Three things to try when you feel stuck as an entrepreneur

Do you often over-complicate things in your head, start feeling overwhelmed, and then freeze and leave things unfinished? Oh man, if I got a $ for every person I speak to who tells me they have too much chaos in their brain and they feel stuck on their journey… Here are three things to try when you feel stuck.

But first, let’s see if you find yourself doing any of the things below…

1. Thinking you need to have it all 100% sorted, or else you can’t call yourself a ‘proper’ business.

2. Looking at your peers and competitors, and believe that everyone else has it all well organised and meanwhile you are just winging it.

3. Procrastinating, panicking, or you might even consider giving it all up and looking for a job (don’t).

Here is the thing: it doesn’t have to be so hard.
You need a map.

Also…You have done it all before – YOU ARE 100% CAPABLE!

Did you ever plan a holiday trip?
Choosing the destination, creating your itinerary, setting the budget, establishing how to get there? It all started with an exciting idea, you made a to-do-list, and then you made it happen. Right? Did you manage that OK? Or did you freeze and stay home? And even though some bits of the trip were not 100% perfect, that didn’t really matter much, did it? You stuck to the plan, you went, and you were glad you did. Planning your business is the same process. Just stick with it.

things to try when you are feeling stuck
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Things to try when you feel stuck on your journey

Let’s organise your journey!
Grab a notebook, and write down the answers to the questions below. This will help you create a plan for yourself, and know what steps to take.

πŸ– – Your destination

1. Where do you want to go? Be precise, not vague. How many more clients do you want each month? What type of clients? How much income do you want each month? Put some figures down.

πŸ“† – Set a date

2. By when would you like to be there? Set a date for each goal. The end of Summer? The 1st of December?

πŸš€ – Ready, steady…go!

3. Now walk back to today, and see what needs to happen before you can take off.
Where to find that particular client?
Is your content resonating with this person’s reality?
Is your SEO working for you?
What local events will have your ideal client attending?
How can you tap into your existing network?
Could you get some repeat business by emailing previous clients?

What practical things can you do right now to set the wheels in motion?

This is a strategy. Nothing complicated, just making a simple plan for yourself. Try it.

Don’t book too many flights at once
Choose one goal to start with, and work on that. It is less chaotic than trying to travel to two different destinations at once, and you are much more likely to get there.Where to first?

Need a travel agent?
If you would like to sit down with me and get my help and guidance and professional advice, we can totally do this together. We’ll plan your journey, and get you on your way.

How about you and I dive deep for 90 minutes to start off with? (I have helped tons of clients feel better after a Power Session!).

Hi! I’m Nina Eggens, your go-to creative business coach for freelancers and small business owners worldwide. I β€˜get’ your creative brain and the mountain of ideas, the procrastination, but above all, the absolute desire to make a difference. With a practical, no-nonsense approach, I empower passionate individuals like coaches, designers, photographers, teachers, musicians, and therapists to make a meaningful impact and add beauty to the world while earning a living from their talents and craft.

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