How to Marie Kondo your business and brain

Can you see the bottom of your junk drawer? “Get rid of all the stuff in your house that you won’t be bringing to your dream home.” I read that somewhere this week, and I loved this phrase. Clearing the clutter. Focusing on what matters and is meaningful to more forward with joy and success.Continue reading “How to Marie Kondo your business and brain”

Five top tips for attracting your ideal client

Most people who have a creative business are finding marketing hard. So unless you are already a complete wizard at Instagram and have built up an army of followers, you are probably feeling slightly overwhelmed. You are not alone. The problem is, in most cases, artists, makers and designers are focusing too much about how to promote their product. But instead, why not focus on the client? Here are five top tips.

Coaching for creatives and why this is a good fit

Why one business coach is not like the other You definitely fit in the box ‘creative’, people call you a creative , and you have just launched your small creative business. That doesn’t mean you are an artist or a designer per se; most solo entrepreneurs and small business owners are creative beings by default.Continue reading “Coaching for creatives and why this is a good fit”

Creating a sustainable business, how?

“I want to leave my boring job, I want to earn six figures, I want to have enough clients to pay the bills, I want to have a successful business.” Clients come to me all the time with these wishes, like I’m Aladin.
But I love their passion, and their grit. They feel such fire in their belly, they yearn for financial and creative freedom, and they think they know what they need: a business coach who will get them to their clear end goals. Just, how clear is this goal? And whose goal is it, really? Have you asked your heart, what it wants deep down? Or is your rational mind doing all the talking? I want to discuss the importance of creating a sustainable business with you today.

The benefits of hiring a business coach

Will a business coach get you more clients? I’ll give you a short answer: no. Does that come as a surprise? Hiring a business coach will not get you more clients. A coach is not a miracle solution for your business, nor will they fulfill your desire for a fully booked offer. No business coach can guarantee you clients. If you were under the illusion that investing in a coach would solve your lack of income, then it’s probably time for you to think again.

Slow January? Five income boosters for creatives

Ideas and tips for when your diary is empty and the panic is high What can you do to boost your income in a slow month? What to do when you have no jobs lined up as a freelancer? In this post I share some ideas for income boosters for creatives. Aim for the ‘low-hangingContinue reading “Slow January? Five income boosters for creatives”

How to generate more leads as a creative

You may have the most amazing business offer, but if nobody knows about you, you won’t have an income. You need to generate more leads as a creative entrepreneur if you want to shift your business from side hustle to serious empire. But how do you do this? You may have a following on Instagram, a small email list, or you may have dabbled in Facebook ads. Are you seeing the results you want? Here is how I can help you generate more leads for your business.

5 easy steps to build an email funnel

Building an email funnel is something many of us online coaches and entrepreneurs do. Social media is great, but if these platforms suddenly disappear, so would your followers. So having an email list is kind of essential for growing an audience – and having their contact details. But how do you populate an email list? In this post I will talk you through how to build an email funnel.

The importance of small business contracts

Tonight I had an angry friend on the phone. “I had screwed her over” by canceling the spaces for my two children at the next block of her forest school, very last minute. The truth was, I had completely missed the deadline for signup (my fault), and then when the reminder came, my kids both said they didn’t want to continue. Of course, my friend was annoyed, as she had lost income she assumed she had. She now didn’t have time left to fill two empty spots. This post is about why small business contracts and written agreements are vital, also for friends.

Three tips to improve your copy to attract more clients

Copywriting is something many find tricky. In fact, most people find it quite hard. If this is you, don’t feel ashamed, for you are not alone. Being an entrepreneur does not automatically make you a great writer too. But it is a skill that can become the golden tool in your marketing. Because, while you can have incredible business ideas, if you don’t know how to put them into words, and tap into the needs of your customers…your message gets lost in a jumble of sentences that completely miss their target. Here are three tips to improve your copy and captions for your business.