Creating a sustainable business, how?

The ingredients for keeping that steady pace

“I want to leave my boring job, I want to earn six figures, I want to have enough clients to pay the bills, I want to have a successful business.” Clients come to me all the time with these wishes, like I’m Aladin. But I love their passion, and their grit. They feel such fire in their belly, they yearn for financial and creative freedom, and they think they know what they need: a business coach who will get them to their clear end goals. Just, how clear is this goal? And whose goal is it, really? Have you asked your heart, what it wants deep down? Or is your rational mind doing all the talking? I want to discuss the importance of creating a sustainable business with you today.

A sustainable business? Is that not something eco, green and organic?

Nope, let’s get the definition of sustainable clear here, first. Sustainable means helping you create a maintainable business, in my work as a coach.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a race (you’ve heard it before), and so, if you dive in and want to give this a really good go, you need to be ready for the long run.

And to finish that marathon, you got to maintain a steady, consistent speed, and have clarity on what you aim for. Or else you burn yourself out, loose interest, or pack it in before you’ve even had your first client.

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How to create a sustainable business

When we work together, I want this for my clients:

I want you to choose joy over some vague desire for six figures, defined by your peers or expectations that are not your own.

I want you to be clear on your core values. If you don’t have a joyful purpose, then this business will not fly, or at least not for long. And then what will you do?

So how can you create a good, solid business that is fully aligned with who you are?

It is important that you choose a business that you’ll stick with, and feel excited about in years to come. You are going to spend a lot of time building and growing it. And although your business idea does not have to be perfect to start off with (it won’t be – it’s OK!), there are some things I suggest you start doing.

1. Know yourself. And get to know yourself even better.
Do the inner work. Face your demons. Get intimate with your shadow self. Find your power. Entrepreneurship is as much about personal development as it is about business and marketing.

2. Have a structure to your week.

At least, a little bit (I see you, creative brain that gets easily distracted!). It will keep your mind clear, and stress-free. Set a timer, and really focus for an hour or two on finishing that one task. You’ll feel better, I promise. Having a structure to your week is essential to creating a sustainable business.

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3. Foundation blocks.
Have a plan.
Know your audience.
Know your message.
Have one or two clear offers.
And make yourself and your business visible. Show up, online, offline, wherever your ideal client hangs out. Have a website that immediately resonates with your target audience. Make videos, write blog posts, give a talk somewhere.

4. And also: have a support network.
No man is an island. Creating a sustainable business means you need people around you for mental support, practical help, and guidance on your business efforts. Your partner, your family and friends. A mentor. A mastermind group. A fellow entrepreneur in the neighbourhood who you can have a coffee with sometimes. A business owner who knows absolutely everyone, and is a great connector. Tap into your network, and grow it.

Building a sustainable, maintainable business, is all of those things. And then I haven’t even mentioned the financial part.

5. The transition

Growing a business from scratch often also means you transition into entrepreneurship, rather than leave your day job, burn all your bridges, and freak yourself out six months later when you discover it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

Keeping one leg in employment while launching creating your sustainable business, is normal. You will know when the time is right to say goodbye to it. So don’t feel any shame if you need to stack shelves, work in a bar, or deliver parcels, if that still keeps you afloat right now.

You have a dream, and you will manifest it. I believe in you.

Keep running at that steady pace.
I am here if you need me.

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