How do you create content that gets engagement AND sales?

How do you create content that gets engagement AND sales?

This is the holy grail, peeps. This is a question I get asks ALL the time. “Nina, I am starting to hate my Facebook group/Instagram account/etc, because I hardly get any engagement and nobody buys from me.” I know, it sometimes feels like pulling teeth, doesn’t it? Hellooooo! Anybody out there? Constantly changing algorithms don’t help. But we cannot always blame the algorithms. There actually is a formula for creating content that will get you results. Not overnight, but using this ‘recipe’, you will see a change in your audience’s behaviour. Let me show you how.

The five content pillars below are the ones you need to keep in mind when posting on social media*. They make up the recipe for success. Why? Because only going for engagement will not get you sales. And only trying to sell will bore people to tears.

So create content that keeps those pillars in balance, and has a strategic approach.

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You need to build trust and real relationships with your ideal clients.

These are the five content pillars for success:

1. Engagement

People always talk about engagement on social media, and how to increase this. Engagement generally is seen as the amount of likes and comments on a post. This is important, because it gets your followers active on your page or in your group, but also gets the old algorithm do its job and make sure people see more of your posts in future. Posts that generally have a lot of engagement are: selfies, polls, ‘this or that’ questions, share a Gif in the comments, or asking for recommendations. Simple questions or action taking posts that make people stop scrolling and take action.

2. Connection

Connection posts go one step further, and have the purpose of building a relationship with your audience. Sharing a background story, for example, or something vulnerable, sharing your lifestyle in words or pictures, and ‘a day at the office’ behind the scenes posts. Videos, blog posts or a simple selfie with a short story about your day/life/work can all fall into this category. Make that connection, find things that will resonate with your ideal client!

3. Expert

You want people to know that you know your sh*t. How do you do that without constantly bragging about yourself, and how amazing you are at what you do? By sharing your knowledge on a topic that is relevant to your business. By ranting about something in your industry that goes against what you believe in and how you work. By busting a myth. But also by talking about mistakes you see people make before hiring someone like you, and what solutions you offer to help them. You can share your expertise in many ways.

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4. Credibility

So it’s all very well that you position yourself as the expert…but have you actually worked with real clients? The credibility pillar should contain posts about real clients you are working with, or have worked with in the past, and the results they got from working with you. You can also talk about a project you are working on right now. And don’t forget to share screenshots of reviews and testimonials from clients, left in comments, on Google, in an email or on your Facebook page. This boosts your credibility as a business owner big time. A different way of building credibility is by talking about your background experience, qualifications and past work if this is relevant to what you offer now.

5. Invite

Last, but not least; invite people to work with you. After all, you want sales. So at least once a week, talk about your paid offers in your content. Talk about your products, services and how you work with clients. And don’t forget the CALL TO ACTION! Tell people how they can contact you, and keep it simple. Don’t give them too many options. Just include a link, an email address or even a Whatsapp number. Do a straight up selling post, or invite people to register on a waitlist for an upcoming programme. You can also invite them to download a freebie, and get them onto your email list.

If you create a strategic mix of these five types of content every week, you WILL see results. Don’t expect changes immediately, but keep going. You are doing brilliantly!


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