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I produce a lot of blog articles, videos and other digital content to support creatives entrepreneurs with their marketing, so that they attract more clients and earn more money doing what they love. Enjoy my free resources, or get your hands on one of my fabulous Startup or Copy & Content bundles to set yourself up for success.

Training videos

Writing better copy, getting some mindset boosters, and more. My videos are some of the most valuable free resources for creatives, and you can them watch at your leisure.

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Podcast episodes

Yes, it is possible to earn money doing what you love!
(All about you podcast by Sheila West)
Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and Finding the balance
(The Yoga, bellies and babies podcast by Krishna Hassomal)

My weekly email

I send out a weekly email to my subscribers, sharing ideas, advice, exclusive offers, and real-life stories from the life of a creative entrepreneur. I am known for keeping it real, so expect some entertaining and funny emails coming into your inbox too.

Blog articles

Read my selected blog articles or head to the rest of the blog for a whole lot more! I update the blog every week, and write about relevant marketing, mindset and business topics. My blog posts are great free resources for creatives.

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Among my free resources for creatives, there is my Instagram feed also! Here I post stories, little tips and tricks, videos and reels, and sometimes some thought-provoking content to make you smile…or work on your mind blocks.

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