How to find joy in marketing your creative business

Keep your mind clear, and your soul happy while earning money doing what you love

marketing a creative business

Meet Nina, creative business coach

Over the past 20 years I have built up tons of knowledge in my career as marketing and audience development manager and consultant in the creative industries.

I have helped hundreds of creatives put their passion into words, and get better at marketing. I have worked for organisations, given talks and workshops for groups, and supported clients 1:1.


How to find joy in marketing your creative business? Is it like the holy grail?

As a business and marketing coach who works with creative clients all the time, I can honestly say it is TOTALLY possible. I have helped many of my clients see the wood from the trees, and breathe a sigh of relief. Check out my offers

Many creatives (i.e. artists, performers and makers, but also other small business owners, such as coaches and teachers) start their entrepreneurial journey with a lot of energy. They may even have left their boring jobs, to now fully focus on their passion.

But after the novelty has worn off…the struggle begins. Ugh…marketing. What a chore!

Constantly posting on social media (and which platform? All of them?), and not having enough time and structure in your week to get everything done. The overwhelm arrives, and soon the motivation goes down and the self-doubt kicks in. Was this a mistake, starting your own business? Are you actually cut out to run this show? Maybe you should get a 9-5 job again.

marketing your creative business

Marketing your creative business: where to start

You have a product or a service. And now what?

Tip one: don’t frantically start plastering it all over the internet before having a strategy. If you don’t have a plan, you will waste a lot of time, with no results.

Tip two: Choose a platform and a medium that comes naturally to you, and that you enjoy being on (obviously also somewhere your ideal client hangs out). See it as a creative practice, rather than a chore, and DETACH yourself from any likes or (no) engagement. Just keep going.

  1. Think about your target audience: who do you want to work with or sell to? Don’t be a Jack-of-all-trades. The more specific you are, the more of the right clients will be able to find you.
  2. Decide on your niche: what problem are you solving? Or what space/purpose is your (art)work suitable for?
  3. Create a crystal clear written message. This will be your elevator speech. Once you have your message, all the other marketing stuff will fall into place. Everything you put out should support that message, and be relevant to your core audience.
  4. Focus only on a few key offers that you will push in your marketing. Choosing one or two offers to feature in your marketing will help you preserve your time, and make your content much more to-the-point.
  5. Talk to people. Real people, outside. Mingle, network, let the world know about your business. Yes, introverts, you too. Hiding behind a screen is not going to get you high paying clients. Being a successful entrepreneur means making yourself seen (but we can work on that, so don’t worry!).

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creative business coach

creative business coach

How I help my clients to find more joy in marketing their creative business

There is no size fits all in my style of creative business coaching, but I do have my set ingredients:

  • Breaking through any fears and mind blocks
  • Gaining clarity on niche, audience, offer and message
  • Setting goals for the future: income goals, lifestyle goals, business goals
  • Creating an actionable game plan to reach those goals

Some people need very practical marketing help (I know how to build funnels, websites, email lists and content plans, and I am a pro at blogging – and I can even do this for you if you require this), others need more mindset work to build up the courage to become the entrepreneur they want to be.

I intuitively feel what my clients are struggling with, and sometimes get firm when I see there is a mindset issue that needs to be addressed first before jumping ahead to the business building.

But all of the people I work with, will find their authentic marketing voice, and walk away with more clarity, a strategy for their business, and, more often than not, new, and higher paying clients. They feel ready for the next steps in their business!

marketing a creative business
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My approach to marketing your creative business

I help my clients find their authentic voice in marketing their business. Authentic is the only, ethical way for me.

Nobody likes to be sold too, but everybody wants to be helped. Be the helper.

Seeing the results from content marketing myself (through SEO and blogs), this is a big part of my teaching, and I encourage my clients to put their story, beliefs, and point of view into words and share it with their audience too.

I look beyond just social media. I work with my clients to find the best tools and platforms for their business and goals. Online and offline.

The best way to attract ideal clients, is to speak to their heart’s desire.

What I won’t be promising you. Let’s be transparent.

First of all; I don’t tell my clients what to do. I am a coach, so my role is to help my clients to make their own decisions and come to their own conclusions. Teaching marketing and copywriting technique is part of my programs, if my clients need extra skills.

I don’t promise you $10k months and miracle systems.

This 10k and 6figure obsession on social media that is currently rife, is really not helpful. If you are already making a good income from your business, and 10k/month is a realistic goal, then by all means, aim for it.

Creative businesses are very unlikely to make that kind of money within the first years of business. It is just reality. Stop wasting your money on coaches who make you believe that you will. I believe we should aim for a sustainable business that brings you fulfillment, is aligned with your values, AND earns you money.

With me, you will be laying a solid foundation on which you can build, each year a little higher.

creative business coach

I’m Nina, and I help you to stay grounded, realistic, and focused.

If you like what you’ve read so far, and you are looking for a coach or mentor who ‘gets’ your creative mind, and has the experience to help you grow your business, let’s connect.

Call me.

Check out my coaching offers

Or drop me an email for any enquiries:

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