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No time, skills, or inspiration? No worries!

I love being a business coach, but I also LOVE creating content, and writing great copy for clients. When I’m not coaching, I’m writing. With 20+ years of digital marketing, consulting and copywriting experience, and being really good at it, I love helping you build your online presence.

Besides coaching my amazing clients, I offer done-for-you services for creative entrepreneurs who prefer spending their time making, serving and creating, rather than going down a rabbit hole of automation and digital marketing tech.

Call it the VIP treatment!

Done-for-you Sales pages, launch copy, lead magnets and more

I only take on a few selected clients each month for whom I write web content, blog posts, create a lead magnet or email sequence, or other very practical stuff you want help with. Together we will agree on your niche, audience, message and offers first, after which I will take some of the implementation off your hands.

done-for-you copy and content

What kind of things can you hire me for?

  • (Re)writing your home page, About, or other web pages
  • Writing SEO-friendly blog posts to get you started (check out my blogs for my style)
  • Rewriting your social media bio’s
  • Creating a landing / sales page for your offer
  • Creating a lead magnet in Canva (a downloadable PDF)
  • Setting up your Freebie download and automated email sequence
  • Designing and writing workbooks / worksheets for your course

Lead magnet & worksheet examples

  • English speaking jobs spain
  • seo tips for artists
  • lead magnet example
  • how to start up a business in spain
  • creative business coach

How does Done-for-you Copy & Content work?

Step 1: Book a free 30-minute call

In a 30-minute Zoom call we will figure out your needs and issues, and whether we are a good fit for each other. We can discuss just coaching offers, my Done-for-you Copy & Content offers, or a combination of both. After this call I will send you an offer, estimated time frame, and a price for the work required, and you can tell me if you want to go forward.

Step 2: Calls & conversations

Ready to hire me? We will schedule one or more Zoom calls to get absolute clarity on your niche, audience, message and offers. I will ask you important questions to dive deep, and decide exactly where you want to take your business. This will help you grow your audience, reach the right clients, and know what steps to take next. It will help me create magnetic marketing material.

Step 3: Creating Magnetic Marketing Material

Once we agree on what you need for your business (a sales page, web content, blog posts, a lead magnet, automated email sequence or other written material that needs to be sharp, clear and targeted), I start the work. We will schedule additional meetings if needed, or communicate via email and/or voice message.

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