What is the ROI after working with me? Why spend money on a business coach?

What is the ROI after working with me?

Yes, I get it. Spending a few grand on a business coach is not something you do everyday. Most likely, it’s something you’ve never done, or even thought of doing. Because, how do you know what you will get in return? What results will you get after working with a coach for 90 days, or even 6 months? Is it all worth it? Although I can tell you now that no investment is ever a guarantee that you will double your income (you still have to put in the work yourself!), I will explain a little in this post about the ROI, or Return on Investment, my clients have told me they got from working with me.

A weekly call to keep your eyes on the goal

Until a few years ago, I had never invested money in a business coach. I had invested in courses and training, software, Pro subscriptions, a new laptop and other things to improve my online business, but it had never crossed my mind to hire an actual coach to develop personally and professionally. But I have since. And it makes all the difference.

Most of us are running our business on our own, and it is so helpful to have that weekly call with someone who checks in with you, gives you guidance, and makes sure you are keeping your eyes on the goal. Procrastination is always lurking, and a coach will help you stay focused.

My clients come to me because they feel drowned in a sea of marketing and social media, and they don’t know anymore what works and what not. They want more clients.

Photo by Amina Filkins on Pexels.com

They want to grow their business, but feel deflated when thinking about creating another piece of content that will receive nothing but tumbleweed. Does that mean they are failing? Well, no.

It means that they need guidance on defining their niche, message and audience, a solid strategy, and creative input into their content plan. Those are the ingredients that will get them more clients. This is what I help them with.

In short:
I help you get better at messaging so that you will attract more clients.

“Before working with you I felt overwhelmed. I had a dream, but didn’t know how to turn it into reality. I missed a high-level strategy to guide my actions, which in turn made my endeavours lack focus. Now I feel I’m more in control. Each step is small enough to be within my reach and concrete enough so that I know exactly what to do.”

Manuela Bianco. artist, the Netherlands

Return on Investment, as stated by previous clients has been:

  • More leads and clients
  • More engagement and improved visibility online
  • Clear goals and a strategy to move forward
  • Feeling much more in control of the marketing
  • Confidence in showing up online
  • Understanding how to connect to their audience
  • Gaining more clarity around their offers
  • A stronger mindset
  • Discovering joy and creativity in marketing their business
  • Motivation and seeing new possibilities
  • Excitement for the future of their business
  • Positive feedback from clients and audience

Being fully committed to put in the work

Of course, working with me does not mean that you pay me, and I will simply hand you over these results. The ROI fully depends on your willingness and commitment to work on yourself and your business, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and move forward. Some weeks will be easy, others will be hard. But you won’t have to do it alone anymore.

Working with a coach is like being on the same team. You play the game, I coach you from the sideline. You shoot, I cheer if you hit the goal. You miss, we assess, review, learn and adapt, and I coach you back into the game. Together we will work towards your dreams.

I feel much more confident after completing your course. My mindset is so much stronger. I was just starting my business, and now I feel like the ball is actually rolling forward and I have a clear path with what I need to do to share my products and reach more people. I would not have known where to start without this course. Between your materials and my notes from our calls, I know exactly what to do.

Kathryn Kosmider, Language Teacher & Development Specialist, Spain

Book a free call

If you are ready for the next step, and fully committed to invest in yourself and your business, then send me a message to book a call. An informal chat on Zoom, to talk about you and your business.

The first call is totally free, and I will never try and sell anything that I don’t think will help you. We will have a friendly 30-minute chat to see if my programmes are a good fit for you, and I will always give you time to think.

You can also send me a quick message on Whatsapp for more info or to book a call.


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