I suddenly attract hippies as clients; what on earth is going on?

Why you start to attract a different type of client when you alter your message and content

I recently tweaked my niche.

I started out this business in 2020, mainly serving artists and designers, because I worked in the creative industries for over 20 years, and that is what I knew best. I thought that I should just focus on the clients I had worked with for all of my working life, and stick to that niche. But lately I started attracting more and more spiritually conscious business owners such as coaches, healers and therapists, without specifically targeting them. They seem to be drawn to me.

Being ‘creative’ does not equal being an artist. It means having a creative brain, and an entrepreneurial spirit. But that is not the main reason why I have become a hippie magnet.

I am a magnet for spiritually conscious entrepreneurs, because I as a person have changed a lot myself since starting out as a creative business coach. I did a lot of inner work, spend time meditating daily, and have become more spiritually aware and awake.

And when you start expressing this in your content (and send these message out into the universe)…the magic happens.

spiritual and creative business coach

Soulful coaching for creatives and hippies

Why am I attracting spiritually conscious entrepreneurs? Because what you focus on will grow. This is why aligning your business with your true self is so important. Who do you want to attract and work with most? Start talking about your values and what you are interested in right now to resonate with them.

I have always felt passionate about being ‘soulful’, doing things with intention, helping other people, and sharing those values in my personal life and business. Kindness, honesty, sustainability, creativity, and living in freedom. Authenticity, independence, sovereignty, and compassion. Values that go much further than whether I know a lot about marketing and getting more clients.

Sure, I help you with sales and marketing and business planning, but whether or not you and I get on well has all to do with shared values.

Yes, I am very drawn to spirituality. Call me ‘woowoo’, and I won’t deny it.

It’s probably to do with hitting mid-life, but in the past few years, I have done a lot of inner work to get rid of stored trauma that was stopping me from moving forward with joy. It has helped me as an entrepreneur too.

I did various things, from breath work to ecstatic dance, and from ayahuasca retreats to detoxing my body with the help of the amazonian kambo frog (which is not for the fainthearted, I tell ya – go and google it).

I certainly became brave and a little bit crazy in my 40s! But it also helped me to finally grow up, and step up to become the person I want to be.

So yes, I am a bit of a hippie, but at the same time very down to earth, and with a good sense of humour. I’m keeping it real. Yin and Yang, y’all.

A creative business coach who looks beyond a marketing plan

You know why I enjoy working with coaches, healers and therapists as well as other creatives? Because by supporting them, I indirectly help many people in the world to feel better, and relieve the suffering. Making money doing what we love is awesome, and by creating abundance we can make a change that rolls out like a snowball.

When I help my clients with my coaching, they can have more impact in the world by sharing their gifts with more people. I want to help those people too. I can’t do what they do, but I can teach them my skills to get more clients.

Working with me means an investment in your personal development as well as your business. Curious what this looks like? Check out My philosophy.

Together we make the planet a more beautiful and happy place. And be honest, doesn’t the world need it right now, badly?

If you are also a hippie at heart, you know where I am.

Tree hugs and peace signs, jeehuu and Aho,

Nina X

PS: here’s the link to my diary if you want to set up a free call with me and discuss options to work together. Go to my diary

business coach for spiritual healers
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