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Getting your website to rank higher in the search engines can be a right job. All the competition out there, and trying to choose the right keywords. Today I want to share a little insider tip with you, that is far less techy, and that you can all start doing.

Blog content is worth spending time on

Blogs are sometimes ignored by small businesses, and seen as sometimes ‘on the to-do-list’, but they actually can help you a great deal in SEO. Adding fresh new content to your site will help Google and other search engines discover you, and recognise you as a website that is worth mentioning to people. So have a think about that. Try and blog once or twice a month at least and add something interesting to your site. Perhaps a tutorial, a case study, an opinion, or a story about your life as a creative.

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You may think people may not be interested in reading it, but you’re most likely wrong! People love reading personal stories. How often have you heard from friends and family:”Oh, you’re so creative, I wish I was as creative as you!”? Exactly. They are fascinated by your interesting, unique lifestyle (and are probably a tad jealous too), so tell them about it. Share those quirky everyday stories. A bit of embellishment is fine. They call it artistic freedom, right?

Swap blog posts with a friend

What I was actually going to suggest to you however, is to try and do a guest post on someone else’s website/blog. And the other way around. Why? Because of back links. Back links are the links to your website, on someone else’s website. You can create back links by submitting your listing to online directories and Google business, but having your link on a website that is related to what you do, is also highly recommended. So think about who you know in your network that you could exchange links with. Write a guest post for each other, such as a tutorial or a background story about something, or interview each other.

Create back links on relevant websites

Make sure the website you are exchanging with is relevant. A back link to an interior designer on the website of a dog food supplier is not going to help. Search engines are very clever and will only take note of links that make sense, not the ones that are too random. If your websites are complimenting each other, or your services are in the same industry, this will tell the search engines that your website is trusted (and so is your friend’s), because you are recommending each other within the same branche.

Have a think the coming days…who do you know you could ask to create back links with? Who could you interview or write about on your website? On whose website could you write a guest post yourself?

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