Why sharing your core values will attract your ideal client

What are your core values? Do you know what they are?

What are core values anyway? Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or business. These guiding principles have an influence on how you live your life, how you behave in certain circumstances, and how you do business. Core values also help entrepreneurs to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals. Core values keep you straight. In this post I will explain a bit about the importance of knowing your values and how sharing those in your marketing can help you attract your ideal client.

What are examples of core values?

The list below shows examples of core values you may have as a person. Which ones resonate with you? And which ones do you feel also apply to how you do business?

  • adventurous
  • authenticity
  • commitment
  • compassion
  • concern for others
  • consistency
  • courage
  • dependability
  • enthusiasm
  • fearlessness
  • friendliness
  • good humour
  • honesty
  • honour
  • independence
  • integrity
  • kindness
  • loyalty
  • open-mindedness
  • optimism
  • perseverance
  • pragmatism
  • positivity
  • reliability
  • respect
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How do these core values for a guide for your business?

Now you may have written down ‘friendliness’, ‘loyalty’ and ‘reliability’ as values you feel are really you. These are values you can easily see as applicable for a business too. But what about ‘open-mindedness’, ‘fearlessness’, and ‘authenticity’? If you go a bit deeper, you’ll find that some of these values may also really apply to you as a person. Do you still feel these values are carried out in your business?

The reason I am asking these questions is, that I am a strong believer in authenticity, honesty and living soulfully, or close to your own truth.

However, all too often you see entrepreneurs getting a bit lost on their journey of building their business. They suffer from shiny-object syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, compare themselves to others and they try and copy them because they think that will give them the same results. In other words: they are not using their own personal core values as their guide. And what happens next, is that they lose hope, become frustrated, feel they are not good enough, and – sometimes – even give up.

Because you can’t pretend you are someone you are not. And you are enough. So stick to your own great core values!

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Your personal brand is all about values

Staying true to those core values, therefore, is important. Not just to keep yourself happy and confident in yourself, but also to align your business to who you truly are and want to share as a brand. If your brand is you, you have no other option than to understand your core values, and build your business around them. If you want to build trust with your audience, and get them to join your tribe, you need to be transparent and share those values of yours. Not hide them, because you think they are somehow not ‘professional’ enough (adventurous, humour), too ‘soft’ (kindness, integrity), ‘too much’ (enthusiasm, optimism, fearlessness), etc. Authentic marketing means showing your true spirit.

But what if clients don’t like my core values?

If you are scared that by sharing your personal values, and being a little vulnerable in your marketing, will put off your audience, then…who is your audience? Are those people who you want to attract and work with, or do you in fact, have to rethink who your ideal client actually is?

If you are a service-based business, like a coach, a designer or a photographer, for example, you want to attract clients you enjoy working with. Who you can have a pleasant working relationship with. Especially if you embark on a 12-week programme or a big project together. If your audience does not see who you really are and what you stand for, then they may be in for a surprise when the real work starts!

Don’t you think it would be much better that clients choose to work with you because they are drawn to you as a professional, like your personality, understand what your core values are, AND love the quality of your work?

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How do you use core values in your marketing?

So now you know what core values are, how do you use them as a guide in your business? The best thing is, to not give it too much thought, and just be yourself. If you show up as your own lovely personality, with all your quirks and personality traits, and you are clear on your message, your core values will be visible and noticable. If you are a naturally kind and friendly person, this will shine through in your live videos. If you have a great sense of humour, your social media posts will likely be very entertaining, and still be relevant to your business. If you always give a little pep talk in your Facebook group on a Monday morning, people will know you are pretty reliable. You see what I mean?

What are my own core values? Creativity is a huge one for me. Creativity is my fuel, and I wouldn’t know how else to run a business than in my own, unique, creative way.

Freedom comes close second, especially in my personal life (but as a business coach this will automatically help me spur on my clients to become financially independent and make their dreams come true). Concern for helping others is another important value, as I care deeply for others. And then there are positivity, open-mindedness and honesty. My live videos, my social media content as well as my blog posts all carry these core values. I don’t pretend. I just want to serve. What you see is what you get!

What are your core values?

If you want to spend a productive hour with me brainstorming about your own core values, how to align your business to them, and where to go next – my Power Hours are great for this. Motivation and fresh ideas guaranteed. You can book them here.

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