How to attract clients as a life coach

How to get at least two strategy calls booked in each week

How do you attract clients as a life coach, or health, creative, or relationship coach? This article is especially aimed at people who rely heavily on getting those first free calls booked in by potential clients. Lead generation, the holy grail!

Most of you call them strategy calls, others call them discovery or clarity calls – they are the same thing. If you work as a online coach, you may perhaps not always find it easy to get those first free calls booked in, especially if you are just starting out and haven’t built up that strong presence and reputation yet. How do you get more leads, and why are those calls important?

You need those calls in order to make the sale, because you are probably selling higher ticket programmes, and people don’t part with their money before they fully understand what they are getting in return. Today I am sharing five tips to to get more clients as a life coach (or any other coach).

Why do you need free strategy calls? Because people need to see you, hear you, and talk to you in person in order to trust you and feel 100% confident to make the investment and commit to the transformation you are offering them. Those calls are the perfect way to get to know each other and figure out if you’re a good fit.

attract more clients as a life coach

Five ways to attract more clients as a life coach

You launched your beautiful website, set up your social media platforms, and you’re building up an audience. But still, you hardly get any leads. You post daily on Instagram, in a Facebook group or on LinkedIn, but sometimes you wonder if anyone is actually paying attention.


And if you do get plenty of likes, why is no one booking a free call?

You need a system put in place, and repeat those actions consistently. There a number of things you can do to get more leads as a coach or therapist. Here they are.

1. Create high quality content to get more leads

Yes, I hear you say, I already post like a maniac, and still nothing happens. What’s going on?

The issue: you may be focusing to heavily on just social media. Remember: these platform could be gone tomorrow, and all your followers too. Create content elsewhere too! You can create videos, podcasts, or like in my case, write blogs.

I write a new blog post each week, and this is my power tool to create leads. Over 90% of my high paying clients land here through the search engines.


They type in ‘creative business coach’, and I come up straight away in the search results! That would not happen if it wasn’t for my written content on my website.

The more high quality, informative articles you publish on your website, relevant to your niche, the higher you get ranked in the searches. Provide high value and your own original content, and don’t forget to use the right keywords for your niche and business, sprinkled around the blog (and don’t forget the image descriptions either!).

Download my FREE PDF ‘Simple SEO to get more clients‘ to improve your keywords and increase traffic.

attract more clients as a life coach
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2. Create free downloads

Ha! See what I just did there in the previous paragraph?

In the tip above I gave you the advice to create content and work on your keywords….but not everyone knows how to do this. So I threw in a solution straight away by offering a free download that teaches you how to start improving your website. This way I am offering someone help on the spot, and demonstrate my expertise at the same time. This (I hope!) creates trust, and shows I am not only a business coach, but also know about some tech stuff. Useful, and it sets me apart from other business coaches!

More importantly, by downloading my PDF, the potential client will leave their email address in return, and so I can then start to build up a relationship and further trust by sending them my weekly email.

I invite them further into my world, and help them solve their problem (this is called the buyer’s journey: the time a new follower takes from first encountering you to actually buying).

3. Create an email list to attract more clients as a life coach

Yes, here we go! Depending on how fabulous and helpful your free PDF download is, you may find that your email list suddenly grows quite rapidly. This is good news! That way, you have access to people’s private inbox, and you don’t have to fight with the pesky algorithms any longer. Well, at least not all the time.

Write a weekly email to your list, talking about topics such as how you have helped people in the past, your own personal journey, some funny anecdotes (still relevant to your niche), and of course your offers – and the transformation you give those who decide to work with you. Always have a few links and calls to action dotted around the email, to make it super easy for people to book that call.

PS: create a PS!

People always read a PS. So use this at the end of your email to announce something important. Perhaps a new programme that is coming up, an invite to join a membership, or a link to something else you want the reader to go.

PS: If you want to book a free call with me, you are very welcome! You can select a suitable time in my diary here.

attract more clients a life coach

4. DM’s and follow ups

This is a tricky one, because, to be honest, I get these types of messages a LOT in my Instagram inbox, and I always smell a rat when someone send me one of these:

Hey lovely, I love your content. How long have you been in the coaching biz?

You are probably laughing, because you get them too, right? I mean, we all know these types of people are fishing for business, and they just feel false. They are also usually from some coach claiming they can get you to 6 figures by summer (pssst: if you want to earn 6 figures by this summer, go and reply to their DM, as I ain’t your girl!).

So how can you do this in a genuine manner, then? Be yourself. If you type something and it feels icky, delete it and start again. What kind of message would you like to receive? Something honest, transparent, and friendly. I spend time each week to personally welcome my new followers on Instagram via a DM, just thanking them for the follow, and maybe saying something nice about their posts, or where they live, or perhaps some shared interest I see we have.

I may ask them if they need any help right now, but only if I feel they are my ideal client. If they respond, I may give them my links. Most conversations are just that; conversations. A friendly back and forth. But it makes that first contact, and you are acknowledging them.

5. Collaborate with relevant colleagues

Swapping audiences is a great way to get in front of new people and attract more clients as a life coach. Most of your followers will already be familiar with your message, but there are many others who have never heard of you! Find some people in your network who do something slightly different, but do have a similar audience. Interview each other in a live video or podcast, do a blog exchange, or invite each other as guest speaker in a group or membership you are running.

If you collaborate with someone you trust, and who offers a complimentary service, you have a good chance that you’ll grow your email list, and get a few leads on the back of it. Including each other’s links (called ‘back-links’) on your website, also helps to boost your SEO.

Did this help at all?

I hope this has given you some ideas to get more leads and clients as a coach or therapist, and do let me know if any of these have worked for you!

And I wouldn’t be a good business coach, if I didn’t throw in a call to action again!

As a creative business coach, I work with people like you on mindset, marketing and strategies, to create your dream business that is fully aligned with who you are. As you are a coach yourself, you know the deal: up to six months of working together, regular Zoom calls, plenty of homework and accountability, and genuine care for your results. Clarity, confidence and leads guaranteed. Check out my offers here.

attract more clients as a life coach

You can also drop me an email if you want more information that way:

Speak to you soon!
Love, Nina

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