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Coaching for creatives and solopreneurs: let’s make a difference in this world

Known for her relaxed and creative personality, Nina offers coaching for creatives, freelancers and small business owners worldwide. With a practical, no-nonsense approach, she empowers passionate individuals like coaches, designers, photographers, teachers, musicians, and therapists to make a meaningful impact and add beauty to the world while earning a living from their talents and craft.

She launched her first ‘Social Media for the Terrified’ course back in 2010. Since then, she is on a mission to help creative entrepreneurs become more visible and have a real impact. Nina is a serial entrepreneur herself, with a strong desire to leave the world more beautiful than she found it.

In a world where the rich are getting richer, and big companies are taking over everything, Nina is arming her clients to become a powerful army of small but mighty businesses, who shine their lights and make a real difference.

Nina is a Human Design Manifesting Generator 5/1, and Enneagram 7. Fast thinker, solution-focused, super creative, keen to learn new things, and always up for adventure.

Nina’s own journey as a creative entrepreneur

From marketing consultant to eclectic shop owner

Originally from the Netherlands, she moved to the United Kingdom (Scotland) in 2005. She worked in both countries for twenty years, as marketing manager and audience development consultant in the cultural sector. Already coaching many creatives on marketing and visibility, while still in employment.

After becoming a mum, Nina left her office job (she was never one for a standard 9-5 anyway!). With an 8-month-old baby on her hip, she got the keys to her own vintage furniture shop in the summer of 2012, in rural Aberdeenshire. Juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship, but fueled by creative energy, she grew her business, and built a vibrant community around it. Her efforts did not go unnoticed and In 2015 Nina won an award for her creative contribution to the area.

Podcasts in which I tell my story:

Entrepreneurship, Motherhood and Finding the balance
(The yoga, babies and bellies podcast by Krishna Hassomal)

Yes, it is possible to earn money doing what you love
(All about you podcast by Sheila West)

Business coaching for creatives…

In 2018, having dreamed of a life in the sun for twelve years (Scotland is great, but oh – the weather!), Nina and her family moved to Spain. Nina now works with international clients, offering coaching for creatives all over the world.

When she is not coaching, Nina spends time with her family, painting abstract art, or writing songs for her country-folk band, in which she is the lead singer. She can also be found cycling around Valencia as a tour guide, sharing her passion for culture, and giving people a great experience.

PS: if you are into this, you are probably not surprised to know that Nina is an Enneagram type 7, and a Human Design type Manifesting Generator. Basically, a creative powerhouse with a lot of positive energy, and never short of ideas!

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