About AI, Chatgpt and authentic marketing

How on earth do you navigate through this as a soulful business?

Suddenly it is everywhere. AI. Chatgpt, robots, out-of-this-world virtual technology. I don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed by it all. Scared, even. It is not because I am a technophobe, I am not, but I am trying to navigate through the mountain of information while still staying true to my values. I am an authentic marketing coach. But how authentic are AI and Chatgpt? This is my take on AI, Chatgpt and authentic marketing.

What is still real…and human? How can we do this? Do we ignore it? Embrace it? And how? Have you got an opinion about it?

One of my good friends explained AI to me last week. He is an industrial designer, and VERY excited about AI. I asked him why. This is what he said:

“AI will not replace us, it will help us as small businesses. See it as having a very smart, fast learning intern. You will still need to supervise them, but they are amazingly fast at picking things up. You will still need to feed them information, correct them, and help them get better at their job, but they will become your trusted sidekick. The workload gets lighter. But AI is nothing without human input and guidance, and we should have fun with it, not be scared of it.”

AI, Chatgpt and authentic marketing
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AI, Chatgpt and authentic marketing both need humans

I thought my friend explained it well, and it made me realise that AI should not be ignored, nor feared.

I spoke to another friend this week, a fellow coach, who is working on a new platform to help entrepreneurs on their learning journey into the new technologies available to us. He invited me as a keynote speaker, not to talk about AI (which I still know very little about), but to talk about staying authentic in the process.

Because it is all too easy to loose ourselves in the next hype, the next algorithm trick, the next magic ‘get client’ formula advocated by a big name. We so often loose ourselves copying what others do, out of FOMO. Feel if we don’t jump onto the band wagon, we miss a trick, we stay behind.

We feel stressed out, not good enough, and we become paralysed.

But things change so fast, it is impossible to constantly keep up with the next trend. Therefore, it is vital that you stay true to yourself, and stay calm in the storm. Constantly check in with your values, and why you are doing what you do. You are doing just fine. You survived without AI. Now perhaps, in the next few years, it could get better. You will get to love your new intern.

AI, Chatgpt and authentic marketing
Photo by Jopwell on Pexels.com

AI is not a trend, it is here to stay.

In the 1990s people thought the internet was a passing trend. Yup.

So we will not be able to ignore it, and it will be part of our business sooner or later. The important thing is, to stay human, and humble. To stay curious, and open. And to stay authentic, and real.

In a world which is becoming more and more run by technology, real people crave real humans. We can offer them that real connection.

So when you are using Chatgpt for a blog post, see it as if the intern has written it. They did an OK job, but they didn’t quite nail the tone of voice, they didn’t quite express your point of view right, and missed out including your passion, and your sense of humour the way you would. So you go over it with a red pen.

Add your unique sauce to AI. Your human touch. So that your clients will ‘feel’ your presence and ‘hear’ your authentic voice. This is when AI, Chatgpt and authentic marketing become a great team.

And trust in yourself. You have faced plenty of hurdles and climbed plenty of mountains to get where you are today. You can do this too. In your own time.

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