Marketing course for creative business owners

You may have jumped into the deep end recently and started your own creative business. Or perhaps you’ve been running it for a while now. Whatever stage you’re at, one thing is certain:you’ve not quite got the hang of the whole marketing your business thing. And it is bugging you! You know you need to give it some more attention, and you really need a strategy, but where on earth do you start? And what works well for your small creative business? In October you can join my 8-week joyful marketing course.

I am creative business coach, and I have helped many entrepreneurs, freelancers organisations and small businesses grow their audiences by doing marketing that works. I keep things simple.

I believe marketing shouldn’t be a chore, but instead can be a creative outlet in its own right! Yeah, I know, you’re not feeling it yet, right? Read on though, as I have something you may like.

No more marketing gobbledygook, time for clarity!

Many marketing courses, coaches and business mentors all say the same things. They throw a bunch of sales and marketing jargon at you, but nothing is really suitable for you as a creative. Also, most have never worked in the creative sector or as a creative themselves, and so it often feels like you are talking to someone from a different planet. I am not like that.

I worked in the creative sector for over 20 years, as marketing manager, audience development specialist, copywriter, and coach, and I know the creative brain inside out.

The creative brain. It’s a little chaotic, but it is wonderfully jam packed with ideas. It just needs someone to help bring some structure in it all.

You just need some guidance, and someone to help you see the wood from the trees. That’s me. I do just that. I make things simple, and make light bulbs go up.

I work with clients 1-to-1 (check out my services here if that’s what you’re looking for), but I also organise group coaching programmes. This autumn, I am launching the second edition of From Overwhelmed to On the Ball, my joyful marketing course for creative entrepreneurs. 8 weeks, 6 live calls and modules, plenty of quick-win exercises, and…peace of mind by the end of it. I teach you all my tricks, and you will feel so much better about marketing your business.

creative business coach

8-week joyful marketing course
From Overwhelmed to On the Ball

Why is this marketing course great for creatives?

First of all, I am a creative at heart. I am not a corporate, commercial business and sales guru, but I have skills, and 20 years of marketing experience. And I understand your beautiful, chaotic, creative brain. The world needs you!

Creatives are notorious for underselling themselves, and they often drown in a sea of ideas. Right? This course teaches you exactly how to make yourself better visible to the right people, in a joyful, creative and authentic way, so you can make more money doing what you love.

What will this course teach me?

Is this course suitable for where you’re at?

How do you sign up?

I have limited spots available, just 12, to keep the group small, and so that I can give each one of you enough 1-to-1 attention as well.

Quick decision-maker? Grab the early bird discount EARLYBIRD to receive 15% off the full price.

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