Why most web copy does not convert and what you can do about it

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What is your web copy like? Are you proud of it? Does it work hard for you and bring you clients? Or are you feeling embarrassed to share your website with anyone? Writing web copy is not something that comes easy to everyone, mainly because we tend to overthink it, and get the tone of voice wrong. But there are a few simple tricks to create web copy that reads better and converts well. Today I am sharing something you could try to improve your own web copy. Let’s turn up the heat a little…

As a creative business coach, I see many clients struggling with their web copy. I help them improve their writing by making them see things differently. Because it often is not the style and structure of their writing that needs tweaking; it is the way that they write about their business and offer.

Problem number one: most web copy is boring, too formal, too business-like, and there is no connection with the reader whatsoever. Where’s the warmth, my friend? Are you even trying to attract human clients? You see, when you write about your business on your website, it is not about what you sell. An About page, and, in fact, most of your web copy, should be about your client, and their problem. Talk to them, not at them. Your reader is a human being. Show them some love, make them feel understood.

Brrr. Your web copy is cold as ice. Warm it up.

This is where many entrepreneurs go wrong. Most of them think that they should explain the features of their product or service, and how it all works, in great detail. They write their copy from their own point of view, not from the reader’s.

This is emphasised by the fact that many business owners talk in their copy about how much they love their product. “I love running my own business and being my own boss“. Well, that’s nice. Now, why do I need to know this as a customer?

About pages are a place where this nearly always goes wrong. We want to read more about what the business can do for us and why we should trust them, and instead we get to read what the owner did before they started their business, their whole life story and bumpy career path. Nope. Tell us how your business stands out from the rest. Why should we hire you? How can you help us? What makes you special?

Writing about your background and experience is good in principle, but only if you use this to connect with your customer. So step into their shoes. Keep it relevant. How does this information help them decide whether to hire you or not?

I want to be heard and I want to be looked after as a customer. Convince me.

When you are visiting a website because you need to solve some problem (for example, your back hurts, and you need to find a physio), how much does the physio’s personal life story help you decide whether you want to book an appointment with them?

What you do want to know about the physio, is what types of treatment they are specialised in, how experienced they are, what other clients say about them, and practicalities such as location and cost. But if this was all written down in a cold, formal way, without a friendly photograph of the physio and their clinic, I probably would not book the appointment. Using a friendly and welcoming tone of voice, however, will help me decide to call you or not. After all, it is my body you are treating, and I want to be feel safe in your hands.

Another example. If you are selling bespoke furniture, what will convert a potential customer who has found you on Google, doesn’t know you, and is now looking for more information? What kind of copy will convince them that you’re the one who can deliver what they need? Your CV? Your life story? Just a portfolio?

If you only show a few photos, and don’t offer any information other than maybe an email address, what is likely going to happen? They probably click away and look elsewhere. People are lazy. Take away all potential barriers. Make it super easy for people to buy from you. Give them helpful content, show them that you understand their situation, and be approachable. Yes, include a friendly photo of yourself!

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Continuing the example of the bespoke furniture-maker; to grab their immediate attention (other than with striking images of your work), you could also share an enthusiastic paragraph about your love for different types of wood, the soul of natural materials, and why you love creating unique pieces. Nothing too lengthy, but enough to ‘feel’ your passion. Then tell the reader how you are helping clients, and what your procedure is. Perhaps give them a price indication. Include a few testimonials on your page, and you will win them over in no time.

When people land on your website, your web copy needs to work hard and immediately grab their attention, make them feel heard, and speak to their problem. Otherwise, they’ll leave within 10 seconds. You do this by making your web copy about them, and making that human connection, from person to person. After all, you are a small business or freelancer, not a multinational. Customers are looking for that personal touch.

To recap:

  1. Add plenty of enthusiasm and warmth to your copy, you are not a robot
  2. Ditch the formal tone of voice, CONNECT
  3. Talk TO the customer and ABOUT their problem (not AT the customer and about yourself)
  4. Break down barriers: answer all their possible questions and make it easy for them to say yes and buy

Do you want help with your copywriting?

I help creative business owners get better at marketing so they attract more clients. I work with them for 3 months or 6 months, meeting weekly on Zoom. Copywriting is nearly always part of the work we do, as well as mindset and marketing planning. Each coaching program is custom-built. I give my clients homework, like writing their short marketing message, or social media posts, but I also ask them to write blog articles, to help them feel more confident and happy about creating content. I give them honest feedback and make them see how they can improve their writing by making simple changes.

Are you interested what I could do for you and your business?

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