Remember when you started dreaming about this?

It all started with a thought.

One day, you suddenly felt it. This thought. You wanted change. You felt there was more to life than this 9 to 5 job. You kept having this thought. And your thought grew. It grew into an idea. And the idea became a bigger idea. Some days you wished this idea would go away, because it was causing unrest in your brain. Surely, you couldn’t just do that? Do you remember when you started dreaming?

The idea didn’t want to leave, though. Because your gut knew it was the truth. It was worth reminding you of it. And so it kept pestering you, until you could no longer ignore it.

You grabbed a notebook, and started writing it down. Your idea, what it could look like. You, running your own business, being your own boss. Your own shop, your own practice, your own studio, or your own online business. Oh, the freedom! It felt scary to think that it could become reality, but you kept writing. Doodling. ‘My own business’. What your days would be like, your working week, who your customers or clients would be. How much you would earn. You collected images, made a Pinterest board. Started following people who had done it before you. How did they do it?

And as time passed, that idea grew into a project.

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From seed to plant

After a while, your notebook started to look much more like a project plan. With bullet points. You started making to-do-lists. ‘Things I need to do in order to…’. ‘Actions to take to have X’, ‘People I need to speak to’. Sometimes you giggled, as it suddenly felt very real. Like you were actually going to launch your own business. Could you? Should you? You really wanted to do it. But when was the right time? When were you going to tell everyone? When were you going to jump in?

And then, one day, you did.

Do you remember when you started dreaming about where you are now?

It feels so long ago. You were a completely different person. All the things you put in place since then, the courses you took, the people you met on the way, how you redesigned your life. But you did. It was all you. You manifested this.

And maybe, some days are hard, and you wonder whether it was all worth it. Then remember why you started this, why you went on this adventure. You wanted more in life. Push yourself. And remember how you’ve grown as a person. How much you’ve learnt, read, talked, expanded your network. You are not the same person as you once were. You are braver, older, wiser, more confident. Sure, there is still so much to learn and improve. But there always is.

And I think you even have more ideas now. Thoughts about new offers, branching out, building a team, growing your business. making more money. You tasted freedom, and you are hungry.

And you know what? You can do that, too.

Remember when you started dreaming about where you wanted to be today? Dream again about where you want to be tomorrow.

It worked once. It will work again.

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