I don’t teach marketing; I switch light bulbs on in your head

Let’s discover where your true joy lies…and how amazingly creative you are

This time last year I had just started my new coaching business. And hey, I am pretty proud of my achievements so far! In less than a year I have built up an online an audience, delivered multiple masterclasses, an online creative summer school, and launched a live 7-week group marketing course. I also booked my first 1-to-1 clients in Spring, and have helped many creative entrepreneurs since to find clarity and confidence, and turn their soul purpose into neat little businesses.

But while I first thought my coaching was going to be just about marketing, I have realised that clients are coming to me for something very different. They seek a fellow creative buddy, who helps them organise all the ideas in their head, make a game plan, and holds them accountable.

Marketing is an important tool in my coaching and mentoring box, but only part of my skill set. Before we even get to the stage of marketing an offer, we will have done a whole host of other things together. I want to know what makes really you tick! You see, working with me means fully investing in yourself, your self development and uncovering the awesome creative person you are. Nevermind business, let’s meet the real you and your big why. We got to hunt for treasures!

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You may tell me that you want to build a business selling X, but by talking, exploring and doing various exercises, I want to discover what lies beneath. Most new entrepreneurs start doing things in a certain way, because we think that’s what we should do, or think we want. But when delving deeper, we soon find out that there are other desires waiting to come to the surface, that are the real talents and gifts waiting to be shared with the world. Where the real joy lies. The stuff that fires you up. Self-limiting beliefs are usually the reason for hiding them.

To build a business that is sustainable in the long run, we need to bring the your true passions and desires out into the light. Or else, they’ll keep niggling away in the dark, and you’d be building a business based on something you want to change again in the near future. What’s the point of hiring a coach if you don’t go all the way? You are investing in yourself, so you may as well dive deep.

All my life I have heard people telling me “oh, Nina, you are so creative“, and “I am not creative“, and “I wish I was as creative as you”. When someone says this to me, I hear a longing. They sigh. They moan about their job. And I hear a cry for help. I see a person stuck in a life or career they are not happy with, that doesn’t give them joy, and they look at me with envy.

Because they see a person who is doing what she loves, and earning money with it.

They want what I have. And the truth is, they can make that change. They really can. You can too. But it needs someone to make them realise their own creative potential, go onto a discovery journey, and give them the confidence to break out of their belief system and redesign their life the way that is truly aligned with their values and desires. Not the expectations of others. Your time is now!

Who on earth told you that you are not creative?

All people are creative in their own right, but the thing is, most of them are conditioned in believing that they are not the ‘creative type’, or they think that being creative is the same as being artistic. There are thousands of ways to be creative.

Creativity means being curious and thinking outside the box. An artist is creative, but so is an entrepreneur who creates off-beat weddings, offers unique holiday experiences, or brews his own craft beer. Soulful businesses with a real passion. Every person has things that they love doing, what they know a lot about, or what they would want to spend more time doing if they could.

Most people have been conditioned by parents, teachers, peers, and background, to choose a certain career that was a ‘safe’ choice, but was probably not well aligned with who they truly are as a person. How many people do you know in your own network, who spend their life doing something they hate, because they don’t know how to change things?

Clients come to me because they have made the brave decision to finally leave their old self behind, and build their dream life and business. They trust me with their time and investment, and I feel incredibly honoured to be part of their journey. I feel humble to be chosen by them as a coach at such an important moment in their lives, where they are ready to embark on a huge transformation personally and professionally. I care for my clients, and it is wonderful to be a witness of the growth in confidence and clarity in them, often within a few months of working together.

So no, I am not just an average marketing coach, nor am I a standard business coach, going through a cookie-cutter programme of methods, questions and exercises with clients. I am Nina, and I do things my way. I work with clients who feel drawn to my energy, my way of writing, my sense of humour, my kindness, and my curiosity.

I offer my guidance, my knowledge, my creative thinking, and my motivation to the people who need it, and choose to share their journey with me. My clients become friends, I love them all.

I am a creative coach. I switch light bulbs on. I bring out the creative fire and happiness in people, guiding them on the path to a fulfilling life. I sift with them through their junk yard of ideas, desires and skills, and help them prioritise, and make a game plan for the future. I use a lot of common sense, but I may also throw some personality tests at you, or inspiring books I think you might like.

Together we look at all the options, the goals, and the potential to create their own fabulous creative business, fully aligned with their values, principles and joy. And yes, then we start marketing. We look at niche, offer, audience and the best way to get clients.

Spreading the beauty and gifts that lie hidden in so many people – that is what I aim to do with my coaching programmes for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses. Bringing out the best in people, and making them believe in themselves. Helping them understand why they are doing things, for who, and how they can build this further. If this resonates with you, and you feel ready for a positive change in your life, then call me. I am here to walk the path with you.

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