Coaching for creatives and why this is a good fit

Why one business coach is not like the other

You definitely fit in the box ‘creative’, people call you a creative , and you have just launched your small creative business. That doesn’t mean you are an artist or a designer per se; most solo entrepreneurs and small business owners are creative beings by default. But you are a go-getter, and your brain has come up with unique ideas. Now you have realised you need help, perhaps a small business mentor, to get your business off to a good start. But when you type in ‘business coach’ in Google…you drown in the results, and none of them resonate. You need someone who ‘gets’ you. Not some fancy pants millionaire in a Gucci outfit. Coaching for creatives, that’s what you want. What makes this different?

Before I became a coach, I worked in the creative industries ever since I graduated from Uni with a Masters in Art History, in 2002. I have been an editor, a PR manager, and a marketing consultant for numerous creative businesses who wanted to increase their sales.

Also, I have always been a creative myself. I am a singer-songwriter. A painter. I give creative workshops. To add to this eclectic mix, I set up a physical vintage furniture shop for four years when I became a mother, and didn’t want to go back to a 9-5 job. How many business coaches have you come across who have a CV like that?

Helping your small creative business fly

I ‘get’ creatives, and small creative businesses who launch with a passion, but get stuck on the way.

Just because you know how to help and heal people, or create amazing things, doesn’t mean you are also a star at marketing. Marketing is not rocket science, but if you’ve never done it, then it is a big leap out of your comfort zone.

So many things to learn, so many wobbly moments when you post something online, or create your first ever reel. And then there is the impostor syndrome.

Coaching for creatives can help you feel more confident as a new entrepreneur, and owner of a small business. Many business coaches have come from a corporate career, and while some of their skills are definitely useful, they lack an understanding of how creatives work. The chaos in their brain, the procrastination, the lack in confidence when it comes to showing up as a leader. I have had clients who had worked with a more sales-y business coach teaching them systems that were not aligned at all with their type of business.

Coaching for creatives and finding your joyful purpose

Coaching for creatives, however, does not mean I don’t look at income goals and sales strategies. Of course I do. I want to you to earn money doing what you love! But making money is not my sole focus as a coach for freelancers and small businesses. I prefer to offer a more holistic programme of business and marketing planning, in combination with mindset, inner work and looking at your core values.

Above all, I want you to discover where the joy lies. Often, we create our goals and strategies around expectations that are based on old habits, or what we see other people do. What do you want? Coaching for creatives with me means we will be diving deeper than just a marketing plan and selling offers.

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Authentic marketing vs. the hard sell

Sales calls, handling objections, pushy marketing. If you are looking for this kind of support and training, click away. My way of coaching for creatives is based on authentic marketing, and staying true to my values. I am not a commercial type, I do not come from a corporate sales background. But I have no problem selling my offers. How? Because I am just being myself. I love my offers, I am a good listener, and I serve. I am confident in showing up, I have years of experience and expertise, and I know how to help my clients. On a call, I am honest and transparent. I never push. I trust my abilities, my personality, and the process. That’s it. You can do this too. The right people always say yes.

I teach my clients how to step into their own power, and sell with ease. To look at marketing as a creative outlet, and to serve your audience with joy. To build a personal brand that resonates with the right people. And to attract ideal clients with strong content that helps them decide even before they book a call.

From wardrobe stylists to health coaches

My clients range from artists to coaches, and from creative directors to event organisers. What they all have in common, is that they work alone, or with a tiny team. They have a passion, and they want to make it work. I help them create an actionable game plan, and offers they are excited about selling. Together, we identify their ideal client, and understand how to find them. I help them fine-tune a crystal clear message that is the best elevator speech ever.

Does this sound like music to your ears?

Check out my current offers here

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Creating a sustainable business, how?

The ingredients for keeping that steady pace

“I want to leave my boring job, I want to earn six figures, I want to have enough clients to pay the bills, I want to have a successful business.” Clients come to me all the time with these wishes, like I’m Aladin. But I love their passion, and their grit. They feel such fire in their belly, they yearn for financial and creative freedom, and they think they know what they need: a business coach who will get them to their clear end goals. Just, how clear is this goal? And whose goal is it, really? Have you asked your heart, what it wants deep down? Or is your rational mind doing all the talking? I want to discuss the importance of creating a sustainable business with you today.

A sustainable business? Is that not something eco, green and organic?

Nope, let’s get the definition of sustainable clear here, first. Sustainable means helping you create a maintainable business, in my work as a coach.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a race (you’ve heard it before), and so, if you dive in and want to give this a really good go, you need to be ready for the long run.

And to finish that marathon, you got to maintain a steady, consistent speed, and have clarity on what you aim for. Or else you burn yourself out, loose interest, or pack it in before you’ve even had your first client.

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How to create a sustainable business

When we work together, I want this for my clients:

I want you to choose joy over some vague desire for six figures, defined by your peers or expectations that are not your own.

I want you to be clear on your core values. If you don’t have a joyful purpose, then this business will not fly, or at least not for long. And then what will you do?

So how can you create a good, solid business that is fully aligned with who you are?

It is important that you choose a business that you’ll stick with, and feel excited about in years to come. You are going to spend a lot of time building and growing it. And although your business idea does not have to be perfect to start off with (it won’t be – it’s OK!), there are some things I suggest you start doing.

1. Know yourself. And get to know yourself even better.
Do the inner work. Face your demons. Get intimate with your shadow self. Find your power. Entrepreneurship is as much about personal development as it is about business and marketing.

2. Have a structure to your week.

At least, a little bit (I see you, creative brain that gets easily distracted!). It will keep your mind clear, and stress-free. Set a timer, and really focus for an hour or two on finishing that one task. You’ll feel better, I promise. Having a structure to your week is essential to creating a sustainable business.

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3. Foundation blocks.
Have a plan.
Know your audience.
Know your message.
Have one or two clear offers.
And make yourself and your business visible. Show up, online, offline, wherever your ideal client hangs out. Have a website that immediately resonates with your target audience. Make videos, write blog posts, give a talk somewhere.

4. And also: have a support network.
No man is an island. Creating a sustainable business means you need people around you for mental support, practical help, and guidance on your business efforts. Your partner, your family and friends. A mentor. A mastermind group. A fellow entrepreneur in the neighbourhood who you can have a coffee with sometimes. A business owner who knows absolutely everyone, and is a great connector. Tap into your network, and grow it.

Building a sustainable, maintainable business, is all of those things. And then I haven’t even mentioned the financial part.

5. The transition

Growing a business from scratch often also means you transition into entrepreneurship, rather than leave your day job, burn all your bridges, and freak yourself out six months later when you discover it isn’t all rainbows and unicorns.

Keeping one leg in employment while launching creating your sustainable business, is normal. You will know when the time is right to say goodbye to it. So don’t feel any shame if you need to stack shelves, work in a bar, or deliver parcels, if that still keeps you afloat right now.

You have a dream, and you will manifest it. I believe in you.

Keep running at that steady pace.
I am here if you need me.

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The benefits of hiring a business coach

Will a business coach get you more clients?

I’ll give you a short answer: no. Does that come as a surprise? Hiring a business coach will not get you more clients. A coach is not a miracle solution for your business, nor will they fulfill your desire for a fully booked offer. No business coach can guarantee you clients. If you were under the illusion that investing in a coach would solve your lack of income, then it’s probably time for you to think again. Let’s discuss the benefits of hiring a business coach.

Why invest in a coach, then? What is the point?

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a race. It is a journey, and you need to be ready to be in it for the long haul. While you can choose to go on this journey alone, you can also choose to hire mentors and coaches to support you on the way, and grow much faster.

That should be your motive to hire a business coach. To not want to do it all alone, and to be willing to learn from those who went before you.

What are the benefits of hiring a business coach? A good coach will motivate you, help you gain insights and find solutions that are already lying dormant inside of you. They will catch you when you fall, hold you accountable, and hand you suggestions, ideas and guidance that can help you grow as a business owner – and help you understand how to attract clients.

You will have to put in the work yourself to actually book those clients. A coach will not do this for you. And they also are not responsible for the speed at which you grow your business.

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What will be your ROI when hiring a business coach?

If I could give you that as a set answer, a figure, a hard bit of proof… I would have gold in my hands.

The ROI is different for every client, and depends fully on where you find yourself on the entrepreneurial journey. If someone is just starting out, and has never had a client so far, then the ROI will likely be an increased feeling of confidence and clarity, better marketing knowledge, and understanding what steps to take next to get that first client.

If they get their first sale while working with me, amazing! But I will not take full credit for that; that sale is totally because of the hard work put in by my client.

Other creatives I work with, who are already a bit further into their business adventure, may develop an improved understanding of how to reach a new audience. Their ROI may look like a visible improvement of their brand and a stronger presence online, now speaking to the right audience.

The benefits of working with a business coach, however, might also look like a massive light bulb moment of what path to take next in life. Or even finding out that the business they had in mind, is actually not want they want to do at all! While working with me through mindset blocks, ideas and challenges, and me asking the right questions, they may end up feeling 100% happy to go in a completely different direction than when they hired me.

Why is changing direction a positive ROI? Because without my coaching, they would not have discovered this so quickly, or had the courage to say yes to the inevitable.

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Some of my clients increase their income, but all of them increase their confidence and clarity. They know what steps to take next.

Don’t think that by hiring a business coach, your job is done, and your business is saved. Forget it. You have only just begun. A coach is a piece in the big jigsaw puzzle. It will be this coach right now, then you may hire another. Or you sign up for a course, and then a membership. You may read books, and listen to podcasts. You are never done learning. All of those things are investments into your personal and professional development.

But this is the exciting bit: entrepreneurship is a vocation, something only for the brave at heart, and for the rebels, and for the ones who persist and believe in themselves. You are one of them.

And you may not see the immediate benefits of hiring a business coach after working with them. It may come later. Much later. Often, it does.

It can come because of something they suggested, a seed that was planted, or the wheels that were set in motion while you were still working with them.

None of my coaches told me that ‘if you do this, then you will get a new client’. Instead, they encouraged me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, inspired me, and helped me develop on a personal and professional level.

I did get more clients, but not immediately. It was as a result of many steps I took, insights I gained, new connections I made, and how I started to show up. My coaches were part of that journey. Not the reason for my results. It was me who chose to listen to them, put in the work, be consistent, and keep going. But they were a massive influence on me, and who I am today. My investment in them was absolutely worth every penny.

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You are very capable. A business coach can help you feel even more capable.

I care deeply about my clients and I want nothing more than for them to get clients, and feel excited about entrepreneurship.

But what I offer is my guidance, my knowledge, and my skills. Not a miracle cure.

If you want to have an expert buddy by your side on your journey, and are willing to accept the fact that the ROI may not be instant, then hiring a coach is one of the best investments you can make. You may not see it straight away, but it is part of that bigger picture.

Being a creative entrepreneur is a mission, hard work, and requires persistence, time, and trust. And sometimes the ROI is not financial, but developmental.

You are capable, you have it in you, and you can totally do this. I believe in you!

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Slow January? Five income boosters for creatives

Ideas and tips for when your diary is empty and the panic is high

What can you do to boost your income in a slow month? What to do when you have no jobs lined up as a freelancer? In this post I share some ideas for income boosters for creatives.

Aim for the ‘low-hanging fruit’, and create juicy offers for quick cash-infusions.

For some of you, the start of the new year is your prime time when it comes to revenue. Health coaches, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, people offering creative retreats or training… these are the kinds or offers that do well in January. Everyone is ready for something new, they want to work on themselves, and they are excited to start a course.

For other creatives, however, January is utter rubbish. Photographers, artists, illustrators, graphic designers, filmmakers, and others who usually have more clients before Christmas than after. Empty diaries, sad-looking bank accounts. Panicky feelings. Aaaargh!

Instead of freaking out about the lack of clients right now, you’d better focus on what you can do to make some money. Here are some ideas for income boosters for creatives and freelancers.

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Pick the low-hanging fruit: cash-flow ideas

Idea 1: Create a small, juicy offer

Create a juicy, small new offer and announce it on your social media and email list. Perhaps a mini photo shoot, a head shot, a logo refresh, or anything else your ideal clients might love to buy right now at the start of the New Year. Also crawl into the heads of your target audience, and figure out what they might be planning or working on right now. How can you help them reach their goals?

Idea 2: Reach out to past clients

People who have worked with you before are the easiest leads to get, and can be great income boosters for creatives. They know you already, know what quality you deliver, and they would likely buy from you again. Reach out to them by email, and ask them how you could support them again this year. Do they have any projects planned? New events on the horizon? Changes that you could help them with? Reach out, and ask. You could get a ‘no’, but there may well be a few ‘yesses’ in there too. Consider including your small, juicy offer from idea 1.

Idea 3: Ask for referrals

Another one to try, using your existing and past clients: ask them by email, if they don’t need your services right now, whether they know of anyone else that could do with your help. You never know who they have just been talking to, who was mentioning how they needed exactly what you offer. Plus you’ll stay top of mind with your existing clients.

Idea 4: Become an affiliate

Are you using an app of piece of software you love? Find out of you could become an affiliate, and start promoting the link on your website, blogs or socials (obviously within reason – you don’t want to bombard followers). This could, over time, become a nice little side hustle and bit of passive income. Consider this as one of your income boosters for creatives.

5. Cancel subscriptions

Got some spare time? Review your expenses! Where are the money leaks? Do you have any outstanding invoices to chase up? Do you still pay for subscriptions or memberships you no longer need? Cancel them. Clean up your direct debit payments, and immediately save some money this month. Start tracking your monthly budget a little better, and make sure you keep a tab on your cash-flow. Read this blog post to get more tips on money

Work with me

My name is Nina Eggens, and I support small businesses, freelancers and self-employed creatives with marketing, business and mindset coaching. I also offer Done-for-you services such as copywriting and lead magnet creation. Check my offers here.

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How to generate more leads as a creative

The steps to getting more leads and increasing your sales

You may have the most amazing business offer, but if nobody knows about you, you won’t have an income. You need to generate more leads as a creative entrepreneur if you want to shift your business from side hustle to serious empire. But how do you do this? You may have a following on Instagram, a small email list, or you may have dabbled in Facebook ads. Are you seeing the results you want? Here is how I can help you generate more leads for your business.

I had a free strategy call today from a potential new client, a writing coach and author from the US. She launched her first group program for budding novelists earlier this year, and earned $30k from sales in 2022. A fantastic result for a new coach! The thing was, she had exhausted her existing email list and the free writing support group she was part of. They all bought from her (she had her first $10k month this year!), but right now…it is quiet. She really wants to kick-start her business, which is why she reached out to me.

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What to do to generate more leads

So we talked about her challenges, her goals, and her desires, and I explained to her on the call in what ways I thought I could help her. How do I help clients like her generate more leads? First things first: we’d go back to the drawing board. You may feel like you know exactly what your message is, and who you want to target. But I offer a pair of fresh eyes onto your business, and that helps to see things more clearly. There is always room for improvement! When you are a solo preneur, it is hard to keep the birds eye view, and look at your marketing message objectively.

The first thing I would do with any new client is getting clarity and focus around your marketing message. We look at your niche, your audience, and your copy across the board, to decide whether it is specific enough and clear for your ideal client to understand.

I would audit your current marketing activity so that everything is fully aligned with your core message, and your ideal client knows how to find you.

Simplify your business, and become a lead magnet

Streamlining your offers and prioritising activities and income streams is another thing I would strongly recommend. Many entrepreneurs feel chaotic and scattered when having too many offers to promote. I have very helpful exercises and worksheets for my clients to decide where the joy lies, what is worth pursuing, and what to let go of. Simplifying your business, and feeling more in control is essential to move forward and generate more leads.

Identify the watering holes to generate more leads

Next, I sit down with my client and create an actionable game plan for lead generation and growing your audience. Depending on what it is you do and offer, we’ll list the ‘watering holes’: the hot spots and places where most of your ideal clients hang out. This could be on social media, other online spaces, or in real life in your local area. We would also be looking at ways to reach new audiences through other people’s networks, i.e. podcasts, press & media, Facebook groups and online forums, speaking opportunities and networking events. There may be potential ways to generate more leads that you may not have thought of before.

An actionable game plan and accountability

Whatever it is you and I come up with, it will result in a strategy, and it will be up to you to put this into action. As a creative business coach, I am by your side all the way, supporting you during weekly Zoom calls, and being available for you in between calls via email and voice message for pep talk and feedback. Accountability is key when it comes to getting results!

To find out more about my coaching programs, check out my 1:1 coaching offers or book a free call.

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5 easy steps to build an email funnel

From lead magnet to landing page, it is not rocket science!

Building an email funnel is something many of us online coaches and entrepreneurs do. Social media is great, but if these platforms suddenly disappear, so would your followers. So having an email list is kind of essential for growing an audience – and having their contact details. But how do you populate an email list? In this post I will talk you through how to build an email funnel.

1. Choose your email system

First of all, choose your system. I was with Mailchimp for years, but moved over to Mailerlite since, and I like this system. It is user-friendly, and gives you plenty of options. There are numerous others, however, and it really is a matter of knowing what you want, what systems come with any of your other software, and how much you want to pay. Mailerlite is free up to a certain amount of subscribers / emails per month, and that is great when you are just starting out.

2. Create a landing page when you build an email funnel

If you want to build an email funnel, you need a landing page for people to subscribe to your list. It is therefore useful if your email system gives you the opportunity to create landing pages. That way, your email system handles any new subscriber coming into your funnel. Creating a landing page may sound complicated, but it is not that bad! I am all for keeping things simple, so I suggest you choose a template, and create something quick and easy to start off with.

What goes on a landing page? A short intro / description of what it is people are receiving, and the fact that they will be automatically added to your list. Then a block where people can leave their name (having their first name is great to personalise your emails), plus their email address.

Make it clear in the footnote that they can subscribe at any time. A double opt-in covers you for any spam complaints, or privacy issues. Also, make sure you have a privacy policy on your website with a link from your landing page, in case anyone wants to know what you do with their details (this is law).

Need an example of a landing page?
3 Steps to Clarity Workbook

Example of a privacy policy when you build an email funnel:
(feel free to copy this, and change it with your own information): privacy policy

build an email funnel

3. The lead magnet: what are you offering your subscribers?

You could simply invite people to subscribe to a weekly newsletter, but most online entrepreneurs offer something called ‘a lead magnet’. This can be different things, but is usually free: a downloadable PDF, an e-book, a webinar, a video workshop, or anything else you could offer as a free gift. The idea that it is free attracts people in itself, but you do have to make sure that it is of value to people. The online sphere is crowded with lead magnets, so make sure yours stands out!

What should your lead magnet be about? Think of it as a snap shot of your work, or a sneak peek of your main offer. A taster session, an introduction to how you help people, which leaves them wanting for more. Offer enough value so that it is worth it for them to want to stay on your email list, but don’t give all your knowledge away in one go, or else they think they won’t need you.

If you need help with writing and designing a lead magnet, check out my Done-For-You services.

4. Write your automated email sequence

The first email you send out, is the one that welcomes your new subscriber to the list (or your ‘tribe’). Tell them also that they’ll be receiving a few more emails from you in the next few days.

This first email normally also contains the (download) link to your lead magnet. If it is a PDF document, this link leads them to Dropbox or Google Docs, or anywhere else you keep this file. If it is a link to a video, sound recording or webinar, the link takes them to a private file on Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, or wherever you choose to host it.

crop unrecognizable freelancer typing on laptop during tea break
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Then you’ll send out 3 or 4 more emails to ‘nurture’ your new subscriber over the space of a week, and start building a relationship. Too many emails, and too often, you think? I know we don’t want to ‘bother’ people, but I find that it works well to stay front of mind when the lead is still warm.

Remember, they have come to you because they need your help right now. They subscribed because of this exact reason. So give them what they need: attention!

Write emails that are kind, welcoming, and touching on the exact problem they are dealing with. Share some more insights without being overwhelming. Something small to help them. A little bit more value. Share a case study, an example of how you’ve helped people just like them! And check in with them, whether they had a chance to look at your lead magnet yet.

Last but not least: ALWAYS include a call-to-action. A ‘PS’ at the bottom, inviting them to book a call, or a link (to a blog, web page, etc) to draw them further into your world.

5. Keep your new subscribers warm & build trust

Once the ‘nurture sequence’ is finished, your new subscriber reaches the end of the funnel, and lands on the main email subscriber list. This is when the hard work begins for you, to try and keep them there, and encourage them to buy. Send out a weekly email, and again, keep in mind what your subscriber is struggling with, what their needs are, and what tips, advice, or value you could be offering them in your email. Don’t try and sell in each and every email, or you’ll soon have them unsubscribe. Try and be of interest, and keep your subscribers warm, so they’ll trust you, and get excited to work with you.

Coaching, Copy & Creativity:
Here is how I can help you:

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The importance of small business contracts

And why you should treat your friends like ordinary customers

Tonight I had an angry friend on the phone. “I had screwed her over” by canceling the spaces for my two children at the next block of her forest school, very last minute. The truth was, I had completely missed the deadline for signup (my fault), and then when the reminder came, my kids both said they didn’t want to continue. Of course, my friend was annoyed, as she had lost income she assumed she had. She now didn’t have time left to fill two empty spots. So I felt awful, and she, well she admitted that she should have treated me like any other customer, and pushed me harder on deadlines and confirmations. This post is about why small business contracts and written agreements are vital, also for friends.

Small business contracts and signed agreements are essential. Assuming and trusting will bite you in business.

You business woman signing small business contract

Set your boundaries to protect your cash-flow and your client relationship

As creatives and small business owners, we are often too soft. We want to be friendly with everyone. We treat our clients as our mates, and keep everything warm and lovely.

And while this works in many cases, and we don’t want to be coming across as cold hard businessmen, when it comes to running a business, you’ve got to be firm. Even with mates. It is worse falling out over money afterwards than being firm upfront.

Friends and family often expect a different treatment: discounts, extra time, or even free services. No problem if you are feeling generous or they are giving you a lot of support or recommendations in return…but it can get out of hand. You are not a charity!

Setting boundaries is healthy – even essential – for your sanity, energy levels and for your bank balance. Have a small business contract signed on price and expectations beforehand.

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Send realistic quotes to cover enough time

A photographer client of mine recently had a job to shoot a holiday let accommodation. He had quoted the guy his normal rate, which was accepted, but when he arrived at the location, he quickly realised the house was much bigger than he expected. The shoot took many more hours therefore, and more photographs were needed.

However, that wasn’t agreed in advance.

So when he ended up editing the images, spending many more hours than he thought…he felt annoyed. He emailed his client, explaining to him the uncomfortable situation he was in, and asked to increase the fee to make up for the extra time. His client however got back saying that this wasn’t agreed, and refused to pay the difference. An awkward moment which could have been avoided.

My photographer client ended up absorbing the additional time spent, and swallowing his losses, just because he wanted to keep a good relationship with this client. But left him feeling like he had just done a job for free.

Lesson learnt? Know in advance what the scope of a job is, and don’t be too quick with sending out quotes. It is much harder to ask for more money afterwards than if it is agreed beforehand.

Get written small business contracts between you and your clients that explain clearly what the expectations are on both sides, how many hours are included, and the price of any additional hours or services. Clear communication is key for growing your business, and keeping both yourself and your clients happy.

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You can still be friends, just be firm when it comes to payment

It is hard running a small business, and you don’t want to come across as aggressive shoving contracts under people’s noses, when, most of the time, it’s just us and our one-woman show. But experience and examples keep showing how important it is to be clear with clients.

I have been guilty of it myself, giving people more time to pay, and then having to chase them up. Or being in the awkward moment where a friend or family member assumes that your service is free because they know you, after which you then have to name the price – or feel taken advantage by.

Just because your friends are clients, does not mean you treat them any different from other customers. Signed agreements, clear expectations, reminders. You don’t need to justify yourself for this at all. You are running a business, and your cash-flow is vital. Do not ever feel guilty about this.

And my friend who gave me an ear-full on the phone tonight? I have just got back to her to say my sons are staying another block of forest school. As a small business coach, I am the last person who wants to screw over a fellow hard-working entrepreneur.

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Three tips to improve your copy to attract more clients

From bland to bold: this is how to make your copy come alive!

Copywriting is something many find tricky. In fact, most people find it quite hard. If this is you, don’t feel ashamed, for you are not alone. Being an entrepreneur does not automatically make you a great writer too. But it is a skill that can become the golden tool in your marketing. Because, while you can have incredible business ideas, if you don’t know how to put them into words, and tap into the needs of your customers…your message gets lost in a jumble of sentences that completely miss their target. Here are three tips to improve your copy and captions for your business.

It is KEY to build trust, and get your message across to potential clients. Now, you could outsource all of your copywriting. But, in my experience, it really pays off when you have the ability to write your own story.

Here are three tips to improve your copy right now.

1. Use your senses to bring the story alive

The best and most captivating copy often includes storytelling. When you share your message, this amplifies when you use examples, and when you include the senses. That is how you make your copy come alive!

I helped one of my clients this week to improve her copy for her email sequence. She is a mindfulness coach, and she was trying to explain in her emails how she helps her own clients. But reading her email copy, it just didn’t capture me at all.

It was generic, nothing jumped out, and it was too plain. How would her ideal clients get excited about working with her, if her wording was not alive?

She had written this in one of her emails, in which she was encouraging the reader to start a new habit (worrying less):

Sometimes trying new things can be difficult because we are just SO busy and it can feel that we don’t have any capacity to add something else to the list.

What helps me when I’m feeling like this, is to decide a specific time and place that I’m going to do something. I add a reminder in my phone and regardless of what I’m doing when the alarm goes off I’ll pause for a moment to try it out.

Time is a funny thing. Our experience of it changes when we start to look at it differently. This is one of the things I talk about so you’ll get more resources on this down the line. But it’s definitely worth considering what can be shaved down from your list….. 

Now, what is wrong with that, you might say?

To me, it lacked feeling, excitement, hope, and words that make me feel like she is REALLY understanding my situation.

To resonate with your ideal client, you’ve got to crawl into their mind, put yourself in their shoes, and describe their situation in great detail. Of course, not all clients are in the same situation, but overall, you probably find that most of them struggle with similar emotions and feelings – which is what you help them with. When you describe one client’s current situation, you’ll likely find a whole lot of other heads nodding along.

Basically, your reader wants to feel heard.

They want to be seen, and understood.

If you keep using generic language, vague words, and some overly used jargon from your industry, people will glaze over, and click away.

Talk directly to them in your copy.

tips to improve your copy
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2. Use examples to improve your copy

I suggested to my client to improve her writing, using much more specific wording, and expressing the feelings her reader might be having right now. When using the word ‘overwhelm’, what does this actually look like, smell like, feel like, in someone’s life? Use examples, and describe the emotions, so you show that you really understand what life must be like for your potential client. And give the reader hope by using words to spark the imagination of what a better, more joyful life would look and feel like after working with you (or whatever transformation you offer in your business).

I have put these changes in bold.

Sometimes introducing new healthy habits in your life can be difficult, because you are so stuck in the rat race, right? Every day you are on the same treadmill: the work commute, a day in the office, household chores, family commitments. Another day, another week goes by. You are so tired of it. You want change.

When do you ever have time for yourself? It’s not that you don’t want to try out new things…but finding the time and energy for it, is hard.

I see you and I hear you, (insert name).

What helps me when I’m feeling like this, is to pick a specific time and place to work on a new habit. I set a reminder in my phone, and regardless of what I’m doing when the alarm goes off, I’ll focus on working on this healthy habit. Just 5 minutes. Baby steps. Keep it small.

Time is a funny thing. You may feel so burnt out and overwhelmed by your busy life. But when you learn to look at life differently…it can feel so much lighter. The heaviness goes, you can smile again. This is one of the most powerful things I help my clients with, and I will share more tips and resources with you down the line.

If you want to start looking at life with more joy again, I am here for you.
Just book a call (link).

3. Make sure your copy is easy to scan

Your reader will not hang around for long, so grab their attention while it’s hot. How? By making your copy easy to scan. Punchy title, and draw them in with a boldor a question.

You do this by having a clear header, and sub titles that break the text up into topics. Also, use plenty of white lines, to let the text ‘breathe’. So many people I see writing great long paragraphs, and this really is not great on screen.

Other ways to make a text better readable are the use of bullet points and infographics.

Want more tips to improve your copy?

tips to improve your copy

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When you first start out, you may be thinking that any client is great, but the more you niche down, or at least, are specific in your wording about what it is you do and how you solve problems for people, the more likely you will attract clients who actually want to work with you. As a coach and creative marketing consultant, I can help you nail your message, but also do the brick laying for you.

laying marketing foundation
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Nail down those floor boards.

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Not got those building skills? I can train you up. I will teach you how to build your house, if you don’t know what bricks to use, or how to cement it all together. Because I have built many houses before.

And sometimes, when you can’t build the house at all, or you are much better at selecting the furniture, the wallpaper, and the light shades… You can ask me to do it for you, as part of our collaboration. I will pull up my sleeves, and build your house for you. (i.e. write your home page content, your email sequence, your lead magnet, etc.).

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