This is how I help ‘soulful’ business owners

There is so much suffering in the world. Ever since hitting my forties, I m just becoming more conscious of everyone and everything around me. So many are misaligned, feeling stuck, struggling and searching for truth. We are all truth-seekers. We are all taking each other home, in one way or another. Planting seeds, sharing wisdom. A few years ago I came across this term ‘soulful business’, and I would like to think I own one. Perhaps I am a ‘soulful business coach’, as well as a creative one.

It is very much how I would describe myself. Soulful, authentic. Whether as a friend, in the past as a vintage furniture shop owner, or now, as a creative business coach; I look for authenticity, Realness. I attract those types of clients, and I love helping them as a coach.

What is a soulful business anyway?

Are you one? I guess there is not a clear definition of what a soulful business is. It is a gut feeling. For me, it means heart-felt. With a passion for creating something that has a positive impact on humanity and the world in general. Making the world a little bit better, more beautiful, than we found it. This could be environmental, but more often, in the case of many of my own clients, it is helping our fellow humans deal with life. I realised that most of my clients want to help others. Bring out the best in others. Break the cycles. See transformation.

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Supporting life-changing work

I worked with a vocal coach who aimed to give her pupils the confidence to perform and discover their unique voice. And opening the throat chakra is a very powerful tool to a much bigger transformation than just learning to sing. It can be life-changing. Another client of mine is a sex therapist helping people to led go of limiting self-beliefs, shame, guilt, and bringing more joy to their lives. His work goes so much further than just the physical part. It is a spiritual.

I have a podcaster with a desire to help people make sense of the world, and see alternatives to the status quo, and the beaten path. Be a buddy to the lone seekers just starting out in life, of the ones who find themselves at a midlife dead end. And then I am also working with a filmmaker who wants to create beautiful documentaries “to make people cry” and leave a lasting impact. To “make them think”, and to “make them feel” differently about life. Or what about the food journalist who wants to offer retreats, connect people, and create deep conversation while cooking beautiful meals together?

All of these types of solopreneurs are soulful business owners. They want to shift things in people. Make others feel better by offering their unique gifts and skills.

But then there is the next realisation: they have their grand ideas, they have started their soulful businesses, but, like many, they don’t know how to build an audience and get paying clients. Does it mean there is no market for their type of business? On the contrary. There are many people waiting to be helped and inspired by these amazing services. They just need to find each other. That’s where I come in.

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My framework to help soulful business owners

What do I do in my sessions? Depending on whether books for six months of 1-to-1 coaching with me or shorter, I focus on what it is they need most urgently. Most of my clients experience chaos in their heads, too many ideas, not knowing where to start, and then procrastination. Most have an idea of what they want to do and offer…but to whom exactly? They may have started an Instagram account, but they have no idea what they are doing really, or what they should post. Let alone how to get leads.

I would want to understand exactly how you are helping people, and more importantly, who. We would spend a session defining your audience, their current reality, struggles, and the transformation you are offering. What does that look like, what does that feel like? How can you pour that into a clear and concise message so that your ideal client feels heard, understood and confident that you are the one to go to for help? The definition of your ideal client and the problem you are solving for them will be your niche.

Once we have done that groundwork, it will be clearer who it is you are trying to attract. We will be looking at where this audience might be, online and offline, how to connect to them, and how you can grow this audience.

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Finding the words to describe your passion

Next we’d be looking at what will you say to them, and how will you bring your ideal client into your world. What tools are there out there, what brings you most joy, what comes easy to you. Also, what topics can you choose to really tap into the current struggles and reality of your ideal client. We can come up with a content plan, both for socials, or for video, blogs or even in-person work.

These topics will also be closely linked to keyword research, i.e. what does your ideal client type into Google in order to find help with the issues they want help with? Those will be the words you want to use in your content, web copy, sales pages, blog posts, etc, in order to rank higher in the search engines.

Some clients require more practical support, which I can also help with. We can talk about creating a free download, free workshop, etc, anything you want to offer in order to grow your subscribers and online audience. I have done these things before, and I know quite a bit about the tech. We can create automated emails together, talk about what makes a good email sequence, how many, how often, and how to turn readers into buyers. We can look at creating landing pages, sales pages, registration systems, anything you need help with and don’t yet know how to do.

Helping people to have a positive impact

I believe in what I do. My mission is to help people succeed in growing their business so they can have a bigger impact on the world, and can help more people. If I can do that by sharing my knowledge and coaching support, then that is fantastic, and a job worth doing. I don’t have all the wonderful skills and talents that my clients have, an that makes my work so satisfying. I learn from them, as much as they are learning from me. I see people blossom, grow in confidence, break through limiting self beliefs, build up skill sets, and transform into the next best version of themselves.

I am only a little cog in the big wheel of their life, but I can make a small difference, then I will.

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