Your business is not pointless when the world is on fire

Does anyone need a hug right now?

It was Monday morning, I sat at my desk while staring at my screen, and I felt utterly deflated. What’s the point? I thought. Who still wants my creative coaching services when the world is on fire? When there is a war on our doorstep? I mean, I can think of a few men right now who could really do with some mindset coaching to get back in touch with their hearts… but, seriously. I was probably not the only one feeling like their business suddenly felt completely meaningless in today’s reality.

How can you pick yourself up from feeling this low, and keep going? Should you feel guilty if you do? In this post I want to explore some of the things you may be feeling right now, and how to navigate through all of those emotions as an entrepreneur.

First of all: there have always been wars. For centuries. And in fact, all throughout the 20th century, and up to today, there have been bloody conflicts and injustice around the globe. People are dying. Drones are flying. Bombs are dropped. All the time. It is heartbreaking, and totally pointless. Some conflicts are in the mainstream news, others are not. This current European one is very much in our face, and it scares the hell out everyone, myself included. Second of all: in times of war, the propaganda machines on both sides work overtime to stir up the hatred for the ‘other’, and rally round the troops. Please be aware of what you read and share on social media – stay curious, ask questions, read up on history. There is always more to it than either side will want you to believe. I don’t know half of the facts. Do you?

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Silly reels in times of war: what is wisdom?

Now back to our own emotions. You may feel scared about the future, or you may feel depressed about the state of the world. You may feel heart broken about civilians being killed. You may feel afraid that it could affect you and your family too, this war, economically, or even physically. And what will happen to the financial system? Inflation, food shortage, poverty? All these big questions. And we’ve only just come out of a pandemic (are we out of it? I am lost on this one, the headlines have all changed – where has Covid gone?). On with the next thing. No rest for the wicked.

So here we are. We have built our little empires with blood sweat and tears, we are selling products and services, and we need to keep on top of the marketing. You may have scheduled a whole heap of fun social media posts for the month…you were planning to go live about your exciting next event…but it just doesn’t feel right, does it? How can you be all chirpy and talk about stuff as if nothing is happening? People may think you are an ignorant, careless being. But you are not. And you are not alone in this. We all feel confused about what is right. Still, there is a thing to remember when you feel like you can’t keep going on as normal:

You know what types of businesses keep going in times like these? Arms dealers, banks, contractors, and anyone else profiting from war. Do you think they feel guilty about producing, selling, or shipping weapons, knowing they are actually going to be used to kill? Why should we feel guilty selling something that heals people instead? Should we stop helping people, and stop making the world a better place?

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Your creative business is needed right now

If we stop doing what we are doing, because we feel guilty about talking about our ‘futile’ products, then we are doing neither the world nor ourselves a service. I mean, is a bomb less futile and more important than a creative coaching program? I think not. How will the world become a better place, if we all stop doing what we love? If we stop growing our businesses?

We should never stop doing the inner work because of too much going on in the outside world. This too shall pass.

We can show our support to people in need, raise or send funds, pray for victims, anywhere in the world, at all times. And, let’s face it, Ukraine is not the only place in turmoil today; we can all think of places where bombs are dropped and children die. This is not a new phenomenon. Headlines draw attention. And right now, it’s Eastern Europe. In a country that has been in trouble since 2014.

We won’t be able to stop those world leaders fighting over global power, economic resources, and, basically, arguing about who’s got the biggest d*ck. Excuse my language. A flag on our profile picture will not change a single thing, with all the best intentions. But while these big bullies are playing dangerous games in their playground, each one of us, with our creative sparks and our beautiful souls, should continue to make a difference. Be seen. Be heard. Make a difference to someone else’s life, to our local economy, to our online and offline communities. Creating the snowball effect. Unraveling the tapestry of nonsense, one thread at the time.

As creative, critical thinkers we are a global movement, creating change and a wave of goodness and compassion. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but we are. All of my current and future clients, artists, designers, coaches, healers, musicians, retreat owners and event organisers; you are a force for positive, healthy change and evolution. A rose-tinted, naive view, you say? Well, perhaps, but what is the alternative?

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The small things you can do to keep going

Life is much bigger than this anxiety and dread we are feeling; the threat of danger, the reality of war, and, let’s not forget, the keyboard warriors with the opposite views. When it all feels too much, connect to the heart. Breathe, meditate for a moment, light a candle. You are here in this life to do good. To teach, to help, to serve, to create. And you are also allowed to feel sad. It means you have a heart. But keep going.

What other things can you do, when you feel like there is no point?

  • Finish a small task on your to-do-list. One step at the time. Snails reach their destination too.
  • Go for a coffee with a friend. Talk, connect, laugh, cry. Shared pain is halved pain.
  • Hook up with a fellow entrepreneur and cook up some ideas for future collaboration to spark creative joy again.
  • Write, paint, dance, sing. Express yourself creatively. Out of the head, into the heart. Feel free. The best artworks and songs were created from feeling miserable!
  • If you feel like giving back, then look for ways to support a good cause, by donating some of your profits or giving to charity.
  • Go outside, connect with nature, and open your eyes to your current reality and living environment. What does it feel like? Has it changed?
  • STOP WATCHING THE 24/7 NEWS, or constantly scrolling on social media. It is draining and not needed. Remember when we only used to watch the 8 o’clock news? You don’t need constant repeat messages of fear, every 5 minutes. These channels are propaganda tools.
  • Don’t live online all day. Keep your body and mind healthy.

PS: If you want to get some uplifting, but very sharp pep talk about life and the world right now, follow Toni Nagy. I discovered her recently, and she is my new favourite Insta account.

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