Three tips to improve your copy to attract more clients

From bland to bold: this is how to make your copy come alive!

Copywriting is something many find tricky. In fact, most people find it quite hard. If this is you, don’t feel ashamed, for you are not alone. Being an entrepreneur does not automatically make you a great writer too. But it is a skill that can become the golden tool in your marketing. Because, while you can have incredible business ideas, if you don’t know how to put them into words, and tap into the needs of your customers…your message gets lost in a jumble of sentences that completely miss their target. Here are three tips to improve your copy and captions for your business.

It is KEY to build trust, and get your message across to potential clients. Now, you could outsource all of your copywriting. But, in my experience, it really pays off when you have the ability to write your own story.

Here are three tips to improve your copy right now.

1. Use your senses to bring the story alive

The best and most captivating copy often includes storytelling. When you share your message, this amplifies when you use examples, and when you include the senses. That is how you make your copy come alive!

I helped one of my clients this week to improve her copy for her email sequence. She is a mindfulness coach, and she was trying to explain in her emails how she helps her own clients. But reading her email copy, it just didn’t capture me at all.

It was generic, nothing jumped out, and it was too plain. How would her ideal clients get excited about working with her, if her wording was not alive?

She had written this in one of her emails, in which she was encouraging the reader to start a new habit (worrying less):

Sometimes trying new things can be difficult because we are just SO busy and it can feel that we don’t have any capacity to add something else to the list.

What helps me when I’m feeling like this, is to decide a specific time and place that I’m going to do something. I add a reminder in my phone and regardless of what I’m doing when the alarm goes off I’ll pause for a moment to try it out.

Time is a funny thing. Our experience of it changes when we start to look at it differently. This is one of the things I talk about so you’ll get more resources on this down the line. But it’s definitely worth considering what can be shaved down from your list….. 

Now, what is wrong with that, you might say?

To me, it lacked feeling, excitement, hope, and words that make me feel like she is REALLY understanding my situation.

To resonate with your ideal client, you’ve got to crawl into their mind, put yourself in their shoes, and describe their situation in great detail. Of course, not all clients are in the same situation, but overall, you probably find that most of them struggle with similar emotions and feelings – which is what you help them with. When you describe one client’s current situation, you’ll likely find a whole lot of other heads nodding along.

Basically, your reader wants to feel heard.

They want to be seen, and understood.

If you keep using generic language, vague words, and some overly used jargon from your industry, people will glaze over, and click away.

Talk directly to them in your copy.

tips to improve your copy
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2. Use examples to improve your copy

I suggested to my client to improve her writing, using much more specific wording, and expressing the feelings her reader might be having right now. When using the word ‘overwhelm’, what does this actually look like, smell like, feel like, in someone’s life? Use examples, and describe the emotions, so you show that you really understand what life must be like for your potential client. And give the reader hope by using words to spark the imagination of what a better, more joyful life would look and feel like after working with you (or whatever transformation you offer in your business).

I have put these changes in bold.

Sometimes introducing new healthy habits in your life can be difficult, because you are so stuck in the rat race, right? Every day you are on the same treadmill: the work commute, a day in the office, household chores, family commitments. Another day, another week goes by. You are so tired of it. You want change.

When do you ever have time for yourself? It’s not that you don’t want to try out new things…but finding the time and energy for it, is hard.

I see you and I hear you, (insert name).

What helps me when I’m feeling like this, is to pick a specific time and place to work on a new habit. I set a reminder in my phone, and regardless of what I’m doing when the alarm goes off, I’ll focus on working on this healthy habit. Just 5 minutes. Baby steps. Keep it small.

Time is a funny thing. You may feel so burnt out and overwhelmed by your busy life. But when you learn to look at life differently…it can feel so much lighter. The heaviness goes, you can smile again. This is one of the most powerful things I help my clients with, and I will share more tips and resources with you down the line.

If you want to start looking at life with more joy again, I am here for you.
Just book a call (link).

3. Make sure your copy is easy to scan

Your reader will not hang around for long, so grab their attention while it’s hot. How? By making your copy easy to scan. Punchy title, and draw them in with a boldor a question.

You do this by having a clear header, and sub titles that break the text up into topics. Also, use plenty of white lines, to let the text ‘breathe’. So many people I see writing great long paragraphs, and this really is not great on screen.

Other ways to make a text better readable are the use of bullet points and infographics.

Want more tips to improve your copy?

tips to improve your copy

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