How do I help people like you in my coaching programmes?

The framework for my 6-month 1-to-1 programmes

I work with creative and soulful entrepreneurs in their first few years of business, who are ambitious and want to attract more clients. Previous clients have been artists, life coaches, therapists, photographers, graphic designers, language teachers and event organisers. Each client is different, so I always adapt my coaching programme to their individual needs and situation. Weekly 1-hour coaching calls and action lists are standard.

You can work with me 1-to-1 by signing up to my 6-month coaching programmes, and this is what it could look like:

Becoming buddies!

1. First we dive deep into where you are now, and what you want for yourself and your business. Where do you want to be in 12 months time, 2 years, 5 years from now? How will you get there? I want to get to know you! We will be working together closely over the next 3 to 6 months, so it is important to be open and honest, so I know how to support you to the best of my ability.

Goal setting

2. We will set clear goals. By using a spreadsheet with clear actions and steps to take, you will quickly get clarity – and more calm in your head about what to do next. We will also do more fluid things like creative brainstorming, journaling prompts, or even vision boarding. I adapt my sessions to what works best, and what makes it easy and joyful for you.

Audience building

3. Audience building is a big part of what I support you with. Who are you targeting? What are you helping them with? We will get a clear picture of the person you want to work with or attract as a customer, and figure out where they are and how to draw them into your world. I would get you to go out and actively contact people in your network to start getting yourself seen and known, and get over the fear of putting yourself out there.

Content planning

4. Content creating. Some find it hard, I absolutely love it! Blog articles, Social media posts, email, podcasts, videos… all of those things can be touch points for your audience and powerful marketing tools. Together we will creatively think of content that is aligned with your brand, values, audience and goals, and I will help you see why it can be fun and easy to serve your audience with beautiful and inspiring content in your marketing. I’ll teach you how to get more visible online with the right people.

Constructive feedback

5. I can be strict too! I will give you constructive feedback on your social media output, web copy and any other (written) content, so you keep improving. I am a copywriter with a creative background and will want you to look and sound the part!

Practical training

6. Do you lack any particular skill? I’ll schedule in some tailor-made marketing training. Social Media, email marketing, WordPress websites, copywriting, SEO, Canva… I have a lot of tech knowledge and experience, and I’d be delighted to teach you what you need.

Lead generating

7. And how do you get those leads? How do you sell to people? I will set you challenges to get out of your comfort zone and start selling to your ideal clients. You say you want more clients? We will look at your lead generating strategy, and I will coach you through the sales process!

Mindset work

8. But Nina…I just don’t think I’m good enough… Mindset work is usually a big part of my coaching. Most clients think it’s the skills and knowledge that are lacking, but usually there are other things at play. During my coaching calls I will quickly see if there are stumbling blocks and self-limiting beliefs at play, and I will help you with those by talking, giving you a different point of view, and giving you homework to work on those issues.

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Reviewing and learning

9. Reviewing and adapting. As the weeks progress, we constantly review, learn and adapt. What actions did you take this week/month? What went well? What did you learn? Disappointment is normal in this process, and I am right here to coach you back into the game. Together we will fine-tune your strategy, try out new things and see what works best to get you the results. No business is the same!

Unlimited support by voice message, DM and email

10. And last but not least, as my 1-to-1 client you will have me on your team for 6 months, which means you have unlimited access to me as your private coach via voice messages, email and DMs for quick feedback and ongoing support.

Do you feel drawn to working with me and boost your business and mindset? Send an email to if you want more info or book a free first call.

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