When is a good time to invest in your business?

You want to be taken seriously, and grow as an entrepreneur. You know you need support, better software, a new website, someone to do the admin. You are tired of struggling and looking like an amateur. But it means investing, and you know you have other bills to pay. You want to, but you feel you can’t. When is it a good time to invest in your business? Do you wait until you have enough clients? Or when your income reaches a certain level? Today? Next year? Is there ever a good time? And why does it feel so scary?

Let me tell you something: investing in your business is scary. For you, for me, for everyone. There will always be bills to pay, expenses to cover, or other reasons that might make justifying your investment difficult. There is never a perfect time. And will you get a good return on that investment? Who knows. However, more often than not, it is 100% worth it, and not just financially. It helps us to grow into the person we are here to be.

Investing can be scary but also very exciting.

 I invested my first $2500 in November 2020, when I hadn’t even launched my current coaching business yet. In the middle of the pandemic, I felt at a crossroads and wasn’t sure what to focus on next. While figuring out what direction to go in, I stumbled on a business coach online who was offering a group programme, and I was drawn to her no-nonsense approach, her energy, her content, and her offer, and I felt a strong ‘yes’ to sign up.

It was the biggest amount I had ever spent on professional development out of my own pocket. It was scary. Did I earn it back? Not immediately, but had I not done it, I wouldn’t have become who I am today. I felt such a strong pull, not knowing exactly why, but I jumped into the deep end and took the risk. It was the start of a very exciting journey.

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Propelling forward and earning back the investment

I stepped into a whole new world, learnt new skills, and I discovered who I wanted to serve, and why. I worked on my marketing message, started growing my following online, and created my first offer. Within four months, while still only having a very small audience, I launched a group programme, enrolling four participants, and made my first $1500. 
What a boost!

Next, I stumbled upon another online business coach, and signed up to her membership. It provided me with a supportive community, accountability, inspiring group sessions, and most of all, valuable contacts. During that time, I booked my first high ticket 1-to-1 coaching client, just five months after launching my business. I was thrilled! In the months that followed, I booked another two, and earned back my investment, and much more.

That same year, in 2021, I invested a whopping $10k in my first 1-to-1 business coach. I nearly died at the thought of spending that much money, but the pull was so strong, that I bit the bullet and signed. Did I earn it back straight away? Absolutely not. But boy, did she transform my mindset, my confidence, and my outlook on life and as an entrepreneur. I am eternally grateful for meeting her. It definitely was meant to happen.

Delayed return on investment

The thing is, the real return on investment often comes much later. The mindset shifts, ideas and suggestions I got in 2021 are still trickling down to this day. 

Since then, I have invested in more coaches, brand photos, better software and platforms, and each payment is scary. Will it be worth it? Will it improve my business? However, the investments have helped me to grow, to learn and to move forward at a consistent pace.

When you feel passionate and you have a vision, investing is part of the journey. You cannot create a successful business without support. Investing might be scary, but it also means taking yourself and your vision seriously.

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From pocket money to earning a full-time income

I started my coaching business exactly three years ago and I am now signing a steady stream of clients each month. It is safe to say that my investments have paid off. Without them, I would still be wondering what to do, or doing things as a little side hustle, only earning pocket money.

I invested money when I didn’t even have clients yet. But I wanted to give it a go. Spending those first $2500 made me take my business idea seriously, and gave me full motivation to commit to the work I had to do to earn that money back. It was like a stick to kick me into action. 

And of course, you may not have a couple of grand to invest. But you can start small. Upgrade to a business account on Canva. Pay for an online training. Spend a few hundred on professional photos for your website. All of these things are steps forward, and do wonders for your mindset as an entrepreneur, and for your confidence. It all helps, and all of these things form stones that build the road to success.

I work with many different clients, some of whom are ready to invest in my 6-month 1-to-1 programme (with a monthly payment plan). Others prefer to sign up for 3 months to start with, with the option to exit or continue after that. And then there are people who are happier to first book a one-off 90 minute Power Session to kick off their journey. I serve all of them with equal passion and dedication.

Having gone through these various steps and levels of investment myself, I fully understand my clients and the fear they may feel about spending money on coaching. And I may not be the right fit for you as a coach! There are many others out there. But if you feel drawn to my energy and what I share, perhaps it is time to connect. 

Book a free no-obligation call with me, and we will talk about the options that may suit you best. You are 100% safe with me, I am allergic to pushy sales tactics.

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