I help creative entrepreneurs

I work with creative entrepreneurs who need help with finding a structure, focus and a game plan to succeed.

You want more clarity in your business so you can proudly and confidently market your offer to your audience without icky sales tactics, and start making more money with your creative business.

As a creative business coach, I help solopreneurs and freelancers, such as designers, artists, therapists, musicians, writers, teachers, coaches, retreat organisers, and everything in between. People who have had their business for a while, or those who are about to launch. Creatives who are ready to share their gifts with the world, in their own, unique way.

Some of you have already dived into entrepreneurship 100%, others are looking to exit their (corporate) job in the near future. All of my clients are dreaming of earning a good income doing what they love.

I will help you feel grounded as a creative entrepreneur. Together we will create an actionable game plan to follow.

creative business mentor coach

Zoom video call is my main tool, which makes it possible for me to work with clients worldwide: from California to the UK, and from Canada to Spain.

Whatever you sell, you are ambitious and ready to put in the work and get real results!

I would love to work with you, if you:

  • feel overwhelmed by the various marketing strategies and techniques available, making it difficult to know where to start and how to prioritise your efforts.
  • struggle with developing a clear and compelling brand message that differentiates you from competitors and resonates with your target audience.
  • are new to business or lack experience in marketing, which leads to frustration and ineffective marketing efforts.
  • Someone who feels scared about showing up as an entrepreneur and is looking to build their confidence.
  • struggle to attract a consistent flow of clients, resulting in financial strain and uncertainty about the future of their businesses.
  • do not expect a cookie-cutter business coaching programme (or 10k months).
  • are ready to invest in yourself and your business.

Let’s jump into this boat together!

creative entrepreneurs

Who my coaching is not for:

I like transparency and honesty, and that way nobody wastes any time. My Creative Business coaching programme is not meant for:

  • Creative entrepreneurs who expect that by working with me, their income magically increases within weeks or months. The benefit of hiring a business coach is that they will bring out the confidence, knowledge and gifts that are already inside of you, but are hiding. You may double your income, or you may not – that I cannot promise; but I can promise personal growth and the tools to attract clients. Often the benefits of working with a coach can be felt long after the programme has finished.
  • People who expect a standard coaching programme or cookie-cutter marketing techniques. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, have never worked in corporate, but am solution-focused! I listen to your needs and adapt my coaching programme accordingly. You will get the best results if you are open to new ideas.
  • Creative entrepreneurs who are not ready to invest in themselves. Working 1-to-1 with me means that I am going to dedicate my time, energy and expertise to you on a very personal level, for a certain amount of time. It is not an off-the-shelf course you are buying. I want you to learn and grow, and I will support you as best as I can. I care a lot about my clients! The price of my packages reflects this level of support and care.

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