Do manifestation techniques work?

Manifesting…you have probably come across this topic. Perhaps you have even got some books on the shelf about manifestation and how to get everything you want in life. Were they worth the read? There are numerous coaches online selling manifestation courses and masterclasses to speed up the process. I wrote a blog post about manifestation two years ago. It is, quite frankly, a very popular tool in the entrepreneurial sphere. We are all looking for those magic tools to speed up the road to success. But do manifestion techniques work? And if so, how?

To give you a quick answer: yes, they do work.
The longer answer: it does require a bit (or lots) of work and practice.

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do manifestation techniques work?
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How to make manifestation techniques work

Whether it’s a book, a coach or a masterclass on manifesting your dreams, they all say the same thing: have a crystal clear picture of what it is that you want in life, and keep repeating it to yourself, with affirmations, vision boards, etc. Feed that message to your subconscious until your subconscious believes it is already true.

The thing is, you can journal, use affirmations, imagine, feed your subconscious, and pray to the Universe until you see blue in the face, but you still end up with very little.

What’s the trick, then?

ACTION, baby.

And this is where it all becomes very down-to-earth and practical again: to manifest your wildest dreams, you got to get off your butt. Nothing woo-woo about that part.

Basically: all the prep work helps, and the universe will send all the right people and opportunities your way…but first you must get out the door and tell the world about your business and what you need. It really is a joined venture.

And this is where most people give up. VISIBILITY!

They buy a book on manifestation, sit on the sofa with a nice cozy cup of tea, and journal to their heart’s content. And then they ‘let go’ (because that is part of the process), and they expect miracles to happen (and then feel deflated when they don’t – saying‘see, it’s all rubbish woo-woo stuff, it doesn’t work’).

do manifestation techniques work
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Making miracles happen

Miracles certainly DO happen. But you need to play an active role in it. You are the star actor in your movie! You cannot hide under a blanket in the comfort of your own home, and expect your small business to thrive.

For some introverts, this is their worst nightmare. Social media? Ugh. Videos? No way. Networking events? Hate them. Actually SPEAKING to strangers? Oh my god.

But you know what? Even the extroverts among the entrepreneurs will have gone through those wobbles. They are natural wobbles of growth, and you are totally capable to overcome them.

How much do you want a successful business that gives you the income you need and dream of? So you can leave your 9-5 for good, 100% focus on your passion, and become the amazing entrepreneur that is already inside of you, waiting to shine?

So do manifestation techniques work? Absolutely. But you need to accept all parts of the deal, and take responsibility for your own success. As a coach, I can help you manifest your dreams. We can do this together, you don’t need to do this all alone. We can create that clear picture, and start setting the wheels in motion. You’ll have me as your supportive buddy, while I gently and safely push you out of your comfort zone.

Fancy that?

Call me.
I may have some availability right now for ambitious people who would like to work with me 1:1 for three or six months. Or perhaps you’d like to just brainstorm about inspired actions during a one-off Power Session. I am here.

Keep dreaming big; it is all possible for you.

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