How to generate more leads as a creative

The steps to getting more leads and increasing your sales

You may have the most amazing business offer, but if nobody knows about you, you won’t have an income. You need to generate more leads as a creative entrepreneur if you want to shift your business from side hustle to serious empire. But how do you do this? You may have a following on Instagram, a small email list, or you may have dabbled in Facebook ads. Are you seeing the results you want? Here is how I can help you generate more leads for your business.

I had a free strategy call today from a potential new client, a writing coach and author from the US. She launched her first group program for budding novelists earlier this year, and earned $30k from sales in 2022. A fantastic result for a new coach! The thing was, she had exhausted her existing email list and the free writing support group she was part of. They all bought from her (she had her first $10k month this year!), but right now…it is quiet. She really wants to kick-start her business, which is why she reached out to me.

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What to do to generate more leads

So we talked about her challenges, her goals, and her desires, and I explained to her on the call in what ways I thought I could help her. How do I help clients like her generate more leads? First things first: we’d go back to the drawing board. You may feel like you know exactly what your message is, and who you want to target. But I offer a pair of fresh eyes onto your business, and that helps to see things more clearly. There is always room for improvement! When you are a solo preneur, it is hard to keep the birds eye view, and look at your marketing message objectively.

The first thing I would do with any new client is getting clarity and focus around your marketing message. We look at your niche, your audience, and your copy across the board, to decide whether it is specific enough and clear for your ideal client to understand.

I would audit your current marketing activity so that everything is fully aligned with your core message, and your ideal client knows how to find you.

Simplify your business, and become a lead magnet

Streamlining your offers and prioritising activities and income streams is another thing I would strongly recommend. Many entrepreneurs feel chaotic and scattered when having too many offers to promote. I have very helpful exercises and worksheets for my clients to decide where the joy lies, what is worth pursuing, and what to let go of. Simplifying your business, and feeling more in control is essential to move forward and generate more leads.

Identify the watering holes to generate more leads

Next, I sit down with my client and create an actionable game plan for lead generation and growing your audience. Depending on what it is you do and offer, we’ll list the ‘watering holes’: the hot spots and places where most of your ideal clients hang out. This could be on social media, other online spaces, or in real life in your local area. We would also be looking at ways to reach new audiences through other people’s networks, i.e. podcasts, press & media, Facebook groups and online forums, speaking opportunities and networking events. There may be potential ways to generate more leads that you may not have thought of before.

An actionable game plan and accountability

Whatever it is you and I come up with, it will result in a strategy, and it will be up to you to put this into action. As a creative business coach, I am by your side all the way, supporting you during weekly Zoom calls, and being available for you in between calls via email and voice message for pep talk and feedback. Accountability is key when it comes to getting results!

To find out more about my coaching programs, check out my 1:1 coaching offers or book a free call.

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