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You probably Googled and found me. Welcome! You are a creative, or small business owner, and you are looking for help. Let me tell you a bit about how I do things.

I am ‘The Creative Business Coach’, because I offer a different style of business coaching, for people who want to create a positive impact on the world. Coaches, teachers, designers, stylists, photographers, writers and other heart-felt entrepreneurs. I help clients who are looking for a more holistic approach to building a business, because it is their soul’s desire. Becoming an entrepreneur is very personal and goes way beyond just a marketing plan.

My philosophy? I want to help people like you, who have just started their own creative business, or in the process of launching one, and want more than just a marketing strategy. For many years you may have worked a 9-5 job, or have otherwise ‘fitted in’ with the expectations of the outer world, and now it is your time. You are ready to follow your dream.

I believe that coaching my clients goes much deeper than just looking at a marketing plan.

Of course, generating income is important, and we will work on that. But if you were just after making money, then there are many other business coaches who have a coaching style that is focused on just that. If you like what I say so far, read on.

I look at what really makes someone tick. Who are you, deep down? I want to know your values, your dreams, but also what is holding you back. Oh boy, those stories we tell ourselves! The lack of confidence, and the fear of failure, I see it all the time. You are not the only one!

I aim to bring you new insights that make you realise that your current thoughts and ideas for your future are still fed by the need for outer validation. I want to break that cycle, and bring you closer to your true self. I want you to let go of fear of judgement, and start believing in yourself.

creative business coach

You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.

I have done, and still do, a lot of inner work myself, and I am a big believer in personal development. I have invested in coaches too, because I know how much of a difference they can make. I have experienced working with wonderful mentors and coaches over the past few years, who really understood me, and helped me on my personal journey. The results are incredible! This is exactly what I want to offer you. I want to offer you a lasting transformation, that will help you grow and become the person you really are deep down.

My coaching programs all include a mindset element, and I want to take you on a journey to become more confident in yourself, and let go of fear. Fear is what is holding us back in life, and what we truly want. I will guide you in exploring where the true joy lies in your life, and what you dream of, so we can make a plan to manifest this.

Once we see things a bit more clearly, we will work together on your business, and how to get you to the next level!

We will explore your niche, and who your audience is. We will decide on your offer(s), and write a clear message. Your mantra! Once you have those pillars and foundation built, everything will fall into place. You have cleared the chaos in your head, and can see the road ahead. You know the next steps, the next milestones, and you can picture your future. It is exciting!

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