Beach trips and blue-sky thinking: 3 ways to optimise your down-time this Summer

From business planning to rewriting your web copy

I live in Spain, and the kids have just finished school. That’s the start of our 12-week long summer vacation! It is crazy long and crazy hot, and so it is important to make some plans, so all of the family stays sane. Sports camps for my boys of 8 and 10, a road trip through France up to see my family in The Netherlands late July and August, and plenty of trips to the beach and the local swimming pool. the rest of the time.

As a self-employed business owner, however, I don’t get any paid holidays, and so I need to plan my down time around my work. And my beach trips around my coaching calls. Being self-employed gives me the wonderful freedom to design my own life, but I also have to keep going throughout Summer, so I don’t come to a complete standstill.

This is how you can spend your Summer days well, and prepare your business for the final stretch of the year.

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Block time for blue-sky thinking and dream big

When, during the year, do you give yourself time to step away from the laptop, and do some proper dreaming? Thinking big, filling a journal, perhaps even creating a vision board with magazine images and affirmations, and reviewing your current dreams and values? Blue-sky thinking is very good now and then, to take stock and decide whether what you are doing is still aligned with what you want for yourself and your business.

Improve your web content and copy

Summer is also the ideal time to freshen up your web copy. Improve your website content, and in fact, all of your bios and bits of text around your marketing platforms. Is everything aligned? Is the copy resonating with your ideal client? Have you got all your keywords placed correctly to boost SEO and website traffic?

I have some great resources here for you to DIY your copy, and improve it big time this Summer. Watch my video below (of an online workshop I did last year), and get the creative juices flowing with my guidance.

I also have a great self-guidance course workbook to teach you how to write better sales copy, blog posts and website content. The button will take you to my bookshop.

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Plan ahead for September

Once Summer is over, we’ll be quickly into the last trimester of the year. You probably set yourself some goals at the beginning of the year, so now is a good time to review those. You wanted to reach a certain income goal, work with a certain amount of clients, have speaking gigs, a book published, increase your audience, have your work seen in important places, etc, etc. Whatever you wrote down for yourself, now is the time to review those goals.

  • What have you achieved already?
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What is going well?
  • What is not going well?
  • What is holding you back to reach your goals this year?

Once you write the answers down, you will quickly see what you still have to do to move forward. It may be that your marketing message is not clear enough, or your audience not defined. Maybe you need to get some support or outsource something. Or perhaps you are shying away from making yourself visible in front of key people, and is mindset the biggest problem. Do the exercise, and see what comes up.

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Spend your Summer with me!

I have a 4-week programme on offer that may be just be the ideal thing to help you break-through those mind-blocks and marketing struggles. From Chaos to Clarity includes 4 coaching calls and my 1-to-1 support to define your niche, offer, audience and message. Ready to go full steam ahead and reach those goals!

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  1. Great blog post! 🙂 I actually still need to review my yearly goals (do a mid-year check in), so the questions in your blog post are going to be so helpful for that.

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