I help you to find joy, ease and creativity in marketing your business, so you attract more clients

Your time is now. Let’s do this.

Small business coach in Spain

I help passionate entrepreneurs gain clarity, skills and confidence in marketing their business, so that they earn more money doing what they love.

I will teach you how to do marketing and social media in a relaxed, creative and joyful way, so that you attract more ideal clients.

I coach and mentor business owners and freelancers, such as designers, photographers, teachers, life coaches, personal trainers, yogis and everything in between. Creative and soulful entrepreneurs, in the first years of their business, who want to make the world a better place!

You don’t have to do it all alone. I’ll be on your team. We’ll have fun on the way, I promise.

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Try me out for free

You are very welcome to book a free call with me, to make up your mind whether you want to work with me. No obligation, no pushy sales call, just a chat about your business and where you are currently at. Send me a message on Whatsapp or book a free Zoom call by selecting a date in my calendar

As entrepreneurs, we all hit a block sometimes. And after doing all the training, and scribbling notebooks full of ideas, you’ve reached the hardest bit: implementing it all.

Marketing your business is not easy when you are wearing all the hats, and life takes over. Most people will end up just doing the same old thing, for years. Procrastination, overwhelm, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, all of these things creep in, and it takes a very long time to get the results you want.

How would it make you feel if this time next year you had transformed your business and achieved your goals? Amazing, right?

joyful marketing

Bringing flow and ease into your business

I am renowned for my clear, no-nonsense training and coaching style, my easy-going attitude and sense of humour, and my ever-flowing flood of creative ideas.

My clients not only gain more confidence and powerful marketing skills by working with me, but also have a great time on my programmes.

I believe business should be joyful.

Through my coaching programmes I help you to show up as your best self, in an authentic way, so you attract the right clients who will pay your prices.

No more side hustles or keeping yourself small. You are worth so much more.

See me as your firm, but friendly side-kick, your creative pocket guide, and expert cheerleader, who helps you implement all the things you’ve been putting off for way too long.

Together we get sh*t done, much faster than you would on your own.

During our coaching sessions we will find clarity in your business, create your road map, and build your confidence as an entrepreneur, so you achieve the results you dream of. A good income by doing what you love, and having more freedom.

Does that sound good?

Book a free call to see what strategy we could come up with together.
No obligation, just a chat.

“My mindset is so much stronger”

kathryn kosmider

I registered for your group programme because of the title – I was so overwhelmed! I needed a plan and a sounding board, and that’s what I found in your group. I was invested in trying this course because you personally connected with me and didn’t pressure me to join the course, but offered it as an option. I feel much more confident after completing this course. My mindset is so much stronger.

I was just starting my business, and now I feel like the ball is actually rolling forward and I have a clear path with what I need to do to share my products and reach more people.  This course helped me set goals and really strategize what needs to happen. I would not have known where to start without this course. Between your materials and my notes from our calls, I know exactly what to do.

Kathryn Kosmider, Language Teacher & Development Specialist, Madrid, Spain

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Keeping social media accounts alive, it feels like a full-time job sometimes, doesn’t it? Not that you haven’t got anything else to do! With this FREE planner I am giving you daily prompts, for engaging posts. Get more visible online in just a week!

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Let me be your business coach

If you are ready for real transformation and results in your business, you can choose to work with me in a number of ways. Get clarity and quick wins in my Power Hour coaching call, or invest in yourself and your business by signing up for one of my 1-1 programmes.

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Meet Nina, your Creative Business Coach

Nina is a creative, go-getting adventurer with a strong desire to leave the world a little more beautiful than she found it.

Nina worked in the creative industries for twenty years, as marketing manager and audience development consultant. Known for her clear and jargon-free writing, and positive, pro-active attitude, she taught many entrepreneurs how to tell their authentic story and attract their ideal client. Read Nina’s Story

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The journey of entrepreneurship and what to do first when you start a new business

I have just finished a 12-week programme with a lovely client, working 1-to-1 with her on her business goals. She recently set herself up as a life coach for teachers. And although she went through a major transformation, in clarity, mindset and skills, she sign any new clients yet during our work together. So was this a failed coaching programme? No, it wasn’t. Because, although getting more clients and increasing their income is ultimately what my clients want, you cannot expect this to happen when the building blocks are not in place. What did she get out of working with me, then?

How do you create content that gets engagement AND sales?

This is the holy grail, peeps. This is a question I get asks ALL the time. “Nina, I am starting to hate my Facebook group/Instagram account/etc, because I hardly get any engagement and nobody buys from me.” I know, it sometimes feels like pulling teeth, doesn’t it? Hellooooo! Anybody out there? Constantly changing algorithms don’t help. But we cannot always blame the algorithms. There actually is a formula for creating content that will get you results. Not overnight, but using this ‘recipe’, you will see a change in your audience’s behaviour. Let me show you how.


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