How to have great sales calls

Do you hate selling? Are you nervous about calls with potential new clients? Do you hate ‘bothering’ people with your offer? Whether you are a coach or a designer, selling your offers are part of your business. So you NEED as many of those leads and calls as possible. Only…if you are not a natural seller, they can make your stomach sore. In this post, I will share some insights on how to have great sales calls. Insights on effective conversations on such calls, the power of authenticity, and a refreshing approach to sales calls that will help you not only enjoy them but also build genuine relationships with potential new clients.

First: stop talking so much

I used to break out in sweat when someone booked a call with me, back when I first launched my coaching business. I’d be so nervous, I would end up talking WAY too much about all the features and benefits of my offer, overwhelming the person on the other end, which then resulted in them saying: “OK….thanks. Let me have a think about it.” And then, of course, I had scared them away, and they never got back.

I also hated dropping the price into the conversation, usually postponing it till the very end, and then quickly talking over it again, or even offering discounts straight away. Not effective at all, and I was certainly not showing up with confidence. I’d be afraid they would say no because of the price, and I genuinely felt like I was an imposter. Do I see your head nodding?

Seriously, there have been so many times when I thought, “I am not good at this selling sh*t, nobody buys from me, I should just quit. Why do I even bother?”

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Authenticity: The Key to Building Trust

So how should you be having great sales calls, then? And what has changed things around for me? (I didn’t quit, you see!)

➜ Breathe, for a start.

Believe in your skills, your worth, your authority. They called YOU. They chose YOU because you caught their attention, and already convinced them with your content that you were worth booking a call with! You are halfway there! Stop trying so hard.

➜ Now all you have to do, is be your authentic self, and have a normal conversation in which you listen, and try and help as best as you can. They want to see if they can trust you, and whether they feel a ‘click’. Do not bombard them with info.

➜ Let them do the talking. They need a problem solved, and they want to be heard by someone who cares about their business. Ask questions. Be empathetic. Repeat back to show that you have understood the issue.

Selling as Helping: A Mindset Shift

➜ Imagine sales calls as opportunities to help and serve your potential clients, rather than mere transactions. By adopting a mindset of assisting, listening, and problem-solving, you can approach these calls with less nerves and more joy.

Nowadays, I look forward to my calls. Yay! A conversation with a new person! I am open, and trust that the right client will say yes, and others say no. My approach is centered around active listening, understanding their unique challenges, and discovering how I can genuinely help them overcome these obstacles.

➜ I firmly believe that showing up as a helper, makes selling easier. The person booked a call because they need help. They know it is not going to be for free, all they want to find out is if you are the right person to work with.

Does this make sense? Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule a call with me (no pressure). I’m here to support you every step of the way.

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