An easy marketing plan template for small business

You have a small business, or are a creative freelancer or solopreneur, and you need a strategy to get clients. This is the most common request I get from my clients. They feel stuck, and need a plan. If this is you, this easy marketing plan template for small business is exactly what you are looking for. We’re here to create a killer strategy that will skyrocket your business to new heights! Let’s dive in.

The Big Picture: who are you and why should we care?

Welcome to your ultimate easy marketing plan template for small businesses. This plan will be your roadmap to success, helping you achieve your goals and reach your dream customers. But, hold on…what is it actually that you offer? Start with asking yourself who you want to help, and what the situation is that your audience needs help with. What are they struggling with? Which solution are they looking for? What would they type into Google in order to find a solution?

You may be a brilliant designer, but how do you help your customers to reach their goals? Lesson 1: this is not about you, it is about them.

Get to Know Yourself
First things first, let’s analyse your business. We want to uncover what makes you special. What are your strengths and unique qualities that set you apart from the competition? Jot down in your notebook what your skills, talents, experience, but also your points of view are. Creating your personal brand will be very important in order to build trust and a relationship with your audience.

Know Your People
Who are your ideal customers? This is probably the most important question of all. After all; without customers, you have no business. Your customers are what it is all about. Let’s get to know them like old friends. We want to understand their interests, needs, and preferences inside out. This way, we can create marketing that speaks directly to their hearts. How does your product or service tap into these needs? Will it improve their life? How does it help them with their own goals or business if you are a B2B service?

Creating a customer profile is not so much about demographic, but all the more about their current reality. Figure out what this is, and make your offer something they get excited about.

marketing strategy for creatives

The Game Plan and SMART goals

Are you ready for the next step? Time to set some clear marketing objectives for your creative business. You can’t have an effective marketing strategy for small business without some good old SMART goals. What do you want to achieve? Increase brand awareness? Generate more leads? Boost sales? Let’s make these objectives specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

Nothing complicated, just common sense!

A simple way of doing this, is to create a simple table. Write down a clear objective in the first column, then set a realistic deadline for yourself, and think of some good tactics to help you reach that goal. You see that in the example below, some of the tactics in goal #1 also need their own objective! Yes, you may use social media to get leads, but if you have a very small audience, then your social media needs some attention too. You get it?

easy marketing plan template for small business

Don’t overthink it, but just write down exactly what you want. Create realistic, achievable goals, and pull big milestones apart into smaller goals. How much money do you want to earn by the 1st of December this year? How many leads do you want each week? Now what inspired actions can you take to achieve this?

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Show Your True Colors and attract your ideal client

This easy marketing plan template for small business of course also includes very practical steps. Let’s dive into the tactics and strategies that will make your business shine.

These friendly options work wonders for small businesses like yours:

  • Create Amazing and Authentic Content:
    Show off your expertise with valuable content that resonates with your ideal client. With blog posts, videos, or stunning visuals, you can educate and entertain your audience, while proving that you’re the best at what you do. Don’t obsess over the amount of engagement and Likes; serve deeply. If you can help even one person today with your content, then that’s a WIN.

  • Be Social: Embrace the power of social media.
    Choose the platforms where your audience hangs out and connect with them. Don’t be everywhere! It is better to choose one platform and be there 100%. Keep going, and be consistent. Share exciting content, engage with people’s comments, and think about using targeted ads to get noticed by a new audience who fits the ideal client profile.

  • Get Found on Google:
    Let’s make sure your website and content are search engine-friendly. Research relevant keywords and sprinkle them naturally throughout your site. This way, you’ll be there when people are looking for your services. You can hire affordable SEO experts through sites such as Fiverr if you need extra help with that, or download by mini e-book Simple SEO for more Clients.

  • Send Love via Email:
    Build an email list of interested prospects and loyal customers. Send them newsletters, updates, promotions, and personalised messages, nurturing those relationships and keeping them coming back for more.

  • Team Up:
    Network, collaborate, and partner with like-minded businesses in your industry. Attend events, join associations, and explore exciting opportunities to expand your reach and tap into new customer bases. The bigger your network, the more referrals and leads.

Smart Money Moves and setting a budget

easy marketing plan template for small business
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Let’s talk budget, my savvy entrepreneur.

Estimate the funds needed for each marketing strategy. You want to invest smartly, considering the potential return on investment. A lot of online marketing may be free, but you’ll soon realise that you need software and subscriptions to make the most of it. Canva Pro to create pretty posts, targeted ads to get more leads, a website, email system… Remember, it’s not just about the money; it’s about investing wisely to get the best results. Think about where most of your leads are coming from already. This is probably a good place to start investing.

Action Time:
Now, let’s create a kick-ass schedule for implementing each marketing strategy. How much can you do by yourself? Where does your expertise lie? Assign tasks to outsourced professionals for things you need help with, such as creating blog posts, SEO, or building an email funnel. Flexibility is key, so stay open to adjusting your plan along the way.

Keep an Eye on the Prize:
Monitor and measure your marketing efforts looking at metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, email open rates, and sales figures. This will guide your decisions, and help you understand what works. Data-driven insights will help you fine-tune your strategies.

Review and Revamp:
Regularly review your marketing activity to see how it’s performing. Adapt your content strategy, try something new, throw in a different offer. Your vision and preference will change over time, but also your understanding and experience will grow as an enterpreneur. Stay curious and flexible.

A final word

I hope this easy marketing plan template for small business is your secret weapon will help you on your journey to success. With clear objectives, smart strategies, and constant refinement, you’ll rock your way to greatness! Trust in your abilities, keep going, and make your small business shine.

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