My stats and my ‘secret’ to getting clients

Oh stop it, silly, it’s not a secret at all. Don’t you get bored of all these online business coaches trying to sell you their ‘secret’ to success through their sponsored posts? My advice? Ignore. There is no ‘secret’. I have the truth here for you: you need clarity, consistency, and persistence. Oh, and patience. This stuff takes time, so stick with it and have faith. Sadly there are no quick roads to 10k months. Here is a peek into my stats, and my realistic ‘secret’ to getting clients.

I book on average three or four coaching clients each month. Some for six months, some one-off Power sessions. It took me over two years to build my coaching business to this level, but I have now created a good and steady income from this, and I have learnt what works to keep that going.

What I don’t do:

❌ Posting daily on social media (haleluja! The joy, time and peace it has given me!). I only post when I feel like it, mostly a quick story or content I already had produced elsewhere.
❌ Paying for ads (not ruling this out in the future to get a bigger reach, but I don’t do this right now, and it is fine)
❌ Having a podcast or a video channel (I do, but they are dormant – I gave it a go but it is too time consuming, and I prefer writing).

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I have a very simple marketing strategy.

  1. Understanding my ideal client inside out
  2. Improving my website SEO
  3. Creating relevant content through blogs
  4. Having a website pop-up window to grow email list
  5. Sending a weekly email to my subscribers
  6. Social media only when I feel inspired (usually a quick story, or recycled content from the blog/email I had already written)

99% of my clients and website visitors come from the search engines. If you did too, then you know it works!

Here are some of my recent stats. Need I say more?

Choose the perfect platform for you

I get on average two free calls booked each week from clients who found me on Google, visit my website and decide to schedule 30 minutes with me in Calendly.

I am not claiming that this is THE ‘secret’ to getting clients, but it works for me. And it could also work for you. If you don’t like social media, I promise you that there are other ways to share your message with the world.

Choose a platform that makes it joyful and easy for you to be consistent and persistent.

If you LOVE social media, then be on it – 100%. What you sow you will reap. Invest all of your time in LinkedIn, and you will harvest. Create a fun and active Tik Tok channel, and you will get a following. Or optimise your website, and get found in Google.

You didn’t start your business to become a slave to your screen and feel trapped in a schedule of Reels and Stories, did you? Let’s put the joy back into your marketing.

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Making marketing simple and efficient

I make marketing simple, and help my clients to find joy in creating content that resonates with their audience. Together we can find the perfect way for you to attract your dream clients too.

I can help you find that clarity and better ways to market yourself, but you got to be ready to commit to doing the work in order to see results. If you are ready to look at how to make your marketing more effective, enjoyable and less time consuming, let’s do this.

A Power Session is a great way of looking at your business with fresh eyes and switch on some much needed (energy saving!) light bulbs! (click here what a Power Session can do for you)

💡 💡 💡

What others say about working with me:

“After a 90-minute power session, Nina identified key areas and action items that improve my messaging & visual content to ultimately attract my ideal clients. Her creative background and reflective questions made me feel heard and understood – my personal values and design direction are clarified. Highly recommended for creatives anywhere I the world.”

Tania Hearn, Designer, Brisbane, Australia

creative business coach online

Looking for a coach?

Hi! I’m Nina Eggens, your go-to creative business coach for freelancers and small business owners worldwide. I ‘get’ your creative brain and the mountain of ideas, the procrastination, but above all, the absolute desire to make a difference. With a practical, no-nonsense approach, I empower passionate individuals like coaches, designers, photographers, teachers, musicians, and therapists to make a meaningful impact and add beauty to the world while earning a living from their talents and craft.

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