Why I don’t believe going on another marketing course is the solution

Why I don’t believe going on another marketing course is the solution

Many of you will not have a marketing or business background. You will probably have worked a ‘normal’ office job for most of your working life, or maybe you were a teacher or otherwise employed. Most of you will have started your business as a side hustle before deciding to leave your job completely and becoming self-employed. Well done for being brave! The freedom that comes with entrepreneurship is amazing, but you will sometimes hit a block. That is normal. Running a small business on your own is not easy, and keeping yourself constantly motivated and visible online is a challenge.

So what is my advice?

You may think you are rubbish at marketing, or need more skills. You may search online for inspiration, or sign up for yet another ‘free’ challenge, masterclass or webinar coming past on your timeline, hoping to find the holy grail. You know the ones, right? They all sound fantastic, but in the end, they are all the same. You may learn a few quick tricks, but more likely, you probably waste an hour of your time watching something that taught you nothing unless you paid for an expensive course. Stop it.

You keep swimming, but you need a lifebuoy.

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I don’t believe going on another marketing course or webinar will boost your business.

Unless you are an absolute beginner, or you feel you want to learn a specific skill such as blogging or closing a sale, you already know what to do to become more visible online. You have all the knowledge already in you.

The problem is; you feel overwhelmed and deflated. Or you have some pesky mindset and confidence blocks, telling you that nobody is interested in your content, or they will laugh at you if you go live. Am I right?

So you procrastinate. You avoid working on your marketing, don’t think about your content strategically, and just keep doing what you do, hoping that somehow it’ll all be OK. Or you accept that you won’t earn a lot with your business, but at least it’s a fun thing to do.

You need support. Someone who believes in you. You are worth more than this.

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Going on more courses is just an excuse for not taking action

Signing up for yet another course makes you feel that you are doing something positive, right? You are working on your business, learning more. But I don’t believe another marketing course will solve your problem. You can gather all the knowledge in the world, it does nothing if you don’t start using it.

I believe you need someone to hold your hand, and help you implement it all. You need a freakin’ cheerleader! How would it make you feel if you were being held accountable every week, or fortnightly, so you got stuff done? Someone who would give you the confidence to try new things, push you out of your comfort zone and make you feel incredibly proud of yourself? No more lonely study hours, please.

Your business is worth shouting about! You are amazing, with all your skills, expertise and talents, and your gifts can help people and change the world. Keeping yourself small is not the answer. I believe in you.

Maybe you have never considered working with a coach. It just isn’t on your radar. Perhaps you think (like I did!), that a business coach is something for ‘real’ entrepreneurs who are doing ‘real’ business. But you are doing real business, and you work so hard at it. And having someone beside you, supporting you, and helping you grow as an entrepreneur, is not something ‘luxury’. It will probably be one of the best investments you have ever made. Not just in your business, but in yourself. You don’t need another marketing course. You need a buddy who believes in you.

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