Coaching for creatives and why this is a good fit

Why one business coach is not like the other

You definitely fit in the box ‘creative’, people call you a creative , and you have just launched your small creative business. That doesn’t mean you are an artist or a designer per se; most solo entrepreneurs and small business owners are creative beings by default. But you are a go-getter, and your brain has come up with unique ideas. Now you have realised you need help, perhaps a small business mentor, to get your business off to a good start. But when you type in ‘business coach’ in Google…you drown in the results, and none of them resonate. You need someone who ‘gets’ you. Not some fancy pants millionaire in a Gucci outfit. Coaching for creatives, that’s what you want. What makes this different?

Before I became a coach, I worked in the creative industries ever since I graduated from Uni with a Masters in Art History, in 2002. I have been an editor, a PR manager, and a marketing consultant for numerous creative businesses who wanted to increase their sales.

Also, I have always been a creative myself. I am a singer-songwriter. A painter. I give creative workshops. To add to this eclectic mix, I set up a physical vintage furniture shop for four years when I became a mother, and didn’t want to go back to a 9-5 job. How many business coaches have you come across who have a CV like that?

Helping your small creative business fly

I ‘get’ creatives, and small creative businesses who launch with a passion, but get stuck on the way.

Just because you know how to help and heal people, or create amazing things, doesn’t mean you are also a star at marketing. Marketing is not rocket science, but if you’ve never done it, then it is a big leap out of your comfort zone.

So many things to learn, so many wobbly moments when you post something online, or create your first ever reel. And then there is the impostor syndrome.

Coaching for creatives can help you feel more confident as a new entrepreneur, and owner of a small business. Many business coaches have come from a corporate career, and while some of their skills are definitely useful, they lack an understanding of how creatives work. The chaos in their brain, the procrastination, the lack in confidence when it comes to showing up as a leader. I have had clients who had worked with a more sales-y business coach teaching them systems that were not aligned at all with their type of business.

Coaching for creatives and finding your joyful purpose

Coaching for creatives, however, does not mean I don’t look at income goals and sales strategies. Of course I do. I want to you to earn money doing what you love! But making money is not my sole focus as a coach for freelancers and small businesses. I prefer to offer a more holistic programme of business and marketing planning, in combination with mindset, inner work and looking at your core values.

Above all, I want you to discover where the joy lies. Often, we create our goals and strategies around expectations that are based on old habits, or what we see other people do. What do you want? Coaching for creatives with me means we will be diving deeper than just a marketing plan and selling offers.

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Authentic marketing vs. the hard sell

Sales calls, handling objections, pushy marketing. If you are looking for this kind of support and training, click away. My way of coaching for creatives is based on authentic marketing, and staying true to my values. I am not a commercial type, I do not come from a corporate sales background. But I have no problem selling my offers. How? Because I am just being myself. I love my offers, I am a good listener, and I serve. I am confident in showing up, I have years of experience and expertise, and I know how to help my clients. On a call, I am honest and transparent. I never push. I trust my abilities, my personality, and the process. That’s it. You can do this too. The right people always say yes.

I teach my clients how to step into their own power, and sell with ease. To look at marketing as a creative outlet, and to serve your audience with joy. To build a personal brand that resonates with the right people. And to attract ideal clients with strong content that helps them decide even before they book a call.

From wardrobe stylists to health coaches

My clients range from artists to coaches, and from creative directors to event organisers. What they all have in common, is that they work alone, or with a tiny team. They have a passion, and they want to make it work. I help them create an actionable game plan, and offers they are excited about selling. Together, we identify their ideal client, and understand how to find them. I help them fine-tune a crystal clear message that is the best elevator speech ever.

Does this sound like music to your ears?

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