What is a Creative Business Coach and why should you care?

I don’t know about you, but I breathe creativity. I have ideas coming out of my ears, ALWAYS. I think, make, write, draw, sing, play, dance. I am never bored. Creativity is my fuel, and it keeps my fire burning. I am also an empath with a natural urge to help others. I meet so many people in my life who are creative, walk around with ideas, or are dabbling in a small business on the side, but play themselves down. “Just a hobby, really”, or “I don’t earn a lot, but I like doing it”. I could be at a birthday party somewhere, sitting next to a random person I have never met, and before I know it I am handing out business and marketing advice. Because I care.

We are all creative. And so many of us have brilliant ideas and are passionate about what they do. I love seeing new projects emerge, small businesses pop up, and individuals becoming empowered in running their own show. In a world where we are ruled by Amazon and Nestle, I want to add fuel to the little individuals with the big ideas. Those budding entrepreneurs who are still on the fence, need that extra push, get rid of the imposter syndrome, and jump into their next adventure. An adventure which I know they will never regret.

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Authenticity and staying true to your values

I embarked on an adventure myself three years ago. I moved to Spain, after having worked in the arts sector in the Netherlands and the UK for twenty years. After my move, I discovered that continuing my work as arts marketing manager for the cultural sector in Spain is pretty much impossible without the language skills and a network. So, to earn an income, I started a copywriting business, and have been quite successful the past few years working with a wide range of international clients.

But I am not a corporate, sales-driven, mainstream marketing type. And writing copy for factories producing taps and toilets….well, it just made me miserable. I missed the spark, the quirks, the creative buzz, and I realised I was drifting away from who I am and what I love most. I have become a lot more selective since, and now only accept copywriting clients I feel excited about working with. Authenticity is everything, not just in marketing and sales, but in staying true to your own values. Only then you are able to really grow your business.

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Supporting creative businesses on their journey

I recently decided to go back to where my real passion lies: supporting other creatives in their business. Inspiring them, sharing my wealth of knowledge built up over the years, and watching them grow in confidence. I launched The Creative Business Coach late 2020, and am excited. My fire is burning brightly again, and I am in the flow.

My Facebook Group is thriving, and full of creatives who are eager to learn about marketing and attracting more clients, by sharing their authentic story. I have started organising fun Masterclasses on specific topics such as blogging, to take the fear out of marketing. This year will have a lot more in the pipeline, all focused on inspiring, teaching and coaching those fabulous entrepreneurs who are ready to launch and grow their businesses.

Are you one of them? Join Nina’s Creative Business Bootcamp for daily tips and inspiration, masterclasses, and networking with like-minded souls.

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