How to Marie Kondo your business and brain

Can you see the bottom of your junk drawer?

“Get rid of all the stuff in your house that you won’t be bringing to your dream home.” I read that somewhere this week, and I loved this phrase. Clearing the clutter. Focusing on what matters and is meaningful to more forward with joy and success. This is the same for moving house, AND your business. How much ‘stuff’ have you got up in the loft (your brain) that you should throw out and forget about? Time to Marie Kondo your business.

Not all of your ideas are worth keeping

I used to own a vintage furniture store, and sifting through junk yards to pick out the gems was my super power. I LOVED treasure hunting, and I found it very easy to spot potential amongst a whole pile of rubbish. This is metaphorically exactly what I keep doing nowadays as a coach.

The creative brain is a crazy junk drawer! This idea, that idea, oh – wait – but what about that one? Oh, and that could be an amazing thing to do as well. What to do first? It never stops, and the worst thing? You don’t get any further. It freezes you, causes overwhelm, and it you loose motivation.

So, as a creative business coach, I listen to my clients, help them clear up, and make them choose what to keep. Not always easy, but you can’t do it all.

Because you may have lots of ideas, but not all ideas are worth pursuing, and not all of them are going to be making you money.

Having ideas that are a lot of fun and won’t make you a lot of money is OK, but it is important to see this, set priorities and make choices.

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Marie Kondo your business and brain

Over the past two months, I have had tons of people booking one-off Power Sessions with me. These intensive 1:1’s are perfect for junk drawer clearing (should I rebrand them as that?), and really give renewed focus and motivation. They are also a good alternative if you don’t want to commit to a higher ticket coaching programme.

In just 90 minutes, we do a complete Marie Kondo on that crazy junk drawer of yours, so you see exactly what matters to you, what is usable, and what to do with the important stuff that’s still in it. Gosh, the smiles of relief on my clients’ faces by the end of the sessions are priceless.

Goals to the left, main ideas and offers in the middle, next action steps to the right. And make sure you can still see the bottom of that drawer.

The trouble with creatives is, they have fantastic ideas. But they drown in them.

They also don’t know what to focus on, how to set priorities, their desk is a mess, they are bad at time management and giving themselves structure, and they basically bumble through the week doing random sh*t that is ineffective. I am being a bit harsh here, but I bet some of you will be bowing their heads in shame right now.

Let me tell you one thing, though: no need to feel ashamed. Stop it. You are a badass, brave and very capable entrepreneur. Your creativity is your super power. You just need a side-kick to help you keep on track. No business tycoon climbed to the top without help.

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Less dreaming, more action

I just did a fun Power Session with a client yesterday, a food journalist, with a big dream. She was full of ideas, and it took me quite a while before I could get to the bottom of what she actually wanted, as her plans were all still very vague. She had an amazing 5-year vision, but no practical action plan to make it happen.

During our 90 minutes together, we worked on setting three clear goals, prioritised ideas, and brainstormed a fantastic first offer she could launch almost immediately. Finally, something concrete!
Instead of further dwelling on a dreamy future vision, I encouraged her to start the work NOW, and set the wheels in motion to move towards her dream life.

Often, we stay too much in our vision, dreaming big, and looking into the future. That is great, but it prevents us from looking at what small steps we can take RIGHT NOW to start walking towards that dream.

Create that vision board, and stick it on your wall to remind yourself daily, but also create an actionable game plan to set those wheels in motion. Small actions, bite-size chunks of work. Step by step. Otherwise you ain’t gonna manifest nothin’, baby.

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It doesn’t have to be perfect, just just gotta start.

That reminds me, my mother is visiting this weekend, and you should see the state of my guest room. Time for me to stop chatting to you, and spring into action.

If you too are fed up with the overwhelm in your brain, you feel stuck, and need more structure in your business, just call me, will you? Let me help you tidy that junk drawer and Marie Kondo your business and brain. It’s so worth it.

My Power Sessions are an ideal way to kick-start your business, and clear the clutter.

If you want to go ahead, and book a session straight away, here’s the link.

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