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As a creative business coach, I help you earn more money doing what you love.

You have recently launched your own creative business, or are in the first few years of being a solopreneur. No you want to be successful and make this your main income stream, but just don’t seem to know what to do next. You need a structure, focus, and accountability.

How do you bring order in the chaos?

Where and how do you get more clients?

How do you keep this show on the road?

Working with a creative business coach means you will gain clarity, confidence and control over your destiny. I know the creative brain inside out. We turn the chaos in your head into a solid game plan, with manageable steps for you to take. You will feel supported.

I will hold you accountable, while you work towards your next milestone.

We will build that amazing business of yours, and you will feel inspired, motivated and ready to attract clients like a magnet.

Most of all, you will feel excited for the future.

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1:1 coaching offers

6-months 1:1 with your creative business coach

The 6-month programme will give you the biggest transformation, massive clarity and a confidence boost. Together, we will kick-start your creative business!

Who is this for?

This is for you if you feel passionate about pursuing entrepreneurship with your creative gifts and talents. You may currently still have a job and want to transition into entrepreneurship. Or you have recently left your old career, and are fully committed to giving this a go. Now is your time, and you are ready for it!

You feel you need a plan of action on how to get your business to a good income level. But you feel doubtful because you don’t know what you’re doing in the marketing department, and you often feel that you may never pull this off. You feel the pressure of making this work, and you often believe that “you’re not good enough”.

You have already had a few clients or customers but you aren’t reaching your goals. What you need is, a clear path to sell your offer and market your business in a way that feels authentic and heart-centered.

creative business coach

The transformation

We will work towards creating a healthy work-life balance, a simple, actionable plan to grow your business (a road map), and massive clarity on your business direction. You will know the next steps, an have a clear niche, offer and message, and understanding of how to attract your dream clients. You will have game plan for your future, that brings balance and calm in your head and business, so you know what to do each week.

Expect many light bulb moments, mindset breakthroughs, and, of course, the odd wobble on the road too. I guarantee you my support as creative business coach, and guidance throughout the duration of the programme, to keep you on track, and help you feel in control of your future goals.

Included: 3 x 60-minute calls each month, on Zoom + interim voice messaging and/or email support. Access to resources, homework assignments and worksheets. Coaching calls are recorded and for you to keep.

6 week 1:1 Accelerator programme

Six months too much for you? I also offer a shorter programme as creative business coach, for those who feel a sense of chaos and want clarity, confidence, & direction around messaging: what to say, and who to say it to, so they can start building a business and can maximize their marketing efforts – in an authentic, heart-centered way.

In the Accelerator programme you will receive clarity around your offer, audience and message, content & copywriting coaching, guidance on how to become better visible to the right audience, and how to generate more leads.

You will walk away with clarity, confidence around your marketing, and better content creating skills.

creative business coach

Not sure yet? Start with this workbook!

As my gift to you, I am offering a free workbook with simple exercises to kick-start your creative business. Have a go at it! If you need my help as creative business coach afterwards, you know where to find me 😉

Why work with me as creative business coach?

creative business coach

With over 20 years of marketing experience, hands-on experience as a serial entrepreneur, and with a creative brain, I am well equipped to help you to the next level (read my About here). I make things simple, but without losing depth. My goal is to bring out the best in you, and I care more about your results than anyone else.

My creative business coaching programmes are an incredible gift to yourself, and will help you both as an entrepreneur. – They will transform you as a person, ready to step into the next chapter of life with full confidence and joy.

Because your business is you, and to be successful, we will dive deep.

Let’s chat. Nina x

manuela bianco artist

“Before working with you I felt overwhelmed. I had a dream, but didn’t know how to turn it into reality. I missed a high-level strategy to guide my actions, which in turn made my endeavours lack focus. Now I feel I’m more in control. It now looks like I can actually make it! Each step is small enough to be within my reach and concrete enough so that I know exactly what to do.”

Manuela Bianco, illustrator, The Netherlands

Order in the chaos

(A bit of feedback during a coaching call, mid program – Sydney, vocal coach, Austin Texas)

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