Too many ideas… overwhelm…
chaos in your head… feeling stuck?

I help you to find joy, ease and clarity in marketing your creative business, so you attract more clients.

Let’s ditch standard. Start shining.

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I support service-based creative entrepreneurs in their first few years of business, such as life coaches, teachers, designers, photographers, quirky travel businesses, therapists, off-beat event organisers, and other passionate people. The quirkier, the better!

A creative mind is wonderful, but can also be pretty chaotic. Right? You wonder whether you’ll ever going to be able to run a decent business. But what if I told you that you don’t have to run your business in a standard, cookie-cutter way? That you are allowed to create it exactly as you like – and be very successful?

To get you off to a good start, here’s a free download to help you on your way:

Img: Mural by Tanya Heidrich, Valencia. @stillonoir

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My offers

4-week Fast-track program

Niche, audience, offer, message: get these pillars built, and you’ll feel fully in control of your marketing. Work with me for a whole month, and know exactly how to attract those clients.

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FREE Resources

I have created a ton of helpful articles, videos, and free downloads. Take from it what you need. You’ve got this! Keep checking this page, as new resources get added regularly.

Free resources are here.

Business coaching 1-to-1

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After my 1-to-1 coaching programs for small businesses, you will feel so much more confident, motivated and clear in your head, and will get this biz flying!

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“A much stronger mindset”

kathryn kosmider

I was just starting my business, and now I feel like the ball is actually rolling forward and I have a clear path with what I need to do to share my products and reach more people.  You helped me set goals and strategize what needs to happen. I would not have known where to start. Between your materials and my notes from our calls, I know exactly what to do.

Kathryn Kosmider, Language Teacher & Development Specialist, Spain

“A lot of Eureka moments”

small business coach

“Before working with Nina I was feeling completely daunted by social media and marketing. I now have a much clearer message I want to get across, and I am brimming with fresh ideas. I have already had many positive comments on the changes I made. I had so many Eureka moments, but the main things was that marketing does not have to be a chore.

Alex Baker, commercial photographer, Spain

“Before our Power Session I had too many creative ideas, and was just chasing glitter. Nina brought out of me what gives me the most joy. She gave me cool marketing tools to present myself better, and a great new idea to monetize my skills, which I hadn’t even thought of.”

Christina Souza, actress, Hawaii

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Meet Nina, your coach & mentor

Nina is a creative, go-getting adventurer with a strong desire to leave the world a little more beautiful than she found it. She worked in the creative industries in the Netherlands and the UK for twenty years, as marketing manager and consultant in audience development. She also knows first-hand what it is to build a small physical business from the ground, having had a quirky vintage furniture store in rural Scotland. Known for her clear and jargon-free writing, and positive, pro-active attitude, she taught many entrepreneurs how to tell their authentic story and attract their ideal client. Read Nina’s full story

Blog articles

How to break through scarcity mindset and start attracting money

When we first start out in business, we often accept any old job that comes our way. Do you truly believe in your abilities to earn good money with what you do? Be honest. Or do you still feel others are probably better than you, you still have a lot to learn, and you can’t ask that sort of price for your work? Here is a secret: those ‘other’ people are not any better than you, and you are totally capable. The problem? Self-limiting beliefs. Here’s some mindset tips on how to break through those money blocks and grow your income.

Why balancing the male and female energies is important to succeed in life

We live in a world where masculine energies are highly rewarded, especially as entrepreneurs. Goal-setting, being pro-active, ‘getting things done’, pushing yourself up the career ladder; these are all things we hear all the time. It’s been taught to us from a very young age to work hard, have good results, be a winner and a ‘high achiever’. When we start our own business, this is no different. In the long, however, run keep, honouring both the male and female energies inside of you, are essential in keeping yourself feeling balanced, protecting yourself from burnout.


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