Treasure-hunting and digging for diamonds. My creative coaching style.

Why not offering a cookie-cutter coaching program is perfect for solo entrepreneurs

When I first started my coaching business, I was figuring out what kind of coach I was, or wanted to be. I was new to the coaching industry, and even though I knew I had tons of marketing experience and business skills to share with my clients, I was seeking guidance on how to this coaching stuff right. “Doing it right“, in fact, became a bit of an obsession, and I looked at my peers in the industry for ideas. Of course, I made mistake number one right there: don’t think you need to be like your competitors, in order to be successful. Nope.

I now know that my coaching style is very unique, and nothing like anyone else’s. I don’t offer a cookie-cutter service, and I that is my USP.

Of course, there are certain things ALL coaches do. Listening being one of them. If you are not a good listener, don’t become a coach. Asking open questions is another one of the standard ingredients in any coaching program. But becoming a good coach, or in fact any good entrepreneur, has a lot more to do with making the most of your own strengths and talents, and finding your own style and approach. And in my case, those are not particularly standard. I don’t have the word ‘creative’ in my business name for nothing, right?

I love working with clients, whether it is long-term, or during a fruitful power session of 90 minutes. And over time, I discovered what I am really good at: treasure hunting.

Now I knew that I was a good treasure-hunter when I had my vintage furniture store, back in Scotland, years ago. I’d go to a flea market or a garage sale to look for stock, and be overwhelmed by the amount of junk and chaos in front of me. And then I’d start sifting.

Oh, that’s a great find! And look at this unique shiny thing here! What could I use that for? What story does it tell?

small business coaching services
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Sifting through the chaos

It’s not that different when I start working with a client nowadays. I use the same skill set! They usually come to me with a very chaotic brain and too many ideas and projects. It’s a jumble sale in their head. They need that treasure-hunter to go up there and find those hidden diamonds that we can then start polishing.

One by one, the treasures, stories and wonderful unique talents will appear.

When I am on a call with a client, I am curious, and go on a fact-finding mission. Digging for diamonds, diving for pearls! I want to know what makes them tick, what makes them scared, what holds them back. A lot of people think that I just help clients put a marketing plan together, and tell them how to find clients. It is so much more than that.

Learning how to create a marketing strategy is something you can find all over the internet. Yes, we will look at this too, of course, but a good business coach will make you grow as a person, not just get your sales up. To build a sustainable, joyful business, I approach it holistically and creatively.

So I ask questions, and they tell me their story. I listen. I ask more. I collect their brain waves, their stories, and their thoughts. And then, usually towards the end of a session, I reflect back, and bring some clarity. My intuition and creative brain kick into action, and guide me to make sense of it all. And more often than not, it is something my client did not see coming.

My feedback and coaching on a certain topic can be in the form of a fabulous creative idea they had never thought of themselves. But it can also be an underlying issue, that is actually the true cause for their struggle.

Sometimes clients get emotional. That is OK. After all, I am here to help them become the person they want to be. And if there is rubbish in the way, we got to do some cleaning first.

small business coaching services

Leaving space for new ideas and creativity

Solo entrepreneurs require a very different style of business coaching than a larger company. I am not some kind of corporate, purely sales-driven, brand strategy focused marketing consultant. I am a creative entrepreneur, with a ton of marketing and copywriting experience, a lot of energy, and a fun personality.

My small business coaching services are intuitive, follow a client’s flow and individual needs, and leave plenty of space for new things and a lot of creativity. Therefore, my approach suits those quirky small businesses who are trying to figure it all out in their first few years. I don’t like to limit myself, let alone my clients, to a standard coaching structure, that quickly becomes rigid and boring.

If you choose to work with me, I want you to look forward to our weekly calls, not see them as another chore or homework on your list. Business is supposed to be fun, and I want us to have fun, while working towards your goals.

Curious about my programs? Check them out here, or book a free call to chat with me directly.

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