’t know you needed. Will definitely be having more sessions in the future.

Anastasia Chrysostom, Holistic Practice Management, Atlanta, US

“Turning my ideas into an actual business”

melanie bohme

I was searching for a Creative Business Coach online and Nina, her website, overall approach, etc., just spoke to me. I immediately felt she can help me. I needed support with seeing the forest for the trees and finding clarity with the bunch of ideas that I had. In just one Power Session we were not only able to brainstorm together, but also finding way more clarity for all my ideas, a strategy for my next steps and an action plan to turn my ideas into an actual business. I’m beyond grateful to have found Nina. Highly recommended!

Melanie Böhme, food journalist, Germany/US

“I now have my elegant and helpful elevator pitch”

Nina was amazingly helpful with my business. I say my words in pictures, and she was great at helping me figure out how to write that into an elegant and helpful elevator pitch for my business. She also helped me figure out a marketing plan to get started with my new messaging. So glad I booked with her!

Amber Andrews, Digital Artist, Denver, Colorado

“Improved messaging and clear direction”

After a 90-minute power session, Nina identified key areas and action items that improve my messaging & visual content to ultimately attract my ideal clients. Her creative background and reflective questions made me feel heard and understood — my personal values and design direction are clarified. Highly recommended for creatives anywhere in the world.

Tania Hearn, illustrator, Brisbane, Australia

“Feeling grounded and facing my fears”

client results

Having the accountability of a coach and partnership helped me to really face down some of my biggest fears! Committing to face your own imposter syndrome on a regular basis may not sound fun at all, but you learn to actively deal with it and build a resilience towards it. I feel grounded in a very peaceful way – I’ve learned to be more patient with the process of building a business that makes sense for where I’m at and for where I’m heading. Nina helped me recognize where I need to allow myself to carry things more lightly and courageously try things out, rather than hyper-analyze every decision I make.

Sydney Burris, voice coach, Austin, Texas. Case study.

“Structure and accountability”

client results

My time with Nina was invaluable. She helped sharpen my focus and get things done. She helped me prioritize and structured our sessions so that I knew exactly what to do during the week. She gave me exactly what I was ready for and knew when to stop to avoid overwhelm. My business is much better for her help.

Emily Chase Smith, CEO of Sweet Orange Adventures (vintage date nights), Doheny, California

“Re-energized my business”

In the summer of 2022 I was feeling the need to re-energize my two-decade-old, one-person business. I decided on a 90-min. Zoom-based power session focused on exploring my values (beginning with a helpful pre-meeting assignment). Working with Nina, even so briefly, was a really valuable part of helping me pivot my business. I found her personable, empathetic, no-nonsense and able to talk with experience about the challenges and joys of being a solo-preneur. Thanks Nina!

Jakob Berkowitz, science author, Ontario, Canada

“Clarity and direction”

client results

After working with Nina as my creative coach over the past few months, I am so pleased with the results. Nina has helped me gain clarity on my values and the direction of my business, and has provided me with the tools and resources to make my goals a reality. I have really enjoyed working with her, and would highly recommend her coaching services!

Jessica Augarde, graphic designer, Bristol, England.

“Your summary and suggestions were spot on”

client results

“The outcome of our Power Session was spot on, and left me with a clear next step for my business. The metaphor that showed up (me as a business owner being a single dad of a demanding teenager) stuck with me and was a truth I felt, but could not articulate before. Now that I know what to do next, my actions arrange around this topic and let me move forward with purpose and clarity for my business and personal future.”

Pascal Gabriel, Creative Director, Munich, Germany.

“My mindset is so much stronger”

client results

I was just starting my business, and now I feel like the ball is actually rolling forward.  Your program helped me set goals and really strategize what needs to happen. I would not have known where to start without it. Between your materials and my notes from our calls, I know exactly what to do. I feel much more confident, my mindset is so much stronger.

Kathryn Kosmider, Language Teacher & Development Specialist, Madrid, Spain

“Clarity and cool marketing ideas in just one session”

“Before our conversation I had too many creative ideas, and was just chasing glitter. Nina brought out of me what gives me the most joy: acting. She gave me marketing tools to present myself better, and a great new idea to monetize my skills, which I hadn’t even thought of.”

Christina Souza, actress and singer, Hawaii

“Clarity around my offers”

client results

“I was wondering how to combine all my ideas, and felt overwhelmed about how to create a clear message on social media of what my business actually is, because I have so many different things I do. Nina gave me smart tools to try and advice about which steps to take next. She was supportive, clear and inspiring. She quickly came up with some unique ideas, which I would never have thought of myself and I really loved.”

Annabel Patullo, textile artist, Germany

“A much clearer message”

client results

Before working with Nina I was feeling completely daunted by the whole ‘marketing my business’ thing. I now have a much clearer idea of the message I want to get across, and I am brimming with fresh ideas. Already I have received several positive comments from people in my network who have noticed a difference. I had so many ‘Eureka’ moments, but I think my favourite was that marketing your business shouldn’t feel like a grind.

Alex, photographer, Valencia, Spai

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