Do you need a coach…or a creative marketing consultant?

Many new entrepreneurs who launch their business, quickly realise that there is a lot more to marketing their business than posting on social media. They randomly shoot from the hip, and offer their services to every man and his dog, without having a strategy. They are basically throwing a house warming party, without even having the foundation laid down – and they are inviting the wrong guests. And maybe they need a business coach to guide them in the right direction. But maybe, if time is short, and skills are limited, what they need is a creative marketing consultant who rolls up up their sleeves, and builds a solid house. I can be both.

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If you throw a party, you want the right people to turn up, don’t you?

If you haven’t laid down the foundation, let alone constructed the walls…what are you inviting your guests to? And who the hell are you inviting anyway? Random strangers?

Let’s start this building project properly. Together we lay the foundation.

What foundation, you say?

  • Your niche.
  • Your offer.
  • Your target audience.

Your home page, your bio, your whole marketing strategy, those are the bricks of your house. You need to have those basics rig ht in order to attract your ideal client. With those things clear, your content will be much stronger, and your message will be resonating with the right audience.

When you first start out, you may be thinking that any client is great, but the more you niche down, or at least, are specific in your wording about what it is you do and how you solve problems for people, the more likely you will attract clients who actually want to work with you. As a coach and creative marketing consultant, I can help you nail your message, but also do the brick laying for you.

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Nail down those floor boards.

When you hire me as a business coach, I’ll be the supervisor on the construction site, while you build your house. I give you instructions, suggestions, and we have team meetings to see whether we’re on schedule. I push the process along. No messing. I want to see that house going up. And I don’t want you to attract the wrong clients.

Not got those building skills? I can train you up. I will teach you how to build your house, if you don’t know what bricks to use, or how to cement it all together. Because I have built many houses before.

And sometimes, when you can’t build the house at all, or you are much better at selecting the furniture, the wallpaper, and the light shades… You can ask me to do it for you, as part of our collaboration. I will pull up my sleeves, and build your house for you. (i.e. write your home page content, your email sequence, your lead magnet, etc.).

I am a coach, a creative marketing consultant, a strategist, a copywriter. And I am also a highly practical and organised.

I get sh*t done fast.

Talk to me about different options if you want more than just coaching.


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