Three tips to improve your copy to attract more clients

Copywriting is something many find tricky. In fact, most people find it quite hard. If this is you, don’t feel ashamed, for you are not alone. Being an entrepreneur does not automatically make you a great writer too. But it is a skill that can become the golden tool in your marketing. Because, while you can have incredible business ideas, if you don’t know how to put them into words, and tap into the needs of your customers…your message gets lost in a jumble of sentences that completely miss their target. Here are three tips to improve your copy and captions for your business.

Black Friday business coaching discount

Black Friday…I am not a fan per se, purely because I hate over-consumerism, and it just adds to the FOMO and holiday anxiety. Are you with me on this? The sight of people going crazy over more mass-produced stuff, just because the shops make you think you’re getting a good deal…it makes my stomach churn. Still, I do like a discount like anyone else, if it is something that helps me improve my life or my business. I have therefore decided to offer a Black Friday business coaching discount, for one of my most popular services: the Power Session.

Do you need a coach…or a creative marketing consultant?

Many new entrepreneurs who launch their business, quickly realise that there is a lot more to marketing their business than posting on social media. They randomly shoot from the hip, and offer their services to every man and his dog, without having a strategy. And maybe they need a business coach to guide them in the right direction. But maybe, if time is short, and skills are limited, what they need is a creative marketing consultant. I can be both.

“I can only do this because my partner pays the bills”

I chose a creative career. My husband worked in a corporate job, and had always the bigger income. Well, hasn’t that worked out rather convenient. But I was brought up to be financially independent. “Make sure you can pay for your own bills”, was the message that was drilled into me as a young girl by my father. How do you navigate through funding your startup phase without feeling guilty about who is is paying the rest of the bills in the meantime?

My most popular post on Instagram ever

I posted on Instagram last week, which I do almost daily. But this time, I had a crazy amount of likes and a long string of comments. I was a little surprised, to say the least. Why this post? What was so special about it that it resonated with so many followers?

Who do you think you are? How to deal with friends and family following you on social media

You started your own business. You have earned some money with it. You want to get more clients. You know you have to put yourself ‘out there’. But that means being seen. By everyone. Family, friends, ex-colleagues…people on LinkedIn. “You are on social media a lot. You post too much”, they say. How do you handle this in the best possible way?

Case study: creating balance to build a business as a vocal coach

And why you can’t rush entrepreneurship! Sydney came to me at the start of 2022, and we spent a large part of the year together, meeting nearly weekly. During that time I have seen her shed a lot of her self-doubts, confusion and deep-rooted stories from her past. Sydney is a vocal coach in Austin,Continue reading “Case study: creating balance to build a business as a vocal coach”

How to find joy in marketing your creative business

I come at it from a different, creative angle. Over the years I have built up heaps of knowledge throughout my career as marketing and audience development manager and consultant in the creative industries. I helped hundreds of creatives put their passion into words, and get better at marketing. In this post I explain a bit more about my non-standard way of business coaching.

My first creative business was born from a shopping need

Often business ideas are born from a situation of need. The need for change, or the need for more creativity and freedom. A niggle to do something else in life. And sometimes they are born because you live in a place where your shopping needs aren’t met 😂. This is a story about the time when I decided to start a vintage furniture shop in rural Scotland, with no experience of running a shop whatsoever. To go with Pippi Longstocking’s quote: ‘I have never done it before, so I think I can probably do it’. Right?