The journey of entrepreneurship and what to do first when you start a new business

The journey of entrepreneurship and what to do first

I have just finished a 12-week programme with a lovely client, working 1-to-1 with her on her business goals. She recently set herself up as a life coach for teachers. And although she went through a major transformation, in clarity, mindset and skills, she did not get many new clients yet during our work together. So was this a failed coaching programme? No, it wasn’t. Because, although getting more clients and increasing their income is ultimately what my clients want, you cannot expect this to happen when the building blocks are not in place.

You cannot expect guests to turn up at a house warming party when you’ve only just laid down the foundation. You need to build the house first.

Starting a new business is super exciting, and probably one of the best decisions you will ever make. It gives you freedom to design your own career and life, but most of all, it is an incredible journey, both professionally and personally. The growth you will go through is so worth it, whether or not your business becomes a success in the end. But lay down a solid foundation. Know your why. Know your audience. Have a clear message. Create a team of helpers around you. It will help you get results much quicker.

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You show bravery and are willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Leaving your old life behind and jumping into the deep end, is an amazing first step already! It is the creative process, the transformation, and the breaking down of self-limiting beliefs, that you will gain, no matter what. You are changing, and growing. You have your initial business idea, then you start dreaming, you start planning, you learn new skills, you try things out, you launch, you fall, you get back up – and you try again. Above all, success does not happen overnight. But you are doing much better than you think you are. You are moving forward, one step at the time. Slow progress is progress too. Snails also reach their destination.

Starting a business comes with failures, and that is normal

I am a very impatient person myself. I can learn a lot from snails, really. But it’s just the way I am. I am very good at coming up with new ideas, and putting them straight into action. I move fast, like a rocket. But my ideas don’t always turn out the way I want, and that is OK too. I review them, I learn, and I adapt. If you don’t try, you don’t know, right?

You got to enjoy the ride, not get frustrated about every tiny obstacle in the road. You are learning. Your successful competitors once were where you are now.

To be able to grow and move forward, you have to start somewhere, and learn as you go. Nothing is perfect at the beginning, but if you are waiting for the right moment, you will never start at all. If not now, then when?

Celebrate your wins, no matter how small

My client went from chaos in her head, and not knowing where to start in terms of marketing her business, three months ago, to feeling confident and ready to rock, just 90 days later. She’s built the foundation for her life coaching business, expanded her tools and learnt new skills. This is what progress looks like. I am very proud of what she has achieved in just 12 weeks.

She found her niche, chose her target audience, fine-tuned her message and offer, and is now much clearer on where she wants to take her business. She has a plan, and is taking inspired action. Knowing who she is targeting and with what message, I have watched her grow, and improve her content by the day. Her writing has become so much better, her videos now include a stronger message, and from seeing her posts, it is now easy to understand what she does and for who. And those are real results. Clients will come, I have no doubt about that. But you got to have patience, faith in yourself, and keep going.

If you don’t have a foundation in place, you are just second-guessing and randomly trying to shoot, without a target. You need a clear message, audience, and offer. Those are the building blocks to get you results in the end.

Entrepreneurship is a fantastic journey, but you cannot expect miracles to happen overnight. You’ve got to put in the work, and have a strategy in place. Know where you want to get to, and work back to where you are now. See the path ahead of you, and know which steps to take. Then start walking.

Plant that seed, but don’t expect to harvest immediately

It’s like growing a beautiful plant from seed. The seed is your business idea, and one day you are ready to put it in the ground and turn it into a real plant. Would you expect to see a flowering, mature plant, giving you fruits after just a week, or even three months? No. You know you have to be a little more patient, and wait for the roots to grab hold and feel secure.

Water your small plant, put it in the right spot, and give it the right food. You will slowly watch your seedling turn into a strong, healthy big plant, the more you care for it. But you got to wait, and have the confidence that the harvest will come. And love your plant. You’ve got to love it.

Imagine the excitement you’ll feel when those first fruits appear.

The fog lifts, and the road ahead is clear

I love seeing my clients grow during my programmes. The fog lifts, light bulbs switch on. Energy rises, motivation kicks in. I am giving them compost to nurture their plant, guide them on where to place it. “Try a different spot. Prune it a little. Add some more water”. After 12 weeks, my client grew her plant from a wobbly seedling to a small, but healthy plant, with sturdy roots. After Summer she has signed up to another 12-weeks working with me, and I can’t wait to see her bloom.

I have no doubt, that come Autumn, this plant will bear fruit.

Are you in the first few years of business, and would you love to feel more confident too about where you are going with it? I can be on your team. Book a free strategy call

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