How Woo are You? Weaving magic into your business

How spirituality and developing your intuition can help you achieve what you want

Some business coaches are all straight-talking money-focused 6-figure-earning gurus. Others grow their business in a more gentle, organic and authentic way. I fall in the last category. I am a go-getter, and a practical, solution-focused business owner, for sure, but at the same time, I am an empathic human and I believe there is more to life than just earning the cold hard cash. I have always been interested in spirituality, and I try daily to find ways to utilise my intuition to improve my work and private life. I practice Reiki. I always carry a rose quartz crystal. I am also great at helping clients with their marketing strategy. Yep. It’s all me. How about you? How ‘woo’ are you?

Do you listen to your gut instinct when making decisions? Do you set intentions when starting your day, or when going into an important meeting? Do you sit quietly sometimes, and connect to your heart space?

The magical mystery machine

Even if you are not a very spiritual person, you will recognise those moments when suddenly having a very strong feeling to do something, without knowing exactly why, or thinking about someone and then they suddenly call you. This is your subconscious at work, your magical mystery machine, which is always working in the back office of your brain, and guides you through life without you even being aware of it. And that unique, personal computer is very receptive to thoughts coming from the conscious brain. The more you develop your awareness around this, the more you will start seeing how you can truly influence your whole life.

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“What you focus on becomes your reality” is therefore an key thing to remember, if you want to change your life and improve your business.

If you keep feeding your subconscious with positive messages, it will listen and you will end up attracting more of what you want. If you only ever expect disaster, debt and disappointment, you will see and experience exactly that in life. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Of course, it takes a bit more than saying out loud:”I want to earn 10k a month!”. Developing your awareness, and realising the full power of your mind, does not happen overnight. The essential ingredient in making full use of it, is to also fully believing in the possibility of what you wish for. And this is where it gets hard. How many of you struggle with money mindset issues? Limiting self-beliefs?

You can manifest yourself silly and wishing for miracles to happen, but if you deep down believe that you’re never going to make any good money, and don’t have what it takes, you can pray ’till the cows come home.

There are a lot of books and podcasts about manifestation out there right now in the business sphere. If you have to believe the experts, you can basically manifest everything. And, in a way, this is true, but don’t buy into all the shiny programmes and courses that promise you that with their teachings you’ll be rich tomorrow. All you need to do is repeat your affirmations at bedtime, and the manifestation will appear, right? Nope. Also, to be quite honest, using the art of manifestation (or the power of the mind) to just make money, feels very soulless to me.

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Taking inspired actions

I know first hand that intention-setting, working on your inner self, getting rid of old baggage that no longer serve you, and then becoming crystal clear in asking for what you want in life, really works. I have experienced manifestation on numerous occasions. But only at times when I was in the flow, very focused on what I wanted, and was taking inspired actions. I am very aware that a tired brain, an exhausted body, and some loosely formulated affirmations are not going to cut it.

Ask the universe for what you want, and really feel it deeply as if it is already happening, and things will shift. It is the law of attraction. Energy and information. Quantum physics. And the wonderful workings of your mind.

Inspired actions can mean anything that will help you put the wheels in motion. Maybe this is as simple as clearing your desk or decluttering your office to symbolically make space for new clients and projects. It can also mean practicing self-care, and creating healthy routines for yourself to keep your energy levels up. Anything that will help you get closer to your goal. Set your intentions when you start, about what you are hoping to achieve by doing this, and the effect will not only be visible because of your own actions, but a seed will also be planted in your subconscious to tell the universe that you are ready for more positive changes.

Journaling as a mindset tool

What are other things you can do to weave in a little magic into your business? I journal a lot. Now I am a writer, so words flow out of my fingers pretty easily, but you could of course draw instead, make collages, or only use short phrases, bullet point lists and affirmations to make things clearer for yourself. I try and write down daily how my day went, or maybe a short paragraph of something that I am going through / working on / struggling with at that moment. The sheer fact of getting off your chest and onto paper, helps to put things in perspective, or see it in a different light.

A little ‘sacred’ space just for you

If you feel you easily lose the plot when working, and feeling overwhelmed, you could create a special corner in your home (maybe in your bedroom), where you can sit quietly for a short (or longer) while each day, and get out of your head and reconnect with your heart. Light a candle, close your eyes, do some deep belly breathing, focus on your intentions and wishes for yourself and your work. Perhaps pull a card from your card deck to give you some guidance, if you have one (I love mine!). You could also listen to a short meditation or some gentle music to calm you down.

Make it into a habit to sit here first thing i the morning, or for example at the end of your working day, before the kids come home from school, so you are more present when they arrive. If you do this often enough, you’ll start looking forward to your mini break at home. Self-care at its finest!

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Getting out of your head (because, man, it is busy up there!)

As business owners we live in our heads so much, overthinking, rationalising, and we forget how healing and relaxing it feels to find our heart space. I know I may sound like a complete hippie by now, but I struggled for so long thinking too much instead of feeling, and it wore me out. Only being rational and not actually being in the rest of my body. Once I changed my habits (not easy) and shed some of the stresses I had built up over the years, I was able to slow down, became less irritable, and also became more aligned with who I truly am – not who I thought I should be. I literally found more space inside to deal with the pressures of life.

Being in your heart instead of your head not only feels good, it also helps you to feel more compassionate and understanding when working with clients. So all this spirituality is paying off in the long run.

The truth is, you can be as ‘woo’ as you want.

Some people find going to a yin yoga class quite a stretch, others find themselves indulging more and more in the wonders that life and spirituality have to offer and how this can help them grow as a person AND as a business owner. It is different for everyone. I love finding out more about how my mind works, and how I can use my subconscious to help me improve myself, as well as trust more in the process. Sometimes we are so occupied by all the things that are happening on the surface, while in fact the key to lasting success lies below all that and is waiting for you to discover. It’s up to us to decide whether we dive in or not, but in my opinion, it is well worth it.

Does this resonate with you?

As a creative business coach I help you attract more clients, but also weave in mindset work. I can even pull out my card deck for you, if you’re keen 😉
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