10 creative ways to make money while living abroad

Live anywhere in the world while being your own boss, and earning money

How do you find work in Spain for English speakers? Or in Italy, France, or anywhere else you are planning to move to? Unless you are retired and are bringing a healthy pension, moving abroad means figuring out how to earn money to pay for your lifestyle. Some expats are able to work remotely for their employer overseas, but many expats who move to countries where the unemployment numbers are high, start up their own small business.

And why not? You are already brave, making the move abroad, so becoming an entrepreneur is really not that big a step.

I am Dutch, but moved abroad twice, once for love and once for the sunshine, and I managed to earn an income on both occasions. I moved to Valencia, Spain and was able to build a small business from scratch. First as a copywriter, now as a business coach. And I am a freelance tour guide too! There are possibilities, but you do have to look for them.

If you have a creative mind, skills that are in demand, and a pro-active attitude, the world really is your oyster. You can build a business and create the dream life you want, while living in the sun. I am not making this up. I am the living proof.

So what skills could you monetise as a small business abroad?

Grab a notebook and a pen, to start off with. Jot down ALL the skills, knowledge and passions you have, no matter how crazy they sound. Don’t just think what is on your CV, think beyond that. What are you good at? Organising parties? Vegan cooking? Grooming pets? What do people always pick your brains on? Whatever expertise you are holding in your head, there will be someone out there who you can help.

And any of those things can be turned into a little creative business. Or a big creative business! It can be in the form of passive income, like an e-book or an ever-green course, or perhaps you can offer in-person services locally. You could offer your services or products online, globally. It is all possible.

I have written a short e-book to help you get some ideas for making money abroad, and it is free to download. Do you want it? Here you go!


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