My most popular post on Instagram ever

Showing your vulnerability resonates with your audience

I posted on Instagram last week, which I do almost daily. But this time, I had a crazy amount of likes and a long string of comments. I was a little surprised, to say the least. Why this post? How was this so special or unique that it resonated with so many followers?

What became my most popular post on Instagram?


most popular post on instagram

This is what I wrote:

I don’t own a big villa, a big fancy car or any diamonds. I am not making a 6-figure income, let alone 7-figures. Nor did I climb the corporate ladder. My creative businesses were never funded by investors. I never made it to the Forbes rich list. Who needs a business coach who is that unsuccessful? (see the original post here)

So, either people all clicked on my post because they love to see a car crash, or… they liked my post because I was keeping it real, showing some vulnerability.

On a platform like Instagram, there is so much pretence going on, sponsored video after sponsored video. Most of it is BS. A coach on a beach somewhere, telling you that YOU too can earn X amount by doing what they did. And so people fall for this, and then they try to sell the same formula (which then is harder then they expected). It looks like a pyramid scheme sometimes, doesn’t it?

Sorry to be blunt, but you cannot get rich quick, by following any kind of miracle formula, course or gimmick.

Building a good, solid business happens over time, with perseverance, structure, support, and consistency. And that is the kind of business coach I am, helping you create a healthy balance and an income, and keeping it real. My most popular post on Instagram showed exactly that.

People are so fed up with the fakeness of overly confident online coaches. They crave real connection with people they can relate to, and leaders who show them that they, too, are human, and that there is nothing wrong with this. I showed them my human side, and it landed.

most popular post on instagram

Choosing your own path

So yes, I am different from your standard business coach boasting about their 10k months, and their fancy systems that you should buy and try too.

Instead, I stay true to my values. And I teach you to stay true to yours.

I always chose do it my way. To not follow what everyone else is doing. Where everyone goes left, I go right. Because I trust my gut, and listen to my heart.

To feel the fear, and do it anyway. To be brave, to be different. Feel confident to be myself, and make it work.

Wobbles, impostor syndrome, overwhelm, and all. I found a way through it. And I still do, whenever those feelings pop up.

My most popular post on Instagram resonated with many of my followers. I had so many comments on my post from followers, saying:

“Refreshing to hear this from a biz coach!”

“Love this so much, Nina! ❤️ I completely agree!!! Feeling successful living on my terms, my own hours and spending more time with the ones I love… I feel like a millionaire!”

“Love this! 🙌🏼 100% agree with your post! 💕

Because…what is being ‘successful’ in business, anyway?

Who defines that? You define that!

A big bank account? (sure! nice!)

Or getting up in the morning, and feeling excited about the life you created?

Looking back, smiling, and feeling that you f*cking did it? 💪

I make money doing what I love, in a foreign country.

And even though some months are better than others, I created this freedom, and it feels like a million dollars. I am my own boss, not stuck in a 9-5 office job.

My work-life balance is perfect, and it offers me the variety I crave. A loving family, and great friends. On some days I am a cycling tour guide. I paint. Sing in a band. I live in Spain.

I may never make it to the Forbes rich 100 lists, but I am freaking successful in life. A success qualified by ME, not anyone else.

So here is to all you fellow successful, unsung heroes! I salute you, you are making a difference and are showing the way!

You can be successful, in whatever way you want. Keep being you ❤️

PS: I do want you to work with me. My most popular post on Instagram was, of course, ironic. If you want to build your creative business with me, in a sustainable way, without the BS, I’d love to be your coach.

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